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How to Build SEO into Content Strategy

by Content Strategy at Facebook on Oct 25, 2012

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Let’s be honest: for most content strategists and other people working with online content, SEO is The Worst Part Of The Job. ...

Let’s be honest: for most content strategists and other people working with online content, SEO is The Worst Part Of The Job.

It’s hugely technical, it’s shrouded in mystery, it seems to be focused on robots instead of people, there are unspoken rules, everything can turn on a dime, and it never, ever seems to end.

But SEO doesn't have to be this way. It’s time to begin a conversation between these two disciplines – they’re far more alike than you might think. And when they work together on behalf of users and customers, amazing things can happen that will drive your organisation forward.

I can’t promise to change your mind about SEO, but you’ll leave this session understanding how to build the essentials into your work in ways that are simple, make sense, and are pain-free. You’ll see what business impacts and wins for the customer SEO and Content Strategy have had at REI, a major retailer in the US. And you’ll have the vocabulary, understanding and tools that you need to talk with your SEO... or to take it for yourself.

Drive traffic, amaze your visitors, and Win the Internet -- with SEO and Content Strategy working together.

Originally presented at the 2012 Content Strategy Forum in Cape Town, South Africa.

You can learn more about Jonathon Colman at http://www.jonathoncolman.org/

Also see 200+ free Content Strategy resources at http://www.jonathoncolman.org/2013/02/04/content-strategy-resources/



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