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Mondelez - Bringing Dark to Light!

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Case Analysis of Mondelez when it suffered a loss in sales.

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Mondelez - Bringing Dark to Light!

  1. 1. Presenters Devanand H Sharon Rose J Sravani G
  2. 2. Cadbury Bournville A dark chocolate that is so rich and dark that it melts in your mouth and in your soul. It comes in 3 varieties: • Rich cocoa • Raisins and Nuts • Cranberry Seller Buyer Dark Chocolate made from Ghanian cocoa. Profit and Brand image ValueProfit
  3. 3. What do people love in Bournville? What do people love in Bournville? Look- • So dark • Velvety texture Feel: • New experience • Feel to be premium • Health Benefits • Those who are allergic to milk can have some chocolate now Taste • So deep and dark, • Melts slowly in mouth • Original chocolate with less milk solids • Not so sweet • People more age- taste buds differ
  4. 4. What do people hate in Bournville? What do people hate in Bournville? Why don’t people love some chocolate which looks appetizing? Feel • Cost • Notion that it is only for adults and premium segment Taste •
  5. 5. 4 ABC’s 4P 4A 4C 4B Acceptability- want to create a value for money, perception of people Customer: People believe that chocolates are sweeter. They suffer from post purchase dissonance Belief: They believe that chocolates are always sweet PRICE 80 grams- Rs.100 33 grams- Rs.45 Affordability- • Ability to pay • Willingness to pay Cost: People not finding value for the price given to the company Benefit: You earn it so you get a good prestige PLACE Procurement: Dark Chocolate- Finest Ghanian cocoa beans Selling: Sold to all urbanized cities Availability Available at all modern trade and retail stores Convenience: Only available in modern trades Barrier: Not available everywhere but in the modern trade PROMOTION Digital Media Campaigns Ads Events and Experiences Contests Awareness- Proportional to the strength the message Communication: Higher level of British language and Humor used Behavior The behavior of the people is negative towards the Dark Chocolate
  6. 6. Ferrero rocher(premium) Amul(dark chocolate) Lindt( dark chocolate) Toblerone (premium dark chocolate) USP A global confectionery brand known for its premium chocolates Quality and affordability Finest cocoa used for preparing finest chocolates Pyramid shaped honey and almond nougat Swiss chocolate Strengths Strong Brand name worldwide Excellent distribution network of Amul ensure availability Global brand ambassador Highly regarded as a global chocolate brand Weaknesses Strong competition means limited market share Limited international presence as compared to leading global brands Not easily available Expensive Opportunities Introducing new varieties and flavours of chocolates Global expansion and more rural penetration Tap growing cities and retail chains Tap growing cities and retail chains in developing countries Threats Health consciousness amongst people Entry of other local or international brands Calorie conscious people Other competing chocolate brands Competitor Analysis
  7. 7. Mind Map
  8. 8. •So what actually went wrong??? •When did it go wrong??? •Why did it go wrong??? •What were the consequences??? •How did Bournville try to solve the issue?? •Were they successful???
  9. 9. Exhaustive Analysis- The surge orientation(2009-2012) 2009: Segmentation SEC A1 Top 20 cities Targeting Target the whole segment as one entity in MT Positioning You just don’t buy it, you earn it POP Chocolate POD Dark Chocolate and Campaigns Your earn it, the dark truth(blog), food of god and top management What were the leads? Success Story • The dare to be done • They wanted something to be earned • Social media Great success as first movers into dark chocolate and social media marketing for a chocolate
  10. 10. 2010 & 2011: Segmentation SEC A Targeting All retail outlets along with modern trade Positioning You earn a original Ghanian cocoa POP Chocolate POD Dark Chocolate, Rich Ghanian cocoa Campaigns The Bean Hunt(2010) Entity Teens Adults B. Awareness 77.6 67.7 Premium 16.5 8.9 Treat yourself 11.3 5.2 Preference 27.5 18 Ever Tried 43.7 29.2 What were the leads? What were the lags? • They have to earn it • New to India and still exciting • Ads- story line Earn it- polarizing- British humor
