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How to Prevent and Detect Leaks in Your Roof

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call a professional here at 1 OAK!
More time can lead to wood rot and
damage sheetrock, attic insulation, paint,
walls, ceiling and carpets. Fix a small leak
before it becomes an expensive problem

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How to Prevent and Detect Leaks in Your Roof

  1. 1. How to Prevent and Detect Leaks in Your Roof
  2. 2. 1 OAK finds these are the most basic leak areas: ° Chimney ° Plumbing vent flashing ° Ice dams ° Skylights ° Wall step flashings ° Furnace Shingles ° Fields of shingles ° Missing Shingles
  3. 3. The Best Method to Prevent Leaks In the wake of finding all the normal spillage spots in your home, consistently check to discover little spills before they turn into an issue. In the attic, any recognizable spot that has an opening that lets in the sun's beams ought to be repaired promptly.
  4. 4. What is the first indication of a leak? A leak can come as: ° Wet spots ° Dripping water ° Circular stains on roof ° Extra granules from black-top shingle rooftops will stream down our downspouts ° Paint rising on level rooftops
  5. 5. Settle the Leak ASAP In the event that you see indications of a leak, don't hold up and call an expert here at 1 OAK! Additional time can prompt wood rot and harm sheetrock, attic protection, paint, walls, roof and covers. Settle a little leak before it turns into a costly issue
  6. 6. Finding the Source The start of the leak may not come from above the area of the wet spots, stains, dribbling water, and so forth. Examine by: ° Checking the rooftop ° Fireplace ° AC Coils what's more, water warmers mounted in the attic
  7. 7. DIY versus Professional Know the contrast between a convenient solution and, genuine harm needing proficient assistance. Call an expert roofer like 1 OAK in the event that the rooftop has: ° Multiple holes ° A leak crosswise over framing members or dividers, which makes finding the wellspring of the leak troublesome ° Repairs that are not holding ° Damage to material surface or flashed areas ° The rooftop surface is past your expertise set (mud tiles, wood shakes, and metal rooftops)
  8. 8. Be Safe On the off chance that the issue is sufficiently simple to settle yourself, avoid potential risk. ° Wear elastic soled shoes to forestall sliding ° Use a harness ° Work in sets
  9. 9. Crisis Repair Move to the rooftop, if capable, with appropriate gear like a hammer, nails and materials for example, tar or flashing. This won't tackle the issue, yet ought to hold until a noteworthy repair should be possible by the mortgage holder or expert.
  10. 10. Repairing a Shingle Roof Locate the harmed shingles. Expel the harmed shingles and the layer above the harmed shingles. At that point, supplant both layers with new shingles.
  11. 11. Keep in mind Search for basic spots of spillage Repair leak rapidly On the off chance that your home needs a rooftop repair, call anexpert here at 1 OAK on the if it is vigorously harmed or you are uncertain how to continue Take part in security precautionary measures when fixing your rooftop
  12. 12. 770-696-6054