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Is bullish bounce over

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State of US stock market

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Is bullish bounce over

  1. 1. Bullish Bounce Over? Tracking US stock market Deepak Singh Twitter @smarket 20 February 2018
  2. 2. Leadership • Reliance • Ashok Leyland • Bharat Forge • L&T – Breakout support of 1240 • Infosys/TCS • Tata Global/Radico Khaitan What happened today? After a Steep bounce from 200 day moving average – S&P500 sold off. Does this mean – Bullish Bounce over? Will S&P 500 retest 200 dma – is the new Talking Point?
  3. 3. Dow Jones Big Damage? NASDAQ CLOSED FLAT
  4. 4. Blame WalMart BIG DECLINE IN DOW JONES -BLAME WALMART Why? – Concerns about Online Sales Growth and Disappointing Profitability
  5. 5. Nothing to Worry stock
  6. 6. NASDAQ closed Flat • Most of the Major Tech stocks closed with Bullish Bias • Amazon • Apple • Facebook • Netflix • Nvidia • Microsoft
  8. 8. Source of the Worry: Breakout in US 10 year Treasury Yields > 2.65%
  9. 9. Two things Bulls need to keep an eye on S&P 500 Support of 200 dma and Emerging Market
  10. 10. • S&P500 Support at 200 dma • EEM support of 45.2 Emerging Market Support of 45.2
  11. 11. • Reliance • Ashok Leyland • Bharat Forge • L&T – Breakout support of 1240 • Infosys/TCS • Tata Global/Radico Khaitan Emerging Market exhibiting strength
  12. 12. There is always Bull Market somewhere CONSUMER and Regulatory Changes
  13. 13. Buy on Dip Theme: Retail ETF? Near 43
  14. 14. Restaurant Recession Over? It’s showing up in earnings
  15. 15. Dine Equity surprise not a surprise? Near 43
  16. 16. State of the Stocks Deepak Singh Twitter @smarket 07 February 2018 US Steel X Breakout on back of proposed tariffs on International steel imports to US
  17. 17. Will Kinder Morgan find support@17?
  18. 18. Disclaimer State of the market Presentation is Deepak’s perspective on the market. This is purely for educational purpose. Nothing contained herein is a solicitation to trade or a recommendation of a specific trade. By reading this publication you agree to make no trade relying in whole or in part on the comments of the writers Feedback: