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Pinterest For Business: A Battle of the Sexes

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Pinterest For Business: A Battle of the Sexes

  1. Pinterest for Business –
  2. WHAT IS PINTEREST? Pinterest is a place to organize and share online images that you find interesting or inspiring. Once uploaded or shared on Pinterest, these images become known as pins, which the user can place on customized, themed boards. Cover photo by kk+ Pinterest for Business –
  3. • 70% female (Pinterest) • #7 in top visited social media websites (Experian Hitwise) • 10.4 Million Users (Inside Network’s AppData) • Facebook fans are 97% female (Inside Network’s AppData) • comScore said Pinterest hit 10 million U.S. monthly unique visitors faster than any independent site in history Pinterest for Business –
  4. PINTEREST IS INTEGRATED INTO SOCIAL • 500,000 Facebook likes; 97% female • 9 million monthly Facebook-connected users • 2 million daily Facebook users • Generates more referral traffic to websites than YouTube, Google+, and LinkedIn combined *According to AppData Pinterest for Business –
  5. PINTEREST TIPS + TRICKS • Become an Expert Just as you would curate your personal brand across other social networks like Twitter, decide what topics you're interested in, and dedicate yourself to those spaces. People will be more likely to follow rich, full Boards than sparsely populated Boards. • Use the Browser Extension Drag and drop Pinterest’s Chrome (or Firefox) browser extension onto your Bookmarks bar. That way, every time you come across something cool, you’re able to click "Pin It," choose an image, attach a description and add the Pin to one of your Boards. Pinterest for Business –
  6. PINTEREST TIPS + TRICKS • Contributors You have the choice to add contributors to your Board by editing a selected Board and then adding a Pinterest account. Keep in mind, however, that you have to be following at least one of the user's Boards before adding them as a contributor. Pinterest for Business –
  7. PINTEREST TIPS + TRICKS • Likes When you choose to Like a Pin, it will appear in a separate feed from your Boards. You may choose to keep a Like list for several reasons. It can be for those random Pins that you encounter that make you laugh or pique your interest but you wouldn’t want to dedicate a whole Board to. • Mentions & Hashtags Similar to Twitter, mention users you follow by typing “@” in front of their user names. Add the mention either to a Pin/Repin description or to a comment. The user will receive a notification. Also similar to Twitter use a hashtag like #socialmedia so users can find Pins related to social media more efficiently. • To Follow or Not to Follow? You have the option to either Follow all of a Pinner’s boards or just a select few. Take a quick survey of a Pinner's taste and decide which Boards you relate to best. Then only follow those Boards, so as not to get bombarded by irrelevant Pins. Pinterest for Business –
  8. PINTEREST TIPS + TRICKS • Sell Pins – Add a "$" or a "£" to the Pin description and Pinterest will automatically add a price banner to the photo. The Pin will then appear in the Gifts category. Within the Pin, remember to link to the website where fans can purchase. Pinterest for Business –
  9. PINTEREST TIPS + TRICKS • Mobile Pins Along with the basic Pinterest Pin and Board functions, you can also take a picture with your iPhone, add a location and Pin via mobile. • How to Find Pinners To find Pinners with similar taste and interests, seek out the users behind your favorite pins. Then look at the users that Pinner follows. As of now, Pinterest doesn't have a suggested users tool. • How to Find Pinners (2) Another way to find interesting Pins or Pinners is by going to the Popular category to discover trending Pins. However, be prepared to encounter a wide variety of Pins. Or to narrow down the search, go to the Everything category and search by topic (i.e. Women's Apparel or Geek). When you see a Pin you like, view that Pinner’s other Boards, who they follow, and so on. Pinterest for Business –
