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How to review GCF-funding proposals

  1. HOW TO REVIEW GCF - FUNDING PROPOSALS Florencia Ortúzar Greene
  2. NGO that uses the law to protect the environment and communities that depend on it. Environmental Justice for Latinamerica
  3. Connecting local communities and CSO with the Board
  4. About Funding Proposals o Long and complex documents, written in English o Always follow the same structure
  5. A guide to review funding proposals o Key aspects o Questions to ask yourself o Write down everything that is doubtful or worrying!
  6. Time is running out! o FPs are generally published 21 days before the BM o Cat A and B projects must publish impact studies in advance Cat A: 120 days Cat B: 30 days
  7. Relevant sections: executive summary o General idea of the project or program o Around 1.5 pages long o Explains climate change problem to solve, proposed actions, and impacts and benefits
  8. Relevant sections: project/program information o purpose and objectives? o relation to climate change? o activities? o the organizations/companies/ institutions involved? Their reputation? Any publications, articles or reports? o type of financing (grant, loan, guarantee, equity investment)
  9. Relevant sections: expected performance against investment criteria o responds to the needs of the people? o safeguards human rights and climate justice? o gender equity and indigenous peoples? o aligned with climate priorities of the country/region where it will be implemented?
  10. Relevant sections: local communities o Do you have contacts? o Where participatory processes adequate? o Are there indigenous communities involved? o Are vulnerable segments included?
  11. Relevant sections: social and environmental risks GCF funded activities should not cause negative impacts. o potential social and environmental impacts o how serious and likely are they? o mitigation and compensation measures o cumulative impacts of other infrastructure projects in the area o budget for impact management?
  12. Relevant sections: gender On the evaluation: o updated and relevant information for this project? o Data specially generated or does it only cite sources? On the action plans: o measures beyond guaranteeing 50% of women beneficiaries? o actions to empower women? o measures aligned with the activities of the main proposal? or just “add-ons”? o Access of women's local knowledge? included in the design of the proposal? o adequate budget for the plan? o participation of a gender expert beyond a short-term consultancy envisaged?
  13. Look in other places o Take a look at the Secretariats and ITAPs evaluations o Look for the Project in your national environmental evaluation system o Look for contacts who participated
  14. To wrap it all up 1. Describe main strengths and weaknesses 2. Classify in green, yellow or red 3. Think about questions for AEs 4. Propose concrete conditions
  15. Florencia Ortúzar Greene AIDAorg @AIDAorg Interamerican Association for Environmental Defense