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Adjectives   describing appearance and personality
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Adjectives describing appearance and personality


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  • 2. Parts of the Body FACE HAIR NOSE LIPS EYE EAR
  • 3. Physical Description What does he/ she look like? Height Build Age tall, short, medium slim, thin, plump, fat, height skinny, well-built young, elderly, middle-aged, teenager, in 20s, 30s, 40s Face Eyes Hair round, oval, square, with scars, wrinkles, freckles, sun-tanned, pale big round blue eyes, large, small, bright, narrow bald, straight, curly, spiky, wavy
  • 4. Height Tall Short E.g. My husband is tall and my nephew is short.
  • 5. Build Slim Thin Fat Heavy Overweight Well built E.g. My aunt is overweight. My brother is well built.
  • 6. Eyes Brown eyes Blue eyes Green eyes E.g. My little brother has got brown eyes.
  • 7. Hair Long straight black hair Medium length wavy black hair Medium length curly black hair E.g. My girlfriend has got short curly black hair.
  • 8. Hair Long wavy l blond hair Long curly blond hair Long straight blond hair E.g. My couisins have got long curly blond hair.
  • 9. Hair Long straight red hair Long wavy red hair E.g. My sister has got medium length straight red hair.
  • 10. Hair Long straight brown hair Short straight brown hair E.g. My mother has got short straight brown hair.
  • 11. She has got straight blond hair. He’s bald. moustache He has got a moustache and a beard. beard
  • 12. She is short. She is very tall. He’s old. He’s young.
  • 13. He’s overweight / fat/ heavy. He is thin / slim.
  • 14. She has got long straight red hair. She has got long straight blond hair. She has got medium length curly black hair. He has got short spiky brown hair.
  • 15. Look at the following example
  • 16. Adjective Order Adjective Length type of hair colour Noun Long curly brown hair Short wavy blond hair big/small blue/green eyes
  • 17. Practice 1: Put the words in the correct order: 1. She has got hair wavy, black , long. 2. She has got hair blond, short. 3. Tom has got eyes green. 4. They have got eyes, big, beautiful, blue.
  • 18. Adjectives used to describe people and things
  • 19. Adjectives used to describe people and things
  • 20. Describing character What is he/ she like? He is shy. She is angry.
  • 21. Adjectives to describe character and personality Attentive Cheeky Intelligent Faithful Pessimistic Calm Happy Friendly Hard-working Honest Nervous Good tempered Humble Lively Obedient Optimisti c
  • 22. Adjectives to describe character and personality Outgoing Impatient patient Polite Popular Tidy Reserved Rude Bad– tempered Distracte d Shy Silly Unfriendly Selfish
  • 23. Adjectives to describe character and personality Naughty Hypocritical Unhappy Lazy Dishonest Talkative Proud Unpleasant Disobedien t Untidy Generous
  • 24. What do they look like? •Arnold is tall and well built. He has got green eyes and short brown hair. He is in his 50’s. • Danny de Vito is short and heavy. He is going bald and has got brown eyes. He’s in his 50s.
  • 25. Practice 2: Now you try! Describe the famous people 1. Marcelo Salas • medium height average weight • short black hair • brown eyes • 30s
  • 26. Practice 2: Now you try! Describe the famous people 2. Nicole Kidman • very tall • slim • long curly red hair • blue eyes • pale skin • 30s.
  • 27. Practice 2: Now you try! Describe the famous people 3. Brad Pitt • tall • slim • short spiky blond hair • blue eyes • pale complexion • 40s.
  • 28. Practice 3: Look at the pictures and describe the people 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.