m.pharm pharmacology advanced pharmacology mice rat screening methods slideshare mechanism of action anti epileptic drugs epilepsy neurotransmitters screening animal studies toxicology physical methods chemical method electroconvulsiometer electroconvul screening methods for epilepsy animal trials preclinical trial preclinical studies animal types parameters application of animals application of species dog monkey rabbit experimental animals animal models species and strains of animals fibrin forms other factors swelling chest pain blood clots treatment blood clots factors pdf ppt fibrinolytic ppt platelet mechanism activation of platelet thrombolytics thrombosis fibrinolytic drugs beta blockers alpha blockers kidney brain heart anatomy pulmonary hypertension diuretics high blood pressure madurai calcium channel blockers physiology of urine formation palmo blood pressure anti-hypertensive drugs hypertension adr of anti epileptic drugs seizure gaba receptor k. m college of pharmacy types of epilepsy treatment of epilepsy education science synthesis of acetyl choline k.m.college of pharmac pharmacology madura k.m.college of pharmacy antagonists agonist drugs neurotransmission glycine alzheimer's disease diseases glaucoma mechanism of action of acetylc action of acetylcholine binding of acetylcholine release of acetylcholine storage of acetylcholine cholinergic agent sympatholytic agent sympathomimetic agent anticholinergic agent #acetylcholine
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