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Smart Hardware Cheatsheet

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Voice & Visual Hardware Cheat Sheet

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Smart Hardware Cheatsheet

  1. 1. • Connects directly with your FB messenger account. Even if your friends or family don’t own a Portal, you can make Messenger calls. • AI-powered camera, controls zoom and pan to focus on subject. Unlike other devices, Portal can handle multiple people in frame at a time. • Spark AR integrated: Allows for immersive AR experiences (similar to Snapchat Lens of Instagram/ Facebook Face Filters) during video call. For example, the Story Time feature, which projects AR filters onto reader of interactive storybooks. • Premium Content Integrations: Users can access premium content from the Facebook/Watch platform (i.e. Food Network, Newsy, etc.). • Emphasis on Privacy: With a single-tap disable button, physical camera cover, encrypted video calls, and local storage, Facebook is making privacy a top priority. VOICE & VISUAL HARDWARE CHEAT SHEET WHAT IT IS? KEY PLATFORM DIFFERENTIATOR WHAT IS THE CONSUMER VALUE? Facebook Portal & Portal+ is an Alexa powered video chat device with augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) integration. The two model sizes are a 10 and 15 inch displays. Note the 15-inch version makes Portal + the biggest display currently on the market. Amazon Show is a smart speaker that has a 10 inch built-in touch display that is powered by Alexa. Amazon is developing a hardware ecosystem, having Alexa be available in everything from headphones, microwaves, and automobiles. Lenovo Smart Display is a smart speaker with an 8 and 10 inch built-in screens that allows for touch interactions powered by Google Assistant. Although the usage rate of Google’s voice/visual platforms are low, (only 21% of voice users use their voice assistant via video displays) they are growing, and we might see more opportunities in the future to integrate visual experiences with voice. Designed to bring people closer together with better video chatting capabilities and streamlined connection to friends & family. • Access Google files: Users can access their photos, videos and music stored on Google. • YouTube Integration: Users can access YouTube from the device. If they are a Youtube TV subscriber, they can even stream live TV. • Simulcast Capabilities: Users can cast their Lenovo Smart Display to other screens in their household. • Growing number of Actions: The available and emerging Google Voice apps are designed to give answers instead of starting searches. A consolidated hub for Google’s network of apps (Photos, Files, Videos, Google search engine, YouTube, HBO Now). • Growing Ecosystem of Skills: Users have made some Alexa Skills part of their everyday routine (i.e. streaming music, checking the weather, etc.). • Emphasis on Entertainment: Using the Amazon show, users can watch Live TV, Prime video, and Hulu, Users can also play back their recordings (like DVR) with Fire TV. • Skills with visual integration: Similar to a voice Alexa Skill, ”Visual Skills" are instructions that pop up via video that work with voice. Amazon just announced that the show will have an integration with Amazon meal kits where you can receive video instructions for how to put together the meal. Amazon Alexa has the highest adoption rate and has the most versatile family of hardware. The Amazon Show helps consumers have a more connected household as they may already own other Alexa-enabled devices.