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50 Stats You Need to Know About Content Marketing
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50 Stats You Need to Know About Content Marketing


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The 50 most important content marketing statistics that will help you prove the value of content and keep you accountable. To see a full list of the sources please click here: ...

The 50 most important content marketing statistics that will help you prove the value of content and keep you accountable. To see a full list of the sources please click here: http://blog.newscred.com/article/4d5125444fcd2d72ebd17b282107d742/50-stats-you-need-to-know-about-content-marketing



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  • @undefined 'First of all, always be leery of stats compiled with an agenda in mind',
    Totally agree there.
    Also beware of 'convenient numbers' coming from mixed sources.
    Content has always been a key ingredient of marketing.
    The law of 10-20-70 still applies, but in the online world that has now become 1-4-95!! ie very few bands know how to do content well. Hence the new breed of 'content marketing experts' that put these lists together.
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  • First of all, always be leery of stats compiled with an agenda in mind. Secondly, if you think content is all marketing is, then of course you'll think content marketing is taking over marketing. Finally, check out how consumers feel about it, considering they're the ones who have to read all of it. Here's tidbit: '67% of B2B buyers don't trust vendor content.' http://contentmarketinginstitute.com/2013/07/compelling-content-marketing-consumer-research/
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  • Thanks for putting this together!
    On behalf of the whole team here at Demand Metric, thanks for including one of the stats from our Content Marketing Infographic:

    To find many more stats (from 2014) on Content Marketing, you can check out a recent benchmark report we published on the topic here:

    Also, here is a link to a very interesting research study we did with Ion Interactive about the difference in effectiveness between interactive (apps) content vs. passive (whitepapers, downloads, etc) content for influencing the buyer's journey:
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  • The only issue I have with this list is that the majority of the research is from 2012, which makes these numbers seem lower than they should be given the further increases in smartphone & tablet usage and the number of companies adding to the content overload.
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  • I think marketing has come such a long way with the emergence of the content-is-king methodology. I do find it interesting with all the ways marketing has to measure content effectiveness on the web, email, blogs, etc. that no one is questioning the effectiveness and methodologies of most expensive (hands-down) content delivery channel in business. What is that? The sales channel. Marketing develops compelling content that they can prove helps them get leads, then they throw it over the wall to sales in hopes that it is effective in closing deals, not in just finding them. We call this 'faith based marketing' and it is costing businesses visibility and sales effectiveness. And it is an expensive problem to not solve.
    -Paula Austin
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50 Stats You Need to Know About Content Marketing 50 Stats You Need to Know About Content Marketing Presentation Transcript

