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  • nice , but u made some mistyped here... univorm.. supposed to be uniform :) kousewife supposed to be housewife ...why is she wearing a kebaya? i don't think an article 'a' is needed here :) bvut it's nice anyway...
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  • thank you so much...
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  • Thank you so much for attaching these files.Hope it will help my teaching.
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materi b.inggris sd.ppt materi b.inggris sd.ppt Presentation Transcript

    Kelas : I D
    Nim : 10 015 140
    Topik : Materi Bahasa Inggris kelas V SD
    • Lisen and say
    * A loaf of bread * A tin of fruit
    * A piece of paper * A ball of string
    * A piece of chalk * A piece of string
    * A slice of cake * A bar of chocolate
    * A drop of water * A packet of cigarretes
    * A bowl of rice * A box of matches
    * A block of ice * A piece of cloth
    • Listen and say!there cups of coffeetwo handfuls of peanutsthere bunches of flowers# Look at the pictures. Finish the sentences with these lines!* Two tins of biscuits. * A bottle of ink.* A bar of soap. * A cup of coffee.* A bar of chocolate. * A glass of milk.* A packet of cigarretes. * A pail of wter.* A slice of cake. * A bowl of noodles.
  • Make dialogues!- Example : Water/need/two pails. A : How much water do you need? B : I need two pails of water. Read the text!It is seven o’clock in the evening. Seraphima is studying. She has a black pen in her hand. There is a bottle of ink in front of her. There is a glass of milk near the ink.
    Listen and say!
    * Get up. * Have a rest.
    * Brush teeth. * Play badminton.
    * Take a bath. * Do homework.
    * Eat breakfast. * Go to bed.
    * Put on shoes.
    * Go to school.
    * Return home.
    * Have lunch.
  • I always brush my teeth. I usually drink tea. I often play bowling. I sometimes help mother. Find the meaning!* Alway. * Sometimes.* Usually. * Seldom.* Often. * Never.
    • Make sentencees!- Example :She/morning;always/make/the bed.What does do in the morning?She always makes the bed in the morning.
    • Listen and repeat!
    * Rice. * Chicken.
    * Cassava. * Beef.
    * Sweet potato. * Noodle.
    * Potato. * Fish.
    * Bread. * Cake.
    * Fruits. * Corn
    * Vegetables. * Biscuit.
  • Match the pictures and the sentences.Arrange the picture above.A. Stir it.B. Pour hot water C. Put a spoonful of sugar into the cup.D. Add a spoonful of coffee.Role Pay. Study the dialogue.Ali : Do you like sandwiches?Burhan : Yes, I do. Ali : What sandwiches do you like? Burhan : I prefer tuna fish sandwiches.Ali : What do you want to drink?Burhan : I avocado juice.
  • Study the dialogue.Alison : Do you like hamburger?Betsy : No, I hate hamburger.Alison : Do you want, to drink milk.Betsy : No, I don’t like milk. I prefer a bottle of coke.
    Listen and say.
    * I * Me
    * He * Him
    * She * Her
    Complete she sentences with he, him, I, me, she, her!
    • Example :
    Mother is in the kitchen . . . . Is cooking. Let’s help . . . .
    Mother is in the kitchen. She is cooking. Let’s help, her
    • Give response!- Example : Wash Your hands!Response : I’m going to wash tem.
    Listen and say!
    * Policeman. * Gardener.
    * Astronout. * Dentist.
    * Pilot. * Doctor.
    * Singer. * Nurse.
    * Tailor. * Typist.
    * Teacher. * Kousewife.
    * Carpenter. * Student.
    * Farmer. * Barber.
  • - Example : - Is Hardi a doctor? - No, He is not. - He Is not a doctor. - He is a teacher.Listen and repeat!* A hospital. * A restaurant.* A school. * A house.* A ricefield. * A garden.Make composition!Example : - Alex-brother-doctor-hospital - Alex is my brother. - He is a doctor. - He works in the hospital.
