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Unit 8 let make be allowed to , modal verbs obligation permission prohibition, extreme adjectives.
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Unit 8 let make be allowed to , modal verbs obligation permission prohibition, extreme adjectives.


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Images belong to ankama

Images belong to ankama

Published in: Educación, Tecnología

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  • 1. Unit 8 Make,let,be allowed to.Estos verbos significan cosas muy parecidas, sin embargo poseen una diferencia muy grande, quees la intención.Make hacer(obligar) My mother make me apologize.Let permitir I let the boys to go to his birthdayAllowed to permitir/ no permitir (tenerpermiso de ) Imnot allowed to arrive home at 1:30Como puedes notar estan relacionados con: Obligation, permission, prohibition.ExerciseLlena los espacios con el verbo que corresponde.1 I know! We could go to the seaside tomorrow. Daddy ____________________ me use hiscar on Sundays.2 I____________________ use Daddys car on Sundays so why dont we go to the seasidetomorrow?3 I dont ____________________ the cats sleep on the bed.4 My cats ____________________ sleep on the bed. (NEGATIVE)5 You cant ____________________ me go to your cousins wedding.6 A: Are you coming on the camping trip with us?B: No, I____________________ . (NEGATIVE)7 Dad ____________________ me use his car all weekend. It was great.8 Put that cigarette out, please. You____________________ smoke in here. (NEGATIVE)9 My evil parents ____________________ me study for my exams all last weekend!10 My mean brother refuses to ____________________ me use his computer.Images: Wakfu©
  • 2. 11 Mum ____________________ me try on a brown dress in the shop. It was soembarrassing.12 Sssh! You____________________ talk in the library. (NEGATIVE)Modal verbs of obligation, permission, prohibition.MustObligation( tienes que hacer algo)Mustnot / musn´tProhibition( no tienes que hacer algo)Can´t Prohibition.( nopuedes)May Permission( puedeshacerlo)Might Permission ( tienespermiso)Exercises.You ______________________ run in the marathon, because you haven´t recovered yet.Michelle _________________ bring her part of the homework.____________________ I help you sir?.You ________________________ eat in the classroom._________________________ I ask you the hour please?We ________________ be on time this time or we will fail the class.I _________________ eat anymore, im full!Images: Wakfu©
  • 3. Extreme adjectives.A veces se usan los Extreme adjectives, para hacer una conversación mas amena y divertida, estosserian una exageración de los adjetivos normales.cold (frío) - freezing (helado, congelado)hot (caliente) - boiling (hirviendo)dirty (sucio) - filthy (mugriento)hungry (tener hambre) - starving (hambriento)crowded (lleno) - packed (abarrotado)bad (malo) - awful (horrible)good (bueno) - wonderful (marvilloso)scary (miedo) - terrifying (aterrador)angry (enojado) - furious (furioso)tired (cansado) - exhausted (exhausto)big (grande) - huge (enorme)small (pequeño) - tiny (diminuto)Clean - SpotlessEstos adjetivos utilizan adverbios especiales, por ejemploVeryfreezingTotallyfreezing.Estos son los adverbios que pueden acompañar a los extreme adjectives.absolutely, completely, totally, utterlyExercises.This room is disgusting! Its absolutely _________________! Ive never seen so much dirt.2. My room is never dirty, it always absolutely __________________________.3. The film was very ___ _____________but the seats were___________________.4. This has been an utterly _________________________ evening, I just want to go home.5. That dog is very __________________________, I don’t know why they bought it.6. The food was _________________but the portions were absolutely_____________ ___.7. The dessert looked totally _________________________ but luckily it was very tasty.Images: Wakfu©