  • sales@newscred.comwww.Newscred.com212.989.4100Sales@newscred.comwww.NewsCred.com212.989.410050 STATS YOUNEED TO KNOWABOUT CONTENTMARKETING
  • As a marketer, you know content iscritical to creating successfulcampaigns and building your business.Here are 50 of the most importantcontent marketing statistics that willhelp you prove the value of contentand keep you accountable.
  • 3  This deck covers the following themes:1 // Content marketing is taking over the marketing industry2 // Blogging creates more traffic and more leads3 // Content fuels our social web4 // Content increases engagement and brand loyalty5 // Visual content captures consumers6 // Content marketing generates leads7 // Investing in content marketing is critical to buildingyour business
  • The Claim:Content marketing is takingover the marketing industry
  • 5  1.27,000,000 pieces of contentare shared each day.*AOL & Nielsen (2012)
  • 6  2.9 in 10 organizationsmarket with content.()*Content Marketing Institute (2012)
  • 3.78% of CMOs think customcontent is the future ofmarketing.*Hanley Wood (2013)
  • 4.54% of brands don’t have anon-site, dedicated contentdirector.()*Econsultancy (2012)
  • 5.79% of marketers report theirorganizations are shifting tobranded content.*Forrester (2013)
  • 6.72% of marketers thinkbranded content is moreeffective than advertising in amagazine, 69% say it issuperior to direct mail and PR.*Custom Content Council (2011)
  • 11  7.86% of B2C marketers usecontent marketing and 91% ofB2B marketers use contentmarketing.*eMarketer (2013)
  • 8.64% of B2B contentmarketers say their biggestchallenge is producingenough content.*Content Marketing Institute (2012)
  • 6/17/13   13  The Claim:Blogging creates more trafficand more leadsThe Claim:Blogging creates more trafficand more leads
  • *Blogging.org (2012)9.Each month, 329 million peopleread blogs.
  • 10.Blogs give sites 434% moreindexed pages and 97% moreindexed links.*Content+ (2013)
  • 11.37% of marketers say blogs arethe most valuable content typefor marketing.*Content+ (2013)
  • 12.Companies that blog 15+ timesper month get 5 times moretraffic than companies that don’tblog.*Hubspot (2012)
  • 13.Companies with an active blogreport 97% more leads.*Content+ (2013)
  •  The Claim:Content fuels our social web
  • 14.Content from reputablesources is most shared.*UCLA (2012)
  • 15.90% of users listen torecommendations shared fromfriends.*Voltier Digital (2012)
  • 16.73% of all industry-specificTwitter posts include contentsharing.*AOL & Nielsen (2012)
  • 17.99% of people who share viasocial networks are sharing viamultiple platforms.*AOL & Nielsen (2012)
  • 18.Clicks from shared contentare 5 times more likelyto result in a purchase.*Voltier Digital (2012)
  • 19.87% of B2B marketers use socialmedia to distribute content.*Content Marketing Institute (2012)
  • 20.34% of marketers havegenerated leads on Twitter.*Huffington Post (2013)
  • 21.80% of users prefer to connectwith brands on Facebook.*Huffington Post (2013)
  • 22.People spend more than 50%of their time online withcontent and an additional 30%of their time on socialchannels where content canbe shared.*AOL & Nielsen (2012)
  • The Claim:Quality content increasesengagement and brand loyalty
  • 23.Interesting content is a top 3reason that people followbrands on social media.*Content+ (2013)
  • 24.70% of consumers prefer gettingto know a company via articlesover ads.*Content+ (2013)
  • 25.Sources providing full- textcontent are 2.3 times as likelyto have users return for asecond visit.*Pulse (2012)
  • 26.90% of consumers find customcontent useful and 78% believethat organizations providingcustom content are interested inbuilding good relationships withthem.*Custom Content Council (2011)
  • 27.68% of consumers spend timereading content from a brandthey are interested in.*Content Marketing Association (2013)
  • 28.60% of consumers feel morepositive about a company afterreading custom content on itssite.*Content+ (2013)
  • 29.58% of consumers trust editorialcontent.*AOL & Nielsen (2012)
  • 30.People want to be in control ofthe content they receive:86% of people skip TV commercials.44% of direct mail is never opened.91% of email users have unsubscribed from acompany email they previously opted into.*Content Marketing Institute (2012)
  • 6/17/13   38  The Claim:Blogging creates more trafficand more leadsThe Claim:Visual content capturesconsumers
  • 31.90% of the information thatcomes to the brain is visual.*Zabisco (2011)
  • 32.Articles with images get 94%more views than those without.*Content+ (2013)
  • 33.40% of people will respondbetter to visual informationthan plain text.*Zabisco (2011)
  • 34.46.1% of people say a website’sdesign is the number onecriterion for discerning thecredibility of the company.)*Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab (2012)
  • 35.Posts with videos attract 3 timesmore inbound links than plaintext posts.*SEOmoz (2012)
  • 36.Just one month after theintroduction of Facebooktimeline for brands, photos andvideos saw a 65% increase inengagement.*Simply measured (2012)
  • 37.In a Custom Content Councilstudy, 62% of respondentsreported using video in theircontent marketing.*Custom Content Council (2011)
  • 38.75% of smartphoneusers watch videos on theirphones, 26% of whom use videoat least once a day.*Ooyala/ Ipsos (2012)
  • 5.30 Overused Buzzwordsin Digital MarketingThe Claim:Content marketing generatesleads
  • 39.Content creation ranked as thesingle most effective SEO tacticby 53%.*Marketing Sherpa (2013)
  • 40.57.4% of B2B businesses saySEO has the biggest impact onlead generation goals.*MDG advertising (2013)
  • 41.Conversion rates are 105%higher for consumers whointeract with ratings and productreviews.*Prestige Marketing (2012)
  • 42.Consumers who received emailmarketing spend 83% morewhen shopping.*iContact (2012)
  • 43.Organic search leads have a14.6% close rate, while outboundmarketing leads have a 1.7%close rate. )*HubSpot (2012)
  • 4.The Social Part of Social Media:A Love StoryThe Claim:Investing in content marketingis critical to building yourbusiness
  • 44.Marketers spend nearly 1/3 oftheir budgets on contentmarketing.*Content Marketing Institute (2011)
  • 45.54% of marketers say they willincrease their contentmarketing spending in thenext 12 months.*Content Marketing Institute (2011)
  • 46.Content marketing costs 62%less than traditional marketing.*Demand metric (2013)
  • 47.Per dollar spent, contentmarketing generatesapproximately 3 times as manyleads as traditional marketing.*Demand metric (2013)
  • 48.$118.4 billion will be spent oncontent marketing, video, andsocial media in 2013.*eMarketer (2013)
  • 49.55% of B2C marketers plan toincrease their investment inbranded content.*Custom Content Council (2011)
  • 50.Social media advertisingspending will increase to $8.3billion by 2015.*BIA/Kelsey (2011)
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