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Michelle obama healthy school lunch program fail

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Michelle Obama’s School Lunch Program Fail
The changes, as far as I know, have little to no real scientific validity. The changes all stem from outdated presumptions about the cause and cure of obesity. From what I can tell, the USDA and Michelle consulted with Jillian Michaels, Kate Moss, and Jenny Craig instead of the world’s leading obesity researchers to make this dramatic and assuredly harmful overhaul of public school lunches.
Let’s dissect. The scariest of the new standards…
1) Limit Calorie intake… To control portion size, school lunches are now calorie-controlled. To give an example of the levels of calorie intake, high school-age kids are limited to 850-950 calories for lunch. Scientific study and personal observation have shown no connection between calorie intake and obesity. Obesity researcher Linda Bacon has cataloged over 75 studies showing a link between dietary restriction and increased obesity risk. Obesity ‘reporter’ Paul Campos calls limiting calories “the single biggest predictor of future weight gain.” Decreased calorie consumption, in many decades of study, has never shown to have a significant long-term impact on bodyweight. It has shown only to cause short-term weight loss followed by long-term weight regain – equaling or surpassing weights of those who haven’t restricted calories. High calorie intake probably does have the most significant connection between height, strength, athletic performance, speed, and other virtues.
2) Limit Starchy vegetable consumption… This is particularly genius, as starch has been the primary source of calories in every major human civilization prior to the recent major rise in obesity. Ironically, starch has been shown to significantly lower calorie consumption in young children. Really well-thought out guidelines guys! As they say, “good enough for government work!” Watch out for those yams and taters!
3) Whole milk has been banned… BANNED!!! Dangerous stuff that whole milk! Reduced fat milk has not been proven to be effective against obesity. Neither has low-fat chocolate milk, which kids are drinking more of now that whole milk is gone. Ironic once again – but there are many leads showing that whole milk might be protective against obesity. For example, as breast milk becomes higher in calories and fat, it becomes increasingly protective against obesity. At the very least, whole milk has no known universally fattening effect…
According to leading authorities, and the scientific investigation that has been done, these changes will do nothing to improve childhood obesity. But these are harsh changes. No longer is a person’s appetite in charge of how many calories they need, but now the decision is based on something that took place amongst a bunch of government employees in cooperation with a publicity move on behalf of the president’s wife? Now kids can’t drink whole milk, but only milk that has been proven to be inferior to whole milk?

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