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  2. Data Prep & Data Model 1 Buffer Calculations Viz Animations Customizable Discover Pane Multiple Marks Layer Support For Maps Dynamic Parameters 2 3 4 5 Visualization 1 External File Store Set Permissions For Nested Projects Improved Site Role Allocation Limits Login Based License Management 2 3 4 IT Governance Explain Data 7 Export Dashboard 6 Play Button In Browser 8 1 Relationships Write To External Databases New Connectors Data Prep On The Web 2 3 4 Tableau 2020.x Key New Features
  3. Tableau has improved the way Server and site admins limit the number of license types on their sites. This update will also allow Server admins to delegate license allocation to site admins. Improved Site Role Allocation Limits
  4. Prior to v 2020.1 IF the top level project is locked all nested projects are locked with exact same permissions. From v 2020.1 onwards, each sub-project can be locked or unlocked independently. Set Permissions For Nested Projects
  5. As part of the Server Management Add-on, you can now leverage network storage devices for backup snapshots which significantly reduces the time required to perform a back up. You can also use this new capability to streamline your deployment topology by centralizing your file store, eliminating the need to run file stores on multiple nodes in a Tableau Server Cluster. External File Store
  6. LBLM makes it easier to package and deploy Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep to end users, eliminating the need to distribute and manage individual license keys. Additionally, it provides visibility into Creator seat usage through a single, centralized view. Login Based License Management
  7. 01 02 03 04 05 ROLLOUT VALIDATE UPGRADE PREPARE ASSESS • Prepare Inventory • Analyze • Education and Communication Plan • Tableau Backups • Infrastructure setup • Upgrade / Install • New feature changes • Function / Feature validation • Data Validation • Performance Testing • Production Deployment • Post-Production Validation Tableau Upgrade Methodology
  8. Automated Testing For Tableau Trust Your Tableau Dashboards Regression Testing Functional Testing Performance Testing Compare your Tableau dashboards over time and across environments. Drive load to your Tableau server and assess response time and reliability. Simulate user journeys and clicks as well as interactions.
  9. CI/CD (Continuous Integration and Deployment)
  10. © Systech Solutions, Inc. 2017 Systech Solutions, Inc. is a Modern Analytics Consulting firm, specializing in Data & Analytics products & services. Mission: ▪ Enabling business transformation through intelligent application of data Expertise: ▪ Transform raw data to valuable information ▪ Provide actionable insights into business performance ▪ Optimize business processes via analytics & insights ▪ Enable data-driven business actions, driving business value ▪ Enable digital transformation FOUNDED IN 1993 STRENGTH 300+ Consultants REACH 400+ Customers Analytics & Insights Data Management Advanced Analytics (ML/AI) Big Data & Cloud Custom Apps Los Angeles, CA Silicon Valley, CA Houston, TX Dubai, UAE Singapore, SG Chennai, India Focus Headquarters Offices Worldwide Offshore Center 20+ Technology Partners Partner Ecosystem About SysTech
  11. Adaptive Analytics Journey Businesses gain the competitive advantage when data-driven actions becomes the way of life. How data is used in decision-making , drives the analytics maturity and enables real business transformation Data As Driver - Means to achieve new business goals - Drive new business ideas & revenue sources Data As Enabler - Targeted towards a specific business goal and yields secondary value by reusing data & analytics for other business purposes Data As Utility - A generic capability that should be available to everybody for myriad requirements and for all kinds of intended business purpose
  12. Modern Data Framework
  13. Customer Portfolio
  14. Thank You Trust Your Tableau Dashboards ✓ Regression Testing ✓ Functional Testing ✓ Performance Testing