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Tidbits of Telecom Dec 2015

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tried something different for tidbits of telecom

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Tidbits of Telecom Dec 2015

  1. 1.  Most breakthrough organizations aren't built on a bundle of wonderment, novelty and new ideas.  In fact, they usually involve just one big idea.  The rest is execution, patience, tactics and people. The ability to see what's happening and to act on it. The rest is doing the stuff we already know how to do, the stuff we've seen before, but doing it beautifully.  You probably don't need yet another new idea. Better to figure out what to do with the ones you've got. - SETH GODIN 
  2. 2.  The last decades were about everyone becoming a publisher (blogs, photos, videos). Now, everyone is also a digital marketer/data wizard.  Even if you don't use these tools to spread your message or manage your time, know that someone else is going to.   - SETH GODIN
  3. 3. digital-kicks-goliath-curb-nicky- smith?trk=hb_ntf_MEGAPHONE_ARTICLE_POST
  4. 4.  “why do you think you need this?”  “what are you trying to accomplish?”  “would you like me to have a look at your over- arching plan so that I can suggest a technology that is cutting edge, that will expand to meet your needs, monitor your network and give you weekly reports on its performance?”  ** aka sales questions
  5. 5.  “When is the last time you had an engineer – who doesn’t work for you – take a look at your infrastructure?”  “How many outages and/or service quality issues have you experienced in the past year?”  “Which users in your environment are having the worst call quality experience, right now?”
  6. 6.  compliance-data-breaches-are-top-2015- stories
  7. 7.  Providers to Adopt IT Outsourcing Solutions in 2016 as More Hospitals and Physician Practices Slide Deeper Into Financial Uncertainty, Black Book Survey  As the healthcare delivery industry deals with technology updates and implementations from ICD- 10, EHR issues, physician alignment, big data, interoperability, value-based reimbursement reforms, decision support, revenue cycle, and patient marketplace shifts, hospital leaders embark on the major restructuring of hospital technology priorities and staffing alternatives for survival.  releases/providers-to-adopt-it-outsourcing- solutions-in-2016-as-more-hospitals-and- physician-practices-slide-deeper-into-financial- uncertainty-black-book-survey-300183692.html
  8. 8.  elasticity-and-more/
  9. 9.  They analyzed 250 SaaS pricing pages  Price doesn’t matter to Enterprise  analyzed-250-saas-pricing-pages-heres-what-i-found/  The average number of packages is 3.5  Only 50 % highlight a package as the best option  Just 69 % of companies sell the benefits  The most common call to action is ‘Buy Now’  Only 6 % show a money back guarantee on-page
  10. 10.  7 tips from SEO experts  0/7-tips-from-seo-wizards-that-will-boost- your-content/
  11. 11.  Speed to call matters: respond within 5 min.  Calling inbound leads at least 4 times is important, regardless of contact rate  discovered-about-maximizing-revenue-from-inbound- leads-2e6ffc6da998#.sc897h5en
  12. 12.  Design new experiences (UX) and create new outcomes  Apply new business models and technology to existing products and services  Move from time-based to data-driven decisions  Co-create and co-innovate with partners (integration) - innovation/123460284/5-fundamental-elements-digital-disruption
  13. 13.  Improve Productivity and Capability With UCaaS  Better Collaboration With Colleagues and Customers  Ease of Deployment and Administration  Financial Benefits of UCaaS for SMBs  flocking-to-hosted-uc.-the-business-case-for-ucaas
  14. 14.  Your elevator pitch should answer three questions: Who are you? What do you do? Where do you want to go, or what are you looking for?  Know exactly what you want to achieve.  Tell a story. Dale Carnegie wrote, “our minds are essentially "associate machines," which means we remember things better when there's a story or association attached to the subject.
  15. 15. If you need any help with Goal Setting or Sales Planning, please contact RAD-INFO INC 813-963-5884