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TMP | Value Based Recruitment for Gen2015

How can we recruit the right TMP participants for Gen2015?

TMP | Value Based Recruitment for Gen2015

  1. 1. VV Value based TMP Recruitment New membership recruitment
  2. 2. Purposeful Collaborative Driven We are
  3. 3. How to use this Global Template?  „Word to advertise”- use for Communications to promote TLP opportunity Use proposed behavioral indicators Use Question Pool to build your own interview questionnaire Adapt example of assessment sheet
  4. 4. Recruitment process Application Group dynamics Interview Talent Selection and Allocation Look for demonstration of values& competence Select based on values and allocate based on competence See teamworkCheck motivation
  5. 5. 1. What is your motivation to join? 2. What are your expectations towards AIESEC? 3.What would you like to gain out of this experience? 4. How you can contribute to organization? 5. CV/ Experience. Application
  6. 6. Example: As AIESEC members you are organizing international project for 15 volunteers from all oer the world. They will be visiting school running soft skills workshops for high school students. As it is volunteering they are not going to receive salary. Your promise is you are supporting them with accomodation, food and transportation. Cost of transportation only is 400 US dollars. For now you are not having any sponsors or supporters. However 10 high school from your city is interested to take part in project. Group dynamics
  7. 7. Interview flow 1. Introduction to the interview. 2. Values alignment (values related questions). 3. Competence& knowledge check point (skills related questions).
  8. 8. AIESEC values in recruitment OUR ESSENCE AS WAY OF TLP SELECTION Activating Leadership, Demonstrating Integrity, Living Diversity, Enjoying Participation, Striving for Excellence, Acting Sustainably
  9. 9. Activating Leadership Level Behavior Words to use in JD advertising Questions to raise at interview Front-Line (team members) Entrepreneurial attitude of turning ideas into actions. Ability to engage others- delegate and share responsibilities with other people. Teamwork,  Contribution to the society and the team,  Entrepreneurship,  Leadership development Providing international experiences to others 1. Give example of the situation when you were entrepreneurial. 2. Have you ever had idea and turn it into actions? What were the effects? 3. What are you characteristics that might be a challenge for your team and team leader? 4. Have you ever were successful working in the group or team? 5. Bring example of situation when you contributed to someone else success. Purposeful & Driven
  10. 10. Level Behavior Words to use in JD advertising Questions to raise at interview Front-Line (team members) Transparency between words and actions. Standing for own values and beliefs. Delivering promises and committments. Open and honest communication. Credibility,  honesty,  high-mindeness 1. Give me an example of situation when you were aksed to do something that you didn’t believe in? 2. Please bring example of situation that you didn’t deliver your promise? 3. Please bring example of situation that group or others forced you to make a decision or action you didn’t agree with it. 4. Describe me a time when it was important for you to „take a stand” for your opinion. 5. Have you ever situation that you said painful truth to someone? 6. Have you ever faced dishonesty? Please describe me a situation. Demonstrating Integrity Collaborative
  11. 11. Level Behavior Words to use in JD advertising Questions to raise at interview Front-Line (team members) Openess for international environment. Understanding the value of multicultural environment. Ability to communicate with people of diverse backgrounds. Internationalism, diversity, multicultural environment 1. What is the added value for you out of being part of multicultural organization? 2. What added value you can bring as a person for international organization? 3. What does diversity mean to you? What is your definition of it? 4. What is the risk of multicultural teams? 5. Have you ever worked in international team? 6. Have you ever been abroad? What was the most shocking or difficult for you? Living Diversity Purposeful& Collaborative
  12. 12. Level Behavior Words to use in JD advertising Questions to raise at interview Front-Line (team members) Enthusiasm of working with others. Proactive attitude. Being able to work in a team. Teamwork, Proactiveness,  Enthusiasm,  Contribution,  Work with people. 1. What people you like to interact with? 2. What is the most important for team to integrate perfectly in your opinion? 3. What makes you motivated and enthusiastic? 4. Talk about the situation when you showed proactive attitude for the good od the team or any group of people? 5. Tell me when you enjoy being or working with people the most? 6. What characteristics you present that will be useful for the team? 7. What kind of the role you have in groups/team usually? Enjoying Participation Collaborative
