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ABAT Combi Steamers - ENGLISH - 2016

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ABAT Combi Steamers - ENGLISH - 2016

  1. 1. Combi Steamers AFFORDABLE TECHNOLOGY WITH A FLAVOUR OF EXCELLENCE Professional Kitchen Equipment
  2. 2. ABAT COMBI STEAMERS Abat combi steamers are the No.1 choice for continental chefs. The ultimate in quality and performance, improved working conditions, reducing energy consumption and compact working space. Applications such as Hotels, Restaurantsand other catering and food industry enterprises. Perfect food quality and operationalcontrol. Advantages Competitive advantages of Abat combi steamers include high reliability and productivity. New Technical solutions deliver superior food quality as the most advanced combi ovens in order to satisfy creativity and working requirements of modern professional kitchen. Coupled with ease of install, clean, use and maintain this givesa range secondto none. The model design guarantees perfect distribution of heat throughout the chamber cavity. Humidification control ensures perfect pastries and succulent roasts. |PX5 Water protection. Versatile Range Electric models are available in 6x1/3, 6x1/2, 6x1/1, 10x1/1, 20x1/1 Gastronorm to provide you with an opportunity to select an appliance which meets your individual technicaland price requirements. "I PKA-6-1/3P PKA—6-1/1PP2 PKA—1U—’l/1PP2 PKA-20-1/1PP2
  3. 3. ABAT I Professional Kitchen Equipment 2 I 3 Convection mode Afacilityto cook in a dry convection heat between 35°C to 270°C, you will cook quicker and at lowertemperatures. Idealfortraditional baking, roasting and colouring. Steam mode Cooking with pressureless fan assisted steaming at 100°C and vario steaming between 35°C and 98°C The ideal way of cooking vegetables and poaching fish and other delicate items. In fact, for any product that would normally be steamed, boiled or poached. Combination mode Cook in a convection mode combining it with steam to reduce shrinkage when roasting meats and ideal for regeneration with a temperature range from 30°C to 250°C. Return on investment The use of quality materials and components for development of an efficient reliable oven with a long service life and low energy consumption guarantees a short playback period. PKA-6-1/2P PKA-6-1/1PM2 PKA-10-1/1PM2
  4. 4. USER FRIENDLY PM2 CONTROL PANEL Operating modes: Steam at 100°C Convection + Steam between 35°C and 98°C Convection between 35°C and 270°C Warming up between 35°C and 270°C Regeneration Temperature probe Hand shower Humidity regulation from 10% to 100% Reversible fan Fan speed regulation [5 speeds] 110 cooking programms 6 washing programms , :TI'k1H: §|> ) alfll . . l l El _ @’ “J * T‘ T‘ a mi ' gi gl gi El gi BI gi El . ..ail, . ‘ J 1” A ‘ E‘ (65) Lil El a] l I l i ' i — — ' l ll ‘ Ill Ill Ill nu Ill Ill EL '1" ‘V ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ Fry _ T»? ’ "“' “" /1“ lliilllll ~~~--~: . -» Hi. I I llilllllllllll ‘ i ‘:7 J I ‘1’ ~ lllg‘ ' ‘I , "‘ : ' ‘I i F “: '»" ’: I V ’ t‘ I ‘ . -a. 4 ' -SC ' : " _ i X ‘R: ‘ K ‘ ‘N w . ' “. '.r , " ‘ ‘ ° 7 ‘i r g. » v"_ki_’ -A « I , A 1 2.- c"! I. ‘ *v—; §_/ '— ifi V"‘ A r v ‘ . . ‘ I l r I ‘ I , '§z~ , , ‘ I ( ’ . V i l / ' 4’ . ._‘_ ', ‘ ‘: .- -*-‘| -.—«"°' . "', ‘,-‘A I
  5. 5. ABAT I Professional Kitchen Equipment A I 5 TOUCH SCREEN TECHNOLOGY PP2 CONTROL PANEL Contemporary electrics without adding complication 120 cooking programs 360 programmable recipes password secured USB uploading interface 4 phase cooking stages Reversible fan 5 speed fan Multi point meat probe + / —1°C temperature control Auto climate with 1°C steps of humidity Delta T Timing for each level [Multilevel cooking] Proving 3 cleaning cycles Self diagnostics Cool down mode Hand shower During simultaneous preparation of various dishes, each of them gets its own delicious taste; appetizing and fresh, the food preserves the majority of vitamins and mineral substances.
