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Releasemyad(Anywhere Media) by - Abhishek Pandey (SIBM Hyderabad)

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An attempt to showcase the concept of the Anywhere Media platform and highlighting its advantages as a new wave of advertising in the new age of competition as part of my Internship with

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Releasemyad(Anywhere Media) by - Abhishek Pandey (SIBM Hyderabad)

  1. 1. No Worries!! Try “Anywhere Media” by releaseMyAd !! Confused About Where to Ad And How To Get An Attractive Space
  3. 3. Let’s Have A Look At Your Ad Space In Grocery Store!! Ad Space Ad Space
  4. 4. Let’s Have A Look At Your Ad Space In Gyms!! Ad Space Ad Space Ad Space AdSpace
  5. 5. Let’s Have A Look At Your Ad Space In Restaurants!! Ad Space AdSpace AdSpace AdSpace AdSpace
  6. 6. Let’s Have A Look At Your Ad Space In Salons!! Ad Space Ad Space AdSpace AdSpace
  7. 7. Let’s Have A Look At Your Ad Space In Pharmacy!! Ad Space Ad Space
  8. 8. Your Brand Will Be Placed At These Places In The Form Of:- • Danglers • Standees • Counter Branding • Tent Cards • Chair Branding • Mirror Branding • Billing • And Many Others…..
  9. 9. So Why To Delay….Competition Is Stiff….. Grab your Ad Space…..Hurry Up… • Reach Us To Grab Those Spots….Presenting You All…. • Click On
  10. 10. Why Anywhere Media by ? • India’s largest advertising platform. • Serving over 1 lakh clients annually. • Specialization in advertising for SMBs, Startups and corporates. • 8+ years of ground-breaking advertising solutions. • On time installation of Ads. Receive timely alerts on campaign initiations across locations.
  11. 11. Why Anywhere Media by ? • Expertise in continuous campaign, monitoring and reporting. • Get GPS Tracked + Time-stamped images throughout the campaign duration. • Transparent pricing validated with store footfalls. • Ad rates linked to audited store traffic.
  12. 12. Benefit of Anywhere Media over Traditional Media • Reaches relevant audiences in clutter-free environment. • Stronger impact due to innovative way of reaching TGs. • Cost Effective and highly targeted.
  13. 13. Our happy partners…..
  14. 14. Let’s discuss how we can help increase your visibility & reach! Abhishek Pandey +91-8853416149