  11. 11. 2012 At the end of the year They didn’t test for Taste Apprehension Price- Rs.30 and Rs.80 Entity Teens Adults B. Awareness 89.1 74.8 Premium 22.9 9.2 Treat yourself 14.6 6.2 Preference 37.6 21.4 Ever Tried 65.5 38.9
  12. 12. 2013: Segmentation All people who can afford Targeting All retail outlets along with modern trade Positioning Not so sweet POP Dark Chocolate POD Category Innovations Campaigns Not so sweet Crannies are hard to get Tape a tweet, not so sweet ( Dark ->appealing, sweet -> harmful) Entity Teens Adults B. Awareness 96.3 83.7 Premium 21.1 10.8 Treat yourself 15.5 7.3 Preference 34.7 23.3 Ever Tried 73.2 56.4 What were the leads? What were the lags? • Grannies vs. Crannies reached 26 Million unique people. • No premium feel was emphasized • Did not market new flavor instead marketed cranberry • Social media marketing was lagging
  13. 13. 2014 Segmentation All people who can afford Targeting All retail outlets along with modern trade Positioning 50% cocoa chocolate and not some other chocolate- product attribute POP Dark Chocolate POD Cocoa content(50%) - richness Campaigns Sir Peter Barnes- Chocolate Connoisseur What were the lags and the leads • Negative emotion was created against the brand • No premium ness • Perception of people was prevelant • No product change Entity Teens Adults B. Awareness 98.4 89.3 Premium 18.2 8.9 Treat yourself 13.2 6.4 Preference 30.9 23.2 Ever Tried 77.5 63.3
  14. 14. 2015 #BournvillePowerUp challenge Entity Teens Adults B. Awareness 97.7 84.3 Premium 13 5.2 Treat yourself 9.8 5.2 Preference 35 20.8 Ever Tried 72.8 59.9 • Teens started liking Dark Chocolate • CAGR of Dark Chocolate Industry in India will grow at 18% 2014 and 2019 • Now currently there is a shift in people’s preference for dark chocolates
  15. 15. Graphs
  16. 16. What are the problems? • People were not able to accept that chocolates are bitter, Because chocolate is always sweet! • Major competitor is the taste and the perception of the people • From 2013 , no better social media campaigns and less social media marketing • Action  Desire (No willingness to pay) • Trials  Repeats • No sustainability • Value creation problem
  17. 17. Possible Analysis & Suggestions Continue with the product segment Not to continue with the product segment Same product Different product Same strategy & positioning Different positioning & strategy Same Positioning & strategy Different positioning & strategy Same Advertising Different advertising Same Advertising Different advertising Key change: Repositioning
  18. 18. Marketing Mix- Redefined 5P’s Price depends upon the cost and Rs. 15 in approx. as 80 grams is offered for Rs.100 Also available in 12 gram pack, shape of cocoa bean You cannot deceive them any more. Bean shaped packaging – Brownish Black with golden that portrays bean originality and golden showing the premiumness Modern Markets and Organized retail store in cities Product Price Place Promotion Packaging
  19. 19. Segmentation and Targeting- reframe it GEOGRAPHIC: All Cities with modern trade and organized retail store DEMOGRAPHIC: Age: 15-24 years Income: Who are able to afford PSYCHOGRAPHIC : People who are waiting to taste the originality
  20. 20. Positioning Dark Chocolate Competitor Customer Pure cocoa in tiny bean packs Dark Chocolate Frame of Reference: Dark Chocolate Positioning Statement: Among the competitors who offer dark chocolates, Cadbury Bournville gives you the dark chocolate with pure cocoa in tiny bean packs
  21. 21. It’s not just chocolate! It’s cocolate Taste the pure Ghanian cocoa in dark chocolate Giving chocolate a new definition Same product, different taste but a better experience It,s never too late to value your tiny moments with our new tiny beany Bournville Sweeten your moments with authenticity Even the tiniest thing you earn deserves a recognition Cocolate
  22. 22. Advertising Timeline Modes Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Facebook & Twitter Filling the gap between expectations and experience. “It is the cocolate” You cannot deceive them anymore TV, Radio, Banners & Newspaper Rich cocoa Rich cocoa+ enhancements about the variants • Social Media Campaigns must be made more powerful by continuous updates and involving audience by conducting activities and bring back the trials into repeat • Blog to be made more active • Good deeds= Recognition= Bournville