  6. 6. USER FRIENDLY VM2 CONTROL PANEL FAN SPEED Warming up Convection [dry heat] with a maximum of 270°C Combination [convection+steam] with a maximum of 250°C Humidity regulation from 10% to 100% Reversible fan Fan speed regulation [5 speeds] Preparation time regulation from 1 minute to 9 hours 59 min. 110 cooking programms 6 washing programms Warming up mode Facility of the chamber quick preheating for superior culinaryresults. Convection mode Facilityto cook in a dry convection heat with a maximum of 270°C. Idealfortraditionalbaking, roasting and colouring. Combination mode Cook in a convection mode combining it with steam to reduce shrinkage when roasting meats with a maximum of 250°C. Humidity regulation from 10°/ oto 100%. PKA-6-1/1VM2 PKA-10-1/1VM2
  7. 7. ABAT I Professional Kitchen Equipment Energy saving Electrical consumption is kept to a minimum on both installed and operational use. Demand related energy supply. When the temperature needed is achieved oven energy consumption is reduced as the ovenjust maintains temperature. Reduced water consumption Abat combi steamers use minimum amount of water for the best cooking results. For example, PKA—6—1/3P wil only use 1.25L of water per hour. Oven features Internal core temperature One piece internal cabinet Fixed drip tray for excess water when opening door probe with rounded corners for 1 easy cleaning Vented door with double glazing for cool to touch The oven door with 2 stage opening for safe steam and heat evacuationt Special GN 1/1 basket for French—fry cooking without using oil and fat. You can also use special GN 1/1 grids RKG-6 and RKG—9 with spikes for 6 and 9 chickens, accordingly, to Hand shower with all 5 get succulent crispy browned models 5 meat L Chamber internal lighting 6|7
  8. 8. PROOFERS. SUPPORT UNITS. ACCESSORIES. SHRT-10-1/1M proofer Uniform heat distribution inside the chamber due to the steam convection. Temperature regulation from 20°C to 85°C. Guiding rails for 10 GN1/1. 2.53 Kw single phase 230 V Dimensions: 840 x 730 x 980 mm PK-6M support unit Stand with guiding rails for 6 GN1/1 All stainless steel. Dimensions: 840 x 700 x 770 [800] mm PK-10M support unit Stand with guiding rails for 10 GN1/1 All stainless steel. Dimensions: 840 x 700 x 640 [770] mm TP-20-1/1 trolley Rounded chamber corners and special construction of TP-20-1/1 transport trolley guarantees ideal aerodinamics in the chamber. The trolley has removable handle fortransportation and rotaryweels. 20 GN 1/1 levels. Allstainless steel. SGT-20spitforwholelamborsucking pig Designated for preparing whole lambs and pigs in 20-tray combi steamers. The spit is to be installed on the transport trolley TP-20-1/1 and placed inside a combi steamer. Three lateral sticks allow securing lambs and pigs on the spit. Allstainless steel.
  9. 9. ABAT I Professional Kitchen Equipment 8 I 9 PP2 FEATURES Multi Point - Temperature probe cooking allows the operator to set the core temperature of the product for perfect worry free cooking Reversible fan 5 speed fan for perfect control for cooking roast meats and lightest pastries Delta T - The ultimate low temperature cooking program to cook meat with minimum loss of weight and shrinkage III Phase Up to 4 steps in each program 120 Progs 120 stored factory recipes & I In 360 own recipes with upto 4 phases 3 fully automatic wash programs and rinse programs: fast, medium and long.
  10. 10. The combi steamer that corresponds to your individual requirements PKA-6-1/3P, PKA-6-1/2P PKA-6-1/1PM2, PKA-6-1/1VM2, PKA-6-1/1PP2 735 PKA-6-1/2P 593 PKA-6-1/3P PKA-10-1/1, PMZPKA-10-1/1,VMZPKA-10-1/IPP2 PKA-20-1/IPP2 1 780 Functions PKA-6-1/1PM2 PKA-10-1/1PM2 PKA-6-1/‘lVM2 PKA—10—1/1VM2 PKA-6-1/3P PKA-6-1/2P Code 7111 7415 4219 9793 9870 19101 iiiiii """ """"""""""""""""""""""""""" Tray type GN1/1 GN1/1 GN1/1 GN1/1 GN 1/3 GN 1/2 """ """ Functions SHRT10-1/1M PKA-6-1/1PP2 PKA-10-1/1PP2 PKA-20-1/IPP2 Code 4063 7069 9757 5228 """ """ """ """ """
  11. 11. ABAT I Professional Kitchen Equipment 10 I 11 Uniform cooking on each level Bright natural colours Intense aroma and flavour Succulence with minimal weight losses
  12. 12. Today JSC «Chuvashtorgtekhnika» is the biggest national producer of public catering equipment. The products with Abat TM brand name are well—known not only in all regions of Russia, but also in many countries of CIS, Baltic States, Eastern Europe and Asia. The implements and accessories have proved themselves as durable equipment with modern design and perfectfunctionality. Due to a broad range of our products it is always possible to create almost full configuration of a professional kitchen. All the equipment is installed in production lines [900 or 700 series]. . =!= v_(-iw/ _oiii-i= z4-1L. Zlfil ! !1:{IlAIl, IIii= if-i-in-, <i= .ir-yy, tuia-: n=_l L. li. « l: .4/ aclzvgl 576114. 11.3, :14. in. aa VnVn'm= .liI= .iL. II_I i'n= .iiIt(= ilt= .l= .If-i= .lt. iu. l