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Misfortunes in madrid (1890 91)
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Misfortunes in madrid (1890 91)


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I don't own the images

I don't own the images

Published in: Educación

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  • 1. CHAPTER 17 Misfortunes inMadrid (1890-91)
  • 2. Failure to Get Justice for the Family • Asociacion Hispano- Filipina Sought • Liberal Spanish help newspapers • La Justicia, El Globo, La Republica, El Resumen, etc. •Secure justice Why? •For oppressed Calamba tenants & family
  • 3. • Rizal’s interview with Minister Fabie – Nothing happened• “To cover the ears, open the purse and fold the arms- this is the Spanish colonial policy.” -El Resumen (a Madrid newspaper)
  • 4. Bad News from Calamba• Letter from Silvestre Ubaldo (Rizal’s brother-in- law) – Copy of ejectment order by Dominicans against Rizal’s father & the Calamba tenants• Saturnina’s letter – Deportation to Mindoro • Paciano Rizal • Antonio Lopez • Silvestre Ubaldo • Teong (Mateo Elejorde) • Dandoy (Rizal’s relative)
  • 5. Bad News from Calamba• Saturnina’s letter – Ejection of their parents from home – Parents living in Narcisa’s house• Blumentritt – Urged Rizal to see Queen Regent Maria Cristina
  • 6. Queen Regent Maria Cristina
  • 7. Death of Panganiban • Jose Maria Panganiban – Co-worker of Rizal in the Propaganda Movement – Bicol hero – Died 27 years old in Barcelona – Feliciano Gonzales Timbang (died in 1889) also died the same day Panganiban did
  • 8. DuelsAntonio Luna • Drunk A. Luna • Frustrated romance w/ Nellie Boustead– Reason for duel: • bad remarks -> Nellie Boustead • which Rizal didn’t like– ABORTED DUEL– Resolution: • Upon soberness of Luna, apologies gave way to resolution • Restored friendship with Rizal
  • 9. RIZAL Felix Resurrecion Hidalgo Pardo de Tavera
  • 11. Duels• Wenceslao E. Retana • Talented Spanish scholar • Press agent of the friars in Spain • Rizal’s bitter enemy of the pen Reason for Rizal’s challenging to duel: • Retana’s article in La Epoca : – Rizal’s family’s and friends’ ejection because of not paying rents DUEL ABORTED • WHY? – Rizal- superior in both pistol and sword Resolution: • written retraction and apology in newspapers by Retana
  • 12. Leonor Rivera’s Infidelity• Teatro Apolo – Rizal lost his gold watch chain w/ locket w/ Leonor Rivera’s picture in it• Letter from Leonor Rivera – (Winter, December 1890) announcement of marriage to an Englishman – Asking for forgiveness
  • 13. Rizal-Del Pilar Rivalry • Marcelo H. Del Pilar – Lawyer-journalist – Gained prestige in Madrird for editorials in La Solidaridad – Purchased La Solidaridad (fortnightly periodical) from Pablo Rianzares – Replaced Graciano Lopez Jaena as editor
  • 14. From left to right:Jose RizalM.H. del PilarMariano Ponce
  • 16. Rizal’s Leadership• Rizal’s Idealism (To win Spanish people’s respect and prestige for the Propaganda Movement) – High standards of… • morality • dignity • spirit of sacrifice – Some Rizal’s supporters  del Pilar’s supporters • WHY? – RIZAL’S IDEALISM’s interference w/ private lives » Women » Wine » Cards
  • 17. • Del Pilar’s editorial policy- contrary to Rizal’s political views• Meeting (January 1,1891): – Aversion of Rizal-del Pilar break-up – Campaign for reform – Responsable (decided by 2/3 vote of Filipino community) • Editorial policy (abandoned: del Pilar opposed) • Directs Filipino community affairs
  • 18. Rizal Turns Down Leadership• Election for Responsable (1st week of Feb. 1891)- – Rizalistas vs. Pilaristas – Rizal leads election’s first 2 days – Mariano Ponce’s appeal  Rizal’s victory (3rd day) – Turned down position  avoid disunity
  • 19. ADIOS MADRID• Rizal saw Madrid for the LAST TIME• Vacation in Biarritz