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Media A2 cover anaylsis

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2 posters

  1. 1. The affair although being a TV series is a very much inspirational piece for my short film. The poster itself is very basic but shows the viewer a lot. Unlike normal film posters it doesn’t have the actors names or star ratings all over the poster. The poster is shot in what looks a lot like a murky ocean. The murkiness shows secrets and white lies. It shows a theme of a hidden life and uncertainty of the film The actors on the poster are looking over there shoulders giving the feeling of them being wary of their surroundings and them doing something wrong. The title also being in the murky ocean adds to the confusion of the scenario as the title is blurred at the beginning and end of the full title The idea of the poster being pretty much empty suggests gives the audience more to imagine in terms of themes of the upcoming TV show
  2. 2. Unfaithful is a film from 2002 and is very similar to the short film I am shooting. The target audience is very similar (also being adults) and they are both classified as romantic thrillers. The two main actors are shown the husband and the wife. The man looking serious towards the wife on another sexier body. We can tell straight away from the poster that there is an affair going on. The font colour shows an uncertainty as the bronze coloured text blends with the background displaying grey areas this to my understanding is what the director is going for. The characters on the poster are portraying the mystery element as the two actors are faded into the image as black on black creates the element of mystery. The idea of adding the tag of the director from. This tries to bring across the audience from fatal attraction and the audiences of the two films are also very similar.