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What does it take to build European Tech Giants ?

UK is risk-averse by default. Nordics have specific & small domestic markets that force them to go international first. Germans had the Samwer brothers. Those three geographies are the only ones which built unicorns above $2B over the past years... While latin countries lack LEGENDARY companies.

Through diversity, your international mindset will grow higher and faster. It will foster your ambition and your level of execution excellence to attract enough capital to fuel your great journey !

Diversity is a great kick-starter.

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What does it take to build European Tech Giants ?

  1. 1. What does it take to build European Tech Giants? @2LR
  2. 2. @2LR
  3. 3. 3 POPULATION326M 510M ECONOMY - GDP$18.6T $19.2T INTERNET COMPANIES / GDP10% 3% 30% WITH GOOGLE, AMAZON, FACEBOOK, APPLE ET MICROSOFT VC INVESTMENT / CAPITA$220 $37 MARKET CAP OF INTERNET COMPANIES / GDP 345M The United-States are four times bigger than Europe on venture capital. US versus EU FR, DE, ES, IT, BE, NL, UK $14.3T $55 3% @2LR
  4. 4. 100+ Unicorns 40 Unicorns Valued beyond 5B+ Valued beyond 10B+ Valued beyond 20B+ Acquired from abroad 92% of the total value in US. US vers European Giants ? @2LR
  5. 5. With a lack of local players to foster ambition Europe is growing up Seed Series A Series B Series C $2-4M $1-2M $10-15M $5M+ $20-30M $10-15M $20-30M $50M+ Raised $20M Series B with Raised $28M Series B with Raised $60M Series C with @2LR
  6. 6. 15 venture-backed companies accounting for 100+ Billions, funded by three major investors only. The mega-funds effect Acquired from abroad for a total of $25B Ambition, Capital, Value.
 Companies only in UK, DE, Nordics. @2LR
  7. 7. No LEGENDARY Companies In Latin Countries. Why ? @2LR
  8. 8. United-Kingdom Nordics Germany @2LR
  9. 9. Wrong initiatives have reverse effects, Risk aversion, opportunistic behaviours… vs @2LR
  10. 10. Highly Capitalized Truly Ambitious Diversified Talents @2LR
  11. 11. Start with diversity as It fuels an international culture and always drives performance @2LR
  12. 12. The future isn’t an extended version of the past. Travel to the future, learn from abroad. @2LR
  13. 13. Thank You.