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Brand action brief

the idea my team, client and suppliers loved , planned and fulfilled.

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Brand action brief

  1. 1. Brand action brief Role of Activity: to creatively engage with target group in a well planned and produced brand re-launch event that result in creating a hype and buzz for short and medium time range among future prospects. Target Market: as a consumer driven activity, I want to connect primarily with a prepared list of individuals, small and medium business owners to introduce the enhanced DMAX pickup. I will have pre-event press Q& A session to update current brand users with the new front facelift as a secondary target group. My offer: “Perfection continues”. We build trucks for life that delivers on profitability use-ability and dependability. Brand idea: Scene opens to see ISUZU 2010 D-MAX Pickup previous model at the operation room. There is a blue curtain to be opened. That area is like a medical operating room. Behind the blue curtain are tools and equipment, doctors and staff wearing medical uniform. In there, a projector and a red-alert light hanging on the ceiling. Doctors start checking the D-MAX Pickup like a patient inside the emergency medical surgery room. The action scene: Doctors are repairing and holding their tools like hammer, saw, torch lights, and so on to start their operation. Curtain closed. Red-alert light is on with the appropriate sound effects like (alerting, sawing, hammering, etc. ).
  2. 2. Light effects around the stage and behind the curtain to present the silhouette of the work in progress. Suddenly, the old D-MAX pickup body parts will be soaring up around the stage like the front bumper, mirror, and other parts. Then silence will cover the place for seconds. Red-alert light is off. background music starts playing building up tension and curiosity in the audience for what lies beyond the curtain . Curtain will open to present the new model shape of the 2011 D-MAX Pickup. The doctors congratulate each other because of the great achievement. Brand Support: • I will start with list of attendee’s development by working with client on “ fit “ profile. • Locate cost effective , flexible well equipped event venues in 1- Jeddah ( 86/2010) 2- Dammam( 14/6/2010) • My plan is to develop innovative invitations that assures highest attendance rate. • Develop creative communications materials that drive traffic to my showrooms and realised into test-driving the DMAX. • Invite members of press and share a branded press kit along with relevant giveaway • Utilising all light, sound and theatre technologies that assure higher impact of brand idea. • Appoint an event producer / director whom will build, train, rehearse and deliver brand idea at cost effective yet effective manner in both events 1- Jeddah ( 8/6/2010) 2- Dammam( 14/6/2010). Technical Overview • Set and Staging: I will supply all brand design elements subject to production ability and resources availability in local market. • Lighting, Audio, Video, Special FX, Crew and Event Personnel: please incorporate detailed items and role/ function in your estimation • Action plan: please develop