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Inversion exercises
Inversion exercises
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Inversion exercises


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  • 1. GRAMMAR ADVANCED LEVELEOI REUSINVERSION: PRACTICE1) USING INVERSION, REWRITE THE FOLLOWING SENTENCES BEGINNING WITH THEWORDS GIVEN. THERE IS AN EXAMPLE.They waited for the captain’s signal and then they jumped into the water.Not until the captain had given the signal did they jump into the water. As soon as his mother left, he started playing computer games.No sooner _____________________________________________________________ Samantha neither joined the dance club nor went to the gym.Samantha didn’t join the dance club, nor _____________________________________ The supermarket was so busy that we postponed doing the shopping.So ____________________________________________________________________ Once Phillip had agreed to help them, they went ahead with the plan.Only __________________________________________________________________ My brother plays football and tennis at the leisure centre.Not only _______________________________________________________________ She began to show her gift as a pianist only after the age of five.Only after ______________________________________________________________ I haven’t enjoyed myself so much since I was a child.Not since ______________________________________________________________ It was such a beautiful day that I decided to go sunbathing on the beach.Such __________________________________________________________________ Melinda had no idea that we were planning a surprise party for her.Little __________________________________________________________________ We will go to the mountains next weekend if the weather forecast is good.Only __________________________________________________________________2) CHOOSE THE CORRECT OPTION IN THE FOLLOWING SENTENCES.1. No sooner ________ left the airport than I realised I had picked the wrongsuitcase.a) did I b) have I c) had I d) would I2. No ________ should you be made to pay the difference.a) only b) means c) cases d) way3. Not ________ did they think it would be possible.a) for once b) one time c) for one moment d) for ever4. On no ________ should I be disturbed during the meeting.a) way b) matter c) account d) time
  • 2. GRAMMAR ADVANCED LEVELEOI REUS5. ________ that I am asked such a difficult question.a) Not often it is b) Nor it is c) Not it is often d) It is not often6. Not until you have checked for warning signs ________ into the water.a) you should go b) should you go c) you must go d) did you go3) REWRITE THE ADVICE ON HOLIDAY SAFETY USING INVERSION.1. Never stay in the sea water if you are tired or cold.Under no ________________________________________________________2. Children should never be left alone on the beach or in the water.At no ____________________________________________________________3. Never swim just after a meal or after consuming alcohol.Under no ________________________________________________________4. Never swim in the sea at night.On no ___________________________________________________________5. Only swim at night in a swimming pool if there are other people about.Not unless _______________________________________________________6. Don’t go out in the sum without applying sunscreen.Only after ________________________________________________________7. The only way to avoid dehydration is to keep drinking plenty of non-alcoholicdrinks.Only by __________________________________________________________ANSWERSEXERCISE 11. No sooner did his mother leave,/had his mother left, than he started playingcomputer games.2. Samantha neither joined the dance club, nor did she go to the gym.3. So busy was the supermarket, that we postponed doing the shopping.4. Only when Phillip had agreed to help them did they go ahead with the plan.5. No only does my brother play football, but he also plays tennis at the leisurecentre.6. Only after the age of five did she begin to show her gift as a pianist.7. Not since I was a child have I enjoyed myself so much.8. Such a beautiful day was it that I decided to go sunbathing on the beach.9. Little did Melinda know we were planning a surprise party for her.10. Only if the weather forecast is good will we go to the mountains next weekend.EXERCISE 21C, 2D, 3C, 4C, 5D, 6BEXERCISE 31. Under no circumstances should you …2. At no time should children…3. Under no circumstances should you swim4. On no condition should you swim5. Not unless there are other people …6. Only after applying …should you go out7. Only by drinking plenty …can you avoid