  13. 13. Level Behavior Words to use in JD advertising Questions to raise at interview Front-Line (team members) Look for constant improvement of himself. And his surrounding. Demonstrates engagement in alll responsibilities given to him/her. Excellence,  professionalism,  high quality,  constant improvements , engagement, ambition. 1. What excellence means to you? 2. What you want to achieve through AIESEC? 3. What self-develpoment means to you? 4. How do you work on your self-development? 5. Do you see field of improvement for yourself? 6. How do you see yourself in 2-3 years time? 7. In the last months, what have you done to enhance your skill s or knowledge set? 8. What was the biggest challenge for you till now? How did you face it? 9. What is your biggest ambition? Why? Striving for Excellence Driven
  14. 14. Level Behavior Words to use in JD advertising Questions to raise at interview Front-Line (team members)  Present sustainable approach towards environment. Ability to take decisions and actions that will have no negative long-term consequences in the future. Sustainability,  Responsibility 1. What sustainability means to you? 2. What in your opinion sustainability means in daily life? 3. Please share situation when you had undertaken decision or action that had negative consequences for others. 1. Please bring example of situation when your actions influenced in a positive way your environment (can be social enviornment). 2. Provide with a situation from the past when you presented acting sustainability? Acting Sustainabily Purposeful
  15. 15. Filter for Talent Allocation Competence in Recruitment
  16. 16. Area Skills needed Question pool iGIP  Persistence,  Presentation skills,  Result-oriented 1. Bring example of situation when you demonstrated persistence. 2. Bring example of situation that you planned and achieve long-term goal. 3. Have you ever worked with any customers or stakeholder? If yes please describe your approach. 4. How would you encourag company to take exchange partnership with AIESEC? iGCDP  Social issues awareness,  Empathy,  Global mindset 1. Please describe last time you demonstarted empathy. 2. Please describe your volunteering experience in other organizations if you have? 3. What in your opinion are main social issues in our country? 4. How would you encourage foreigner to come to our country? oGIP  Communication skills,  Systematic,  Result-oriented 1. Please tell us time when you achieved long term goal? 2. Please bring example were you demonstarted being systematic? 3. How would you encourage student of our university to go for internship abroad? oGCDP Marketin g  Creativity,  Communication skills,  *Graphics design skills 1. What brand AIESEC has at university? How we could improve? 2. Bring example of the situation that you demonstrated creativity? 3.Bring example of brand we could learn from as AIESEC. 4. If you were asked to promote volunteering program of AIESEC at our university what acions steps would you undertake? When you could assess your project sucessfull? 5. Create headline and first page of magazine- what would be there if you were main star?
  17. 17. Assessment sheet Did candidate demonstrated Value no.1/ Skill no.1? Place for interviewer to put comments and notes. Interviewer should sum up performance of candidate with comments and scoring. Each value/skills should have comments and notes with interviewer – it gives more objective overview for final talent selection and alloction This assessment sheet might be also used for dynamics/ group exercise. It helps our members to understand what kind of people we want to recruit and we should look for in recruitment process. Summary of candidate 1. How candidate fit to AIESEC? (alignment with values)? 2. What is recommended area for allocation?
  18. 18. Example of assessment Did candidate demonstrated Striving for Excellence? 1. Candidate attended youth organization in high school were development presentaton skills what was his stron goal to achieve. 2. Candidate present strong personal goals to join AIESEC which are… 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Interviewer should sum up performance of candidate with comments and scoring. You assess every candidate for demonstration of each value but decision about selecton is mainly based on focus values. Your entity focus program is iGIP. Due to organizational culture you have currently in your entity and focus main value and behvaiors you look for are connected to Striving for Excellence. Summary of candidate 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Area Yes/No Why iGIP YES Presented Striving for Excellence Value behaviors very strongly. Presented persistence and determination in the past (university and other youth organizations). Very good verbal communication skills and presentation skills

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How can we recruit the right TMP participants for Gen2015?


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