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1979 Mission | Mission Dolores Neighborhood Association (3-11-15)

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1979 Mission | Mission Dolores Neighborhood Association (3-11-15)

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1979 Mission | Mission Dolores Neighborhood Association (3-11-15)

  3. 3. EASTERN NEIGHBORHOODS – MISSION AREA PLAN • Site zoned for 105 ft height with the installation of BART, then zoning was further reinforced with Prop M in 1986 and City’s transit- first policy • Nine year community planning process (2001 – 2009) • Mission District community was at the table, including SFUSD, Marshall Elementary and PTA • Unanimous approval by Board of Supervisors, including President Peskin and Supervisors Campos, Mirkarimi, Ammiano, Sandoval, McGoldrick, Alioto-Pier, Chu, Elsbernd, Dufty, Maxwell (Daly Excused)
  4. 4. SF HOUSING SNAPSHOT • From 2000-2013, to meet growing population and housing demands, San Francisco needed to build 45,000-50,000 housing units • However, only 27,796 total units were built citywide since 2000 • Approximately only 1,500 of those were built in the Mission, including 260 rebuilt at Valencia Gardens • 1979 Mission would provide 290 rental units, with 41 workforce homes and 49 affordable rental units
  5. 5. 1979MISSION
  6. 6. OUR PROPOSAL • Union construction jobs – 100% union built • Jobs for local workers in apartment management and retail • Program for local artists • Plant trees and greenery on Capp Street
  7. 7. 1979 MISSION APARTMENTS • Total: 31% Mission District middle-class workforce homes and affordable housing 290 4941 Market Rate Rental Affordable Workforce Homes For Sale On-Site Affordable Apartments in the Mission  41 Middle-Class Workforce Homes  49 Affordable Apartments • Studios to four bedrooms
  8. 8. ++ + OUR PROPOSAL: “A NEW APPROACH FOR BUILDING HOUSING AT ALL INCOME LEVELS” • 41 for sale workforce homes at 1979 Mission, Priced between ($280,000 - $350,000) • Range of household income $61,000-$145,650 Artist Laborer Firefighter Non-Profit Minimum Wage Teacher worker partner ($65,000 per year) ($72,000 per year) ($117,000 per year) + Teacher with 10 years experience ($65,000 per year)
  9. 9. PURCHASING WORKFORCE HOMES • We will work with community partners to identify and qualify the local community to purchase the on-site homes. • Homeowner workshops to learn how to qualify and become homeowners.
  10. 10. AFFORDABLE BELOW MARKET-RATE HOUSING IN THE MISSION • The 49 units could be rented for between 30-55% of average median income (AMI). • A single-person household would qualify for a studio making $20,400/year, and a household making $53,400/ year would qualify for a three-bedroom unit. • Per the Mayor’s Office of Housing’s criteria, rent for the studio at 30% AMI would be $510/month and $1,335/month for the three-bedroom apartment at 55% AMI.
  12. 12. MERCADO LOCAL SMALL BUSINESS SPACE • We will work with community partners to provide space at 16th and Mission for local neighborhood serving businesses and artists. • Walgreens or a comparable pharmacy will be on-site. • Each existing business at 16th and Mission has been offered a chance to return.
  13. 13. ENLARGED AND IMPROVED BART PLAZA • “A plaza for everyone” • 40% increase in total plaza area, for a total of 9,000 square feet • A safer, friendlier and more useful space
  14. 14. PROPOSAL FOR MARSHALL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL • 50% increase in total school size, which will provide new learning facilities and multi-use spaces • Playground made safer and expanded by raising it 15 feet, which will reduce the impacts of shadows by new and existing buildings • SFUSD will need to approve proposal, and if approved will decide how to utilize the new space created by the project, such as new classrooms, childcare, library, music, arts, etc. • Largest community benefits proposal by developer to a Mission District school
  15. 15. A SAFER ROUTE TO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS AND PARENTS • Increase safety on Capp Street with improved lighting and landscaping • Wider sidewalks on Capp Street • Raised crosswalk at intersection of Capp and Adair • Bulb outs on Capp Street and 16th Street • Use landscaping best practices developed by Laborers at Recreation and Park Department
  16. 16. A PROPOSAL TO HELP PRESERVE THE CULTURE OF THE MISSION • Working with existing community organizations, cultural groups, and local artists to introduce new residents into the Mission • Promoting greater respect of the historic Mission culture • Promoting local Mission artists and their artwork by showcasing their work in key areas of the project
  17. 17. HOW TO LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR PROPOSAL FOR 1979MISSION Call us at 415.316.0122, or visit us online at
  18. 18. Q&A
  19. 19. 1979MISSION SAN FRANCISCO CA | 415.316.0122 |