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Present Simple,affirmative,negative and interrogative form
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Present Simple,affirmative,negative and interrogative form


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  • 1. The Present Simple Tense
  • 2. We use the present simple to talk about:
    • Habits and routines
      • He visits his grandmother everyday.
      • He usually reads the newspaper
      • I always go to school by bus.
    • Truths and permanent states
      • Water boils at 100 ° C
      • People from Chile speak Spanish
      • My mother lives in La Serena
  • 3.
    • 3. We use the present simple to express action occurring in the near future.
      • My husband arrives in Chile next week
      • My plane leaves at 3 o’clock
      • The English classes start on Tuesday afternoon
  • 4. Affirmative I you we they drink Water he she it drink s
  • 5. Subject + don’t / doesn’t + verb (auxiliary) I you we they don’t drink Water he she it doesn’t drink
  • 6. 1. We always play football. We don’t play football. 3. My sister live s in Iquique. Those people don’t work in Quintero. 2. Those people work in Quintero. My daughter doesn’t live in Iquique. 4. He usually watch es TV. He doesn’t watch TV. Affirmative Negative x
  • 7. Do/Does + Subject + verb? (auxiliary) Questions Do I you we they drink Water ? Does he she It drink
  • 8. 1. My friend and I go to school everyday. 3. My daughter love s chocolate. Do they always eat hamburguers ? 2. They always eat hamburguers Does she love chocolate ? 4. He usually watch es TV. Does he usually watch TV? Affirmative Questions Do we go to school everyday ?
  • 9. Short answers Affirmative Negative Yes, I / you /we/they do No, I / you /we/they don’t Yes, he/she/it does No, he/she/it doesn’t Examples: Do you work in a hotel? Yes, I do Does she teach German? Yes, she does Affirmative Do they smoke cigarrate? No, they don’t Does he clean the room? No, he doesn´t Negative
  • 10. Full answers Examples: Do you study English? Yes, I study English Does she play the piano? Yes, she plays the piano Affirmative Do they understand the question? No, they don´t understand the question. Does he finish the book? No, he doesn´t finish the book. Negative
  • 11. 1.Put the verbs in brackets in the correct form. 1. My mother .......... (go) to work in the morning. 2. John .......... (like) cookies. 3. We always .......... (play) football on Saturdays. 4. The boys .......... (live) in London. 5. Mary and Kate .......... (go) to the cinema every week. 6. The baby .......... (cry) all the time. 7. Nick .......... (want) a new shirt. goes likes play live go cries wants
  • 12. 2.Complete the sentences with do/does. 1. How often .......... you eat spaghetti? 2. .......... your brother get up early? 3. We .......... not have much free time. 4. A secretary .......... not write books. 5. .......... Tim like English? 6. What time .......... you go to school? 7. .......... your dad come home early? 8. .......... children in Australia go to school on Saturdays? do Does do does Does do Does Do
  • 13. 3.Complete the sentences with don ’ t/doesn ’ t. 1. We .......... go to school in the summer. 2. George .......... drink milk. 3. Tom .......... play computer games. 4. Children .......... smoke cigarettes. 5. Elephants .......... fly. 6. The dog .......... eat a lot. 7. John .......... read comics. 8. My friend .......... eat pizza. don’t doesn’t doesn’t don’t don’t doesn’t doesn’t doesn’t