    A. Clothes.
    Listen and repeat.
    * Shirt. * Trousers.
    * Blouse. * Necktie.
    * Skirt. * T-shirt.
    * Shorts. * Sweater.
    • Dress. * Socks.
    • Combine the sentences!1. She is wearing a skirt.The skrit is red.She is wearing a red skrit.B. Motif.Look and listen.Listen and repeat.- tartan - stripped - spotted - floral - dotC. Costumes.Listen and repeat!* Univorm. * Robe.* Veil. * Suit.
    • Practice the dialogue!1. Laksmana : What is Wibisana wearing? Rama : He is wearing a sarong. Laksmana : Why is he wearing a sarong? Rama : He is going to the mosque.2. Fandy : What is Devi wearing? Father : She is wearing a kebaya. Fandy : Why is she wearing a kebaya? Father : Because it is Kartini day.
    • Listen and say!
    * Healthy, sick. * Thin, fat.
    * Hungry, thirsty. * Beautiful, ungly.
    * Happy, sad. * Young, old.
    * Rich, poor. * Big, small.
    • Listen and repeat!* Clean, dirty. * New, old* Long, short. * Wide, narrow.* Full, empty. * Big, small.* Slow, fast. * Thick, thin.* Wild, tame. * Tall, short.* Fierce, beautiful. * Easy, difficult.Question and answer.- Example : Question : Are the girls pretty or ungly? Answer : They are pretty.
    • Listen and say!
    Yanto is as fat as Warno.
    The black cat is as lovable as the white cat.
    The watch is as expensive as the camera.
    The cat is as hungry as the dog.
    Listen and say!
    Denny is taller than Rurry.
    The pencil is longer than the pen.
    The bus is bigger than the car.
    Iman is older than Winarso.
  • From . . . . As . . . As . . . .- Example : Dion is (old) than Hastoru. Dion is older than Hastoru.Listen and say!The lamp is more expensive than the picture.Yenita is more beautiful than her mother.Snakes are more dangerous than eagles. Form . . . . More . . . . + than . . . .- Example : more- than-is-flying a kite-playing football-enjoyable.
    • Give responses- Example : Anita : This test is less difficult (ever done). Blanca : No, it isn’t. It is more difficult. Is’t the most difficult test I’ve ever done.- Example : A : This test is more difficult (ever done). B : No, it isn’t . It is more difficult. Is’t the most difficult test I’ve ever done.
    • Study the sentences!
    There is a boy.
    He is wearing a dark blue hat.
    His hair is short.
    He is wearing a yellow T-shirt.
    He is wearing a pair of dark blue shorts.
    His shocks are light blue.
    His shoes are dark blue.
    • Listen and say!
    * Cricle. * Square. * Parallelogram.
    * Triangle. * Trapezium. * Cube.
    * Rectangle. * Round. * Cylinder.
    * Diamond. * Cone. * Oval.
    • Make sentences!
    - Example : Sawos/oval/grapes/round.
    - The sawos have oval shapes but the grapes
    have round shapes.
    A. Rooms.
    B. Things.
    Look and listen!
    It is a bar of soap. It is fragrant. It is in the bathroom, we need it when we take a bath.
    Make dialogues!
    - Example :
    Student A : In picture A, the table
    is brown.
    Student B : In picture B, the table is blue.
    • Listen and repeat!
    * Bicycle. * Boat.
    * Car. * Ship.
    * Bus. * Taxi.
    * Motorcycle. * Horse-cart.
    * Train. * Becak.
    * Van. * Truck.
    * Plane.
  • - Example : Mother sometimes goes to the market by . . . . Mother sometimes goes to the market by car.Make sentences!- Example : bus/blue/in front of the bank. There is a bus. The bus is big it is blue. It in front of the bank.
    Dra. Ryryn Purwanti HR, M.B.A.
    Dra. Indriasrini L.
    Drs. Muchson Roji
    Drs. Siswanto
    Drs. Sugeng Wahyudi
    Thank you