  10. PINTEREST TIPS + TRICKS • Search Pins by Site * Go to to discover all the Pins that originated on the Mashable site. You can then type in any website to see what people have pinned from it. Pro tip • Repeat Pins Once you start combing the Pinterest feeds, you’ll encounter repeat Pins that have gone viral. Currently, there’s no way to filter out repeats just yet. Therefore, the best way to get more eyes on your profile is to add new Pins as often as possible. Fresh content is guaranteed to get more original Pins. Pinterest for Business –
  11. PINTEREST TIPS + TRICKS • Categorize Your Boards To make it easier for users to find your Boards and Pins, make sure to place each of your Boards into one of Pinterest’s 32 categories. Pinterest for Business –
  12. Pinterest for Business –
  13. HOW TO MARKET ON PINTEREST • Communicate, engage and share information with potential and existing clientele • Run Contests • Create brand awareness and promote a lifestyle • Use it like a focus group and gain insight to clientele Pinterest for Business –
  14. HOW TO MARKET ON PINTEREST A number of best practices are already emerging for Pinterest. Etiquette clearly states it is not a place for commercial self-promotion and is not a broadcast mechanism like Twitter or Facebook. And yet, highly savvy and commercially successful (The Gap, Whole Foods) companies are using it to great success. Here is a rundown of how various companies are already using the visual social network: PROMOTE A LIFESTYLE RUN CONTESTS CROWDSOURCE Pinterest for Business –
  15. HOW TO MARKET ON PINTEREST PROMOTE A LIFESTYLE Pinterest designer and co-founder Evan Sharp sums it up well: “For most consumer brands, the idea behind your brand makes sense on Pinterest.” Since you’re not supposed to blast pictures of your products on Pinterest, try to think outside the box and pin images that capture a lifestyle and /or the essence of your brand. For example, Whole Foods can’t just pin pictures from their website but it can pin images of dinner parties and delicious creations or recipes – basically anything related to cooking and food. Seeing these culinary items will continually drive home the Whole Foods brand, thus making pinners more familiar with and more likely to trust the brand, visit the website and the store. Pinterest for Business –
  16. HOW TO MARKET ON PINTEREST RUN CONTESTS “Pin to Win” contests are relatively new on Pinterest. However, running contests is a great way to expose brands and products to a large audience, given the viral nature of these images and the engaged Pinterest audience. Pinterest for Business –
  17. HOW TO MARKET ON PINTEREST CROWDSOURCE Ask fans to pin pictures of themselves with the specific product/brand and tag you and then you can easily repin those photos onto a special Board. It gives recognition to these fans and shows potential customers that current users love and use your products. Pinterest for Business –
  18. CROWDSOURCE EXAMPLE Solid Color Neckties • Contestants create a board on their Pinterest profile that uses their products. They want people to be creative and each board must include a min of 10 items pinned with 3 of them being from Solid Color Neckties. Once the board is created they ask you to post a link to it on their Facebook Wall or email it to them. • Prizes: 1 $250 Visa gift card and 2 GB iPod Shuffles Pinterest for Business –
  19. MARKET RESEARCH / FOCUS GROUP NEW PRODUCT APPROVAL When launching a new product , whether a new dress, dinner dish or cellphone, companies want to determine initial reactions to the product’s look and feel. Because of Pinterest’s commenting ability, it’s an ideal platform on which to introduce a new product and gather first hand opinions. Because Pinterest’s popularity hasn’t reached the caliber of Facebook, brand managers can easily organize, analyze and determine sentiment from the results. As users repin a photo, brand managers can gather more intelligence, and ultimately decide whether their companies should move forward with mass production. Think of it as a social media focus group. * Pinterest for Business –
  20. SHOWCASE BRAND PERSONALITY • Don’t exactly have products to showcase? Pinterest allows you to use photos to communicate a brand’s personality. Magazine’s are using Pinterest just for this purpose. A magazine can post past and present photos that showcase places it has sent journalists, events it has covered, etc. Each Pin allows for a description and a link to the original story. Real Simple is utilizing Pinterest to showcase the lifestyle that is portrayed in their magazine. Pinterest for Business –
