Robert kiyosaki network marketing
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Robert kiyosaki network marketing


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This article is about why Robert Kiyosaki loves the network marketing industry.

This article is about why Robert Kiyosaki loves the network marketing industry.



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Robert kiyosaki network marketing Document Transcript

  • 1. Robert Kiyosaki Network MarketingAre you wondering why Robert Kiyosaki recommends Network Marketing Although Robert Kiyosakihasnt made his fortune in network marketing and doesnt endorse any particular network marketingcompany he is a very big proponent of the Network Marketing business model and industry. RobertKiyosaki has built many successful businesses in his life and today is considered a top personal financeguru. His books courses and board games have inspired millions of people all over the world to get outof the rat race and start living a rich life. In this article I will be talking about why Robert Kiyosakiwholeheartedly loves network marketing today and why he says“If I had to do it all over again rather than build an old-style type of business I would have startedbuilding a network marketing business.” - Robert Kiyosaki The Business School For People Who LikeHelping PeopleRobert Kiyosaki Network Marketing - A Difference In ValuesMost middle class and poor people think that network marketing is a scam or a pyramid scheme. At onepoint in time Robert Kiyosaki thought Network Marketing was a scam as well. It wasnt until he matured into a business owner until he realized that he was wrong. One of the biggest reasons why is because people look at it from the wrong perspective. To find out which perspective you are living in Robert Kiyosaki suggests you take a look at the Cashflow Quadrant. The mindset people have when people look at network marketing is they look at it from the perspective of the E quadrant when they really should be looking at it from the B quadrant. The reason for this is because Network Marketing is a system or network that you own. Network Marketing is a B quadrant business. B quadrant systems typically take many years to produce a large residual income which is why people often say it is a scam. Most people dont have the patience and determination to build a network marketing businessand therefore scam themselves out of their success by quitting.Robert Kiyosaki Network Marketing - A Difference In FocusAnother reason why many employees and self-employed specialists is there focus. Most people in the Eand S quadrant put their focus here The primary difference is that the people in the E and S quadrantswork for money. People in the B and I quadrants focus on building or acquiring assets rather thanworking for money. That is why the wealth of a B and I person is higher than an E and S quadrant personis. If the B and I person stops working the assets continue to make money for the B and I quadrantperson.
  • 2. Robert Kiyosaki Network Marketing - Greatest Opportunity In This History OfCapitalismA network marketing business definitely isnt for everyone. But it is for those who are passionate abouthelping people and they are much fairer than previous systems for acquiring wealth. Network Marketingis a very democratic way of wealth creation. The system is open to anyone who has drive determinationand perseverance. That is probably why network marketing has become so successful in 3rd worldcountries because most businesses unlike network marketing cant exist where there arent wealthypeople. I believe because of network marketing we will see many people move out of poverty.