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3W - Employer branding

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Employer Branding
Employer Branding
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3W - Employer branding

  1. 1. Welcome
  2. 2. Keynote 1 “Employer Branding, a hidden lever for organizational success” Tim Clauwaert, CEO & Co-Founder at Intuo Keynote 2 “Leverage Employer Branding by buildingThought Leadership” Michaël Humblet, CEO & Founder Chaomatic
  3. 3. “The Freelance Revolution and it’s impact on HR” Boudewijn Dupont Managing Director 3W Chairman of the Board at Federgon Interim Management Comité
  4. 4. Companies are facing rapid change Technological Social Environmental
  5. 5. There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction WinstonChurchill
  6. 6. Most challenges are in the field of: Business challenges Organisational challenges HR challenges
  7. 7. Some challenges you might face Business challenges  Financial management  Technology & exploding data  Uncertainty about the future  Growth strategy, M&A  Building & maintaining reputation
  8. 8. Some challenges you might face Organisational challenges  Lack of infrastructure, processes & systems  Risk management & problem solving  Resource / time management  Regulation & compliance  Security
  9. 9. Some challenges you might face HR challenges  Embracing change  Monitoring performance  Recruiting & maintaining the right talent & knowledge drain  Leadership development & culture  Employer branding
  10. 10. Changes in HR
  11. 11. What makes companies resilient?
  12. 12. They embrace change A clear strategy Healthy mix of employers & Freelance Commitment of their people (work-life balance) Successful Employer Branding What makes companies resilient?
  13. 13. Strategy is nothing without implementation!
  14. 14. Implementation requires the right competences & attitude!
  15. 15. Market figures Interim Management
  16. 16. Source: Executives Online
  17. 17. Source: Executives Online
  18. 18. Survey by SDWorx & AMS (1.074 employers) 97% make use of freelancers or IM’s 28,8% have an adjusted HR policy for freelancers & IM’s 37,5% evaluate freelancers according to the same process as permanent employees 38,8% of freelancers & IM’s in Belgian companies are offered specific training European Companies
  19. 19. Source: Executives Online No risk for “fake independency”
  20. 20. Realising change together Trust candidate client 3W
  21. 21. Survey by SDWorx & AMS (1.874 freelancers) 69% is happy to be a freelancer and to be independent 68% think it is great to be able to choose the assignments themselves 49% find an independent statute to be better reconciled with their private life 15% admitted that this was their only way of finding work Only 10,3% would prefer to work back on the payroll Belgian Freelancers
  22. 22. Changes in HR Providers
  23. 23. 3W Changes  App  Membership Club  PersonalApproach  Reference Report  Assesment Report (HR Analytics)  3W Managed Service Provider (MSP) – Independent profiles
  24. 24. Artefacts Values Assumptions Understanding a companies culture is key for succesful change management visible invisible Edgar Schein model
  25. 25. Trust is built on human connections. As matchmakers we look for the human fit in your team.
  26. 26. The philosophy of 3W Human Fit What Who Why
  27. 27. The philosophy of 3W What Who Why Job screening & profile matching Expertise screening & CV matching DNA screening & culture matching Human Fit
  28. 28. The Freelance Revolution and it’s impact on HR is in the Human Fit
  29. 29. Employer branding A lever for organisational success. - +32 497 992 848
  30. 30. 36 Agenda 36 1. Why do we talk about employer branding? 2. What is the definition of EB? 3. The Souks, Apple 4. EB as a strategic process 5. What have we done?
  31. 31. 01. Why do we talk about EB?
  32. 32. 38 Getting ready for the future. 38
  33. 33. 39 Getting ready for the future. 39
  34. 34. 40 Getting ready for the future. 40 The news of around 1,900 job losses was confirmed after the meeting. Proximus intends to shed 1,900 of its 12,000 full time jobs, while recruiting 1,250 new employees.
