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Music magazines task1

  1. Music magazines
  2. 1. Who do you think the core target audience is for this product? Give examples to support your ideas. The target audience for this magazine is younger girls because the colouring is all pinks and purples which are stereotypically girly colours. Also the pull quotes are in really simple language which is easier for younger girls to understand. There is also quite a lot going on the page and a bit scrambled which would probably draw younger readers in. Also with Britney being on the cover will make younger girls want to read it as a lot of them look up to her as a role model and listen to a lot of her music. Top of the pops
  3. 2. What information can you learn about the lifestyle profile/interests of the core target audience from the front cover? I can learn from Top of the Pops that the lifestyle profile/ interests of the core target audience is girls who love mainstream music and fangirl over the stars. They are also probably quite sociable as they can talk about the latest celeb gossip with their friends. They are probably quite fashion forward as the free gift are badges which can customize and outfit. Top of the pops
  4. 3. What music genre codes and conventions can you identify? Top of the Pops always has a very famous celebrity singer as an iconic person in the middle of the page. It also has references from other bands/ singers scattered around the page so you know it’s to do with musicians. Also the magazine is called top of the pops as it was the longest running music TV show. Top of the pops
  5. 4.What elements of the house style can you identify? Top of the Pops always uses quite feminine colours like pinks, purples and yellow which are quite bright and girly. Most of the Top of the Pops have mid shots to long mid shots and also mostly have boys or a celeb female role model. It is also quite packed in with lots of different fonts and random bits of informal pull quotes around the cover. Top of the pops
  6. Music magazines
  7. 1. Similarities and differences between the mise-en-scene Differences: Similarities: - MOJO is more organised -They both have a long and less busy as it is for mid shot as their a older audience whereas picture TOTP is very busy and lots going on. - The writing is around -MOJO has a unisex the person in the colour scheme and house middle and is font whereas TOTP is introducing the really girly and bright articles and what’s and fun. inside - MOJO is more classy - They both give and has a musical legend something free to on the front TOTP use draw their audience someone who young girls will look up to and is in. seen as ‘clean-cut' MOJO
  8. 2. Layout and style of language. MOJO has quite a formal layout as it isn’t too busy or all over the place. The writing is around the picture apart from one bit which says who is in the picture to draw you in. The language on MOJO is a bit more formal as it doesn’t talk directly towards you. The language on it makes you feel involved in the celebs lives rather then them speaking at you.
  9. 3. Music genre conventions 4. Music artists featured and the audience they appeal to. MOJO doesn’t have many music genre conventions. Amy Winehouse is on the cover and she wasn’t very clean-cut or stable so it sort of shows a hard edge to the magazine. It also names other bands/singers that are inside the magazine to draw you in and give you an insight to what’s inside. It also gives a free CD to make people buy this magazine over others. Amy Winehouse sung Jazzy blues sort of songs so they appeal to the slightly older generation but not young kids because she was into drugs and had tattoos. She would also appeal to serious music fans as she was an amazing artist.
  10. 5. Special features and articles MOJO has special features like ‘The ultimate review of the year’. This appeals to people because they don’t know what the review is on or what it is about so want to read more to find out. It also features a big piece about Amy Winehouse and everyone knows who she is so will draw a lot of people in having her on the front of their music magazine.
  11. 6. What techniques are used to make you read the magazine MOJO uses techniques such as making you think things are exclusive and never seen before to make you think your one of the first people to read it so it makes you want to read it. It also uses little catchphrases and on the cover takes things out of proportion to make it seem like the article is better then it actually is so you feel like you want to read it.
  12. 7. Mode of address The mode of address for MOJO is quite indirect as there are no words like ‘you’ to make you feel that you are part of it. You feel like you can have an insight to these articles but the magazine isn’t talking to you personally.