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Adjectives   describing appearance and personality
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Adjectives describing appearance and personality


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Adjectives describing appearance and personality Presentation Transcript

  • 2. Parts of the BodyHAIR EYENOSE EARLIPS FACE
  • 3. Physical Description What does he/ she look like? Height Build Age tall, short, slim, thin, plump, fat, young, elderly, middle-aged,medium skinny, well-built teenager, in 20s, 30s, 40sheight Face Eyes Hair bald, round, oval, big round blue straight,square, with scars, eyes, large, small, curly,wrinkles, freckles, bright, narrow spiky,sun-tanned, pale wavy
  • 4. Height Tall ShortE.g.My husband is tall and my nephew is short.
  • 5. FatBuild HeavySlim OverweightThin E.g. My aunt is overweight. W el l built My brother is well built.
  • 6. Eyes Brown eyes Blue eyes en Gre s eyeE.g.My little brother has got browneyes.
  • 7. Hair Stra ight blac long k ha Wavy medium ir length black hair Curly medium length black hairE.g.My girlfriend has gotcurly short black hair.
  • 8. Curly long Hair blond hair ng y lo ir av haW blond Straight long blond hair E.g. My couisins have got curly long blond hair.
  • 9. Hair Wavy long Straight long red hair red hairE.g.My sister has got straight mediumlength red hair.
  • 10. Straight long Hair brown hair t sho rt St raigh hair br ownE.g.My mother has got straight short brown hair.
  • 11. She has gotstraight blond He’s bald. hair. He has got a moustache and a beard.moustache beard
  • 12. She is very tall.She is short. He’s old. He’s young.
  • 13. He’s He is thin /overweight / slim. fat/ heavy.
  • 14. She has got She hasstraight long red gotstraight hair. long blond hair. He has got spiky short brown hair. She has got curly medium length black hair.
  • 15. Look at the following example
  • 16. Adjective Order AdjectiveLength type of hair colour NounLong curly brown hairShort wavy blond hair big/small blue/green eyes
  • 17. Practice 1: Put the words in the correct order:1. She has got hair wavy, black , long.2. She has got hair blond, short.3. Tom has got eyes green.4. They have got eyes, big, beautiful, blue.
  • 18. Adjectives used to describe people and things
  • 19. Adjectives used to describe people and things
  • 20. Describing character What is he/ she like? He is shy.She is angry.
  • 21. Adjectives to describe character and personality Calm CheekyAttentive Intelligent Friendly Faithful Pessimistic Good Happy tempered Hard-working Honest Nervous Humble Lively Optimisti Obedient c
  • 22. Adjectives to describe character and personality ImpatientOutgoing patient Polite Popular Reserved Tidy Rude Distracte Bad– d tempered Shy Silly Unfriendly Selfish
  • 23. Adjectives to describe character and personalityNaughty Unhappy Dishonest Talkative Lazy Proud Unpleasant Untidy Disobedien Generous t Hypocritical
  • 24. What do they look like? •Arnold is tall and well built. He has got green eyes and short brown hair. He is in his 50’s.• Danny de Vito is short and heavy. He is going bald and has got brown eyes. He’s in his 50s.
  • 25. Practice 2: Now you try! Describe the famous people1. Marcelo Salas• medium height average weight• short black hair• brown eyes• 30s
  • 26. Practice 2: Now you try! Describe the famous people2. Nicole Kidman• very tall• slim• long curly red hair• blue eyes• pale skin• 30s.
  • 27. Practice 2: Now you try! Describe the famous people3. Brad Pitt• tall• slim• short spiky blond hair• blue eyes• pale complexion• 40s.
  • 28. Practice 3: Look at the pictures and describe the people1. 2. 3.4. 5. 6.