  21. DISPLAY YOUR COMPANY • Create a Board that showcases your employees or different departments within large corporations. For instance, have your design department Board displays logos and web pages it has created, or a Board hosts photos of employees in action. The Today Show has a board called Anchor Antics that lets you see the anchors’ personalities. Pinterest for Business –
  22. CREATIVE COMMUNICATION • Using Pinterest, brands can create Pins and Boards that feature customers’ product interpretations, and then showcase them for entire audiences. This way customers can further relate to products, and brands have a way to thank to their supporters by integrating them into their communities. • For example, a clothing company Pins a photo of a shopper in one of its outfits, and writes caption “Brandy A. paired this floral dress with our black lace stockings and brown leather boots to create the perfect fall ensemble.” Brandy feels special because the brand recognized her involvement and creativity, and thus is inspired to return, and the company creates content that keeps fans constantly involve. * Pinterest for Business –
  23. TRACKING Pinterest for Business –
  24. PINTEREST AND ROI • The biggest question that marketers want to know is: “Can I make money from it?” The answer is yes. • John Fluevog does NOT have a Pinterest profile but Pinners have pinned items from their website to their personal boards and Fluevog has turned a profit from it! Pinterest for Business –
  25. ISSUES • There is no tracking or analytics within Pinterest • Privacy – Does Pinterest own your photos? • Is Pinterest profiting from your links using Skimlinks? • Websites can now block Pinterest • On Repins – only the last 10 are shown Pinterest for Business –
  26. PINTEREST ANALYTICS • Tracks as referral traffic • Can’t add in tracking URLs • Create a new landing page for a contest to track • Able to see when someone Pins something from your website Pinterest for Business –
  27. OTHER SITES Pinterest for Business –
  28. THE FANCY • Similar to Pinterest, lets users organize images into lists • Will begin conducting transactions directly on the site • Users can shop directly on Fancy, and the site will take a cut of every purchase Pinterest for Business –
  29. GENTLEMINT • Pinterest-like site focused on manly things “We see ourselves as more of a complement to Pinterest.” co-founder Brian McKinney “They’re a site that lets you grab everything. We’re focused on a particular set of content. We’ll never have that big of a user base.” co-founder Glen Stansberry Pinterest for Business –
  30. MORE PINTEREST CLONES • Pinspire • Stylepin • Reform Revolution • Thinng • GetVega Pinterest for Business –
  31. MEN VS. WOMEN • Studies have shown that women are more active social media consumers than men, except on Google+ • However, some publications are hoping to tap into the male readership market • Cosmopolitan magazine launched a men-only version for iPads in August 2011 Pinterest for Business –
  32. WOMEN AND SOCIAL MEDIA • One reason for women’s interest in social media is what it represents in our culture: an identity that is participative in nature. This opportunity to add new layers to their identities is part of what makes social media so attractive to women. • In addition, social media offers improvements to a woman’s quality of life. e.g. adding convenience to a work arrangement, gathering information for decision-making, managing relationships, juggling a variety of other responsibilities… social tools help women manage their lives. • The practical benefits of social media, combined with its emotionally fulfilling features, make it likely that women will continue to engage with social media Pinterest for Business –
  33. ABOUT 6S MARKETING Pinterest for Business –
  34. WHO IS 6S? 6S Marketing is a leading digital marketing agency leading the way with 10+ years of experience and innovation in the Internet marketing space. Pinterest for Business –
  35. OUR TEAM Pinterest for Business –
  36. COMPANY CULTURE Yes it’s cliché, but we work hard and play hard together Pinterest6S Marketing – | Chris Breikss for Business
  37. BALANCE Focus on collaboration, teamwork and knowledge sharing Pinterest for Business –
  38. OUR SERVICES Our core philosophies and values revolve around doing whatever it takes to make our clients successful in the digital space. Pinterest for Business –