  35. 35. 41 Did not get ready for the future. 41
  36. 36. 42 If you had to be a CEO, which company would you pick? 42 Elisabeth Holmes Niels B. ChristiansenKevin Burns
  37. 37. 43 Making trailers a sexy business. 43
  38. 38. 44 • Increasing need to attract, retain, develop talent. • Right job as important as the right Organization. • Companies want to differentiate • Companies want to succeed Why Employer branding? 44
  39. 39. 02. Definition of Employer BrandingEvolution over time
  40. 40. 4646 Building an image in the minds of the potential labour market, that the company, above all others, is a great place to work.
  41. 41. 4747 A strategy of internal and external communication of the unique attributes that establishes the identity of the firm as an employer and what differentiates them from others, with the aim of attracting and retaining of potential and current employees.
  42. 42. 03. Souks & Apple They both want you to buy, they just have a different approach.
  43. 43. 4949 Buying in the Souks or Apple Store?
  44. 44. 04. EB as a strategic process Start with your vision
  45. 45. 5151 Vision Mission Strategic goals Branding CSR HR EB It should de driven by your strategy and identity
  46. 46. 5252 Brand
  47. 47. 5353 CSR
  48. 48. 5454 HR Job pages
  49. 49. 5555 Once you get in: expectation vs. reality
  50. 50. 5656 Different attributes of employer branding. Organisational (Brand, CSR) Perception of the company in the external market. Economic (HR) Material / monetary renumeration. Including high salaryn fair renumeration and bonuses. Psychological (HR) Those which influence the feeling of recognition and relatedness of employees in the organisation. Functional (HR) Those concerning the specific workplace , content of work, growth aspects.
  51. 51. 05. What have we done? It’s not the time to offer a shitty toilet.
  52. 52. 5858 Engaging and retaining talent has become the most competitive advantage.
  53. 53. 5959 The flywheel of employer branding
  54. 54. Talent enablement
  55. 55. 6161 Best in class, these leaders do more than what’s required. 3. Doing more They follow the mandatory yearly process. 2. Complying Don’t do anything 1. Flatlined When it comes to talent enablement, there’s already 3 kind of leaders in your company.
  56. 56. 6262 By combining a simple enablement process with coaching-, learning- & engagement tools, we can show you exactly who they are Complying Doing more with intuo Flatlined
  57. 57. 6363 And shift the balance % of population % of population transitioned A holistic view on talent enablement and personalized suggestions.
  58. 58. 6464 Successful Implementation of talent enablement Traditional talent management approach And increase the Employee lifetime value
  59. 59. Our talent enablement features Engagement Pulses Measure engagement continuously. Give managers actionable insights. Objectives Short-lived goals based on the OKR principles. Learning Distribute company knowledge effectively in the organisation. Conversations Performance, onboarding, goal-setting, personal development. Feedback & Recognition Provide and request feedback linked to objectives, skills and core values. People Analytics Uncover high-performers and make strategic decision with data integration and analysis. 6565
  60. 60. 6666 For +150 companies Intuo reduces employee churn - supports strategy execution - is a drive for cultural change “What we really felt with intuo was the match between our two companies.” Unleashed Sofie van Eemeren, HR & People leader “Literally every layer of the organisation is involved with intuo, which positively influence everyone’s skills, experience and knowledge.” USG people Wendy de Pooter, Head of L&D “Our employee churn has been reduced with 50% in one year.” ABC Groep Patrick Callewaert, COO
  61. 61. 02. Customer case: USG People Successful outroll of full suite in a multi branded company
  62. 62. 6868 12 Different Brands.
  63. 63. 06. Q & A And I’m a subtitle
  64. 64. MICHAEL HUMBLET Leverage Employer branding by building Thought Leadership
  65. 65. Employer Branding is like Swimming in a Lake of Rejection
  66. 66. What is your biggest issue...
  68. 68. Thought leadership: Company versus Person? DEFENSIVE APPROACH • Protect the Brand: messaging • Potential Legal Issues • No control on various levels • Professional content • People /Headhunting • Influence: what about my friends? • Balance private / work • Identification • What if they change roles/company • Managing the workload SCARED APPROACH
  69. 69. IMPACT • Larger Trust • Large Scale & reach • Free / Cheap • Limited network • Limited Trust • Paid / Expensive Jan Company REACH TRUST Steff Michael Lorena Joachim Ken
  70. 70. Hang on: Example - correlation between both Chaomatic Site Chaomatic Site
  71. 71. Hang on: Example - correlation between both
  72. 72. Impact of Personal post on Company website Company Profile There is an close correlation between you as a person posting and impact on the company website.
  73. 73. People trust People
  74. 74. “How do I create Thought Leadership?”
  75. 75. What Customers do you want ? Dream Customer Their Main Problem BAIT Your Solution
  76. 76. But what is the real Problem: a use case Problems for Sales Directors • Closing • Pricing Strategy • Sales presentation Problem 1 Main Problem Problem 2 Problem 3 Problem 4 Bait Creation Strategy
  77. 77. The Customer Buying Journey NEED WHY WHY NOW WHY YOU
  78. 78. But what is real Value? AS A SERVICE INSPIRATION EDUCATION TELL ME, make me dream, show me the potential TEACH ME so I can do it myself, give me tools and examples DO IT FOR ME, unburden Me Sales of your product or Service EXPERIENCE Let me feel/experience it so I never forget
  79. 79. Use Case: Riaktr People Space
  80. 80. “How do scale & Build the Bait Content?”
  81. 81. Where do you get all that content? You are the expert People ask you questions
  82. 82. Meet Dennis of Audience
  83. 83. STOP PERFECTING! this is the difference between losing & winning
  84. 84. What should you post? Attracts Technical people Technical Business Attracts Business People 100% correct Slow & reliant on key people Good enough Faster
  85. 85. Scale with what you LOVE Video Written Audio The Mega Secret OF Michaels Lazy Strategy Approach
  86. 86. Build the Machine: Batch production BATCH PRODUCTION = Every 6 weeks = Content for 15 weeks Morning: 5 x Sales Acceleration Shows Afternoon: 10 x Other Video’s DISTRIBUTIO N VideoVideo
  87. 87. Build the Machine: Scale Multichannel VIDEO AUDIO WRITTEN BATCH 15 video’s + 15 podcast + 15 Blogs = 45 content pieces
  88. 88. Types of Content HeroHub Hygiene
  89. 89. Why do people subscribe?
  90. 90. The higher cause makes you win
  91. 91. VP CEO Director Manager STRATEGIC OPERATIONS 1. Start at the top 2. Leverage the social beasts 3. Experts work 4. Not selling works even better Who should be active?
  92. 92. Create Infrastructure Location Mini studio’s
  93. 93. Key Areas of Opportunity Groups Stories/IGTV Content HubThought Leadership Twitter Camera Thought Leadership
  95. 95. If not now, When. If not you, Who. If not now, When. If not you, Who
  96. 96. Learn more DISCLAIMER These movies may contain strong language, moderate pain and scenes some attendees might find offensive. Don’t hold me accountable.
  97. 97. YOU The Sea of Rejection
  98. 98. EddyJohnson: I have been arguing for years that companies and organizations should also offer personal coaching within their package of incentives. Especially since this is a win-win-win for employer, employee and her / his private situation (partner / family). I like to call it incentives3.0. Now that Starbucks recently announced that it would like to structurally invest in the 'mental health' of its staff, I wonder whether this awareness is already sufficiently present in the minds of CEx or members of the board in terms of well-being, employer branding and / or or retention policy. Redouan ElJamouni: How to structurally implement Employer Branding, both Internally and Externally. What are cool tools, tips to improve Employer Branding Chris De Herdt: What's the difference between employer branding and employee branding?