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Buying Flood Insurance

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You may be surprised to learn that 25% of all floods occur areas not considered to be "flood prone." Because flooding is caused by a variety of weather events, including excessive rainfall and melting ice and snow, Californians should take the threat of flood seriously. In this presentation, we'll look at the various causes of flooding, as well as ways to save money while insuring your home against floods.

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Buying Flood Insurance

  1. 1. Should You Buy Flood Insurance? Auto Insurance Specialists AIS compares the rates from multiple California insurancecompanies to help you find the best combination of price and protection.
  2. 2. Flood Insurance is a Life-SaverIf you think you don’t need flood insurance – think again. Nearly 25%of all floods occur in an area not thought to be flood prone. Add to thatthe fact that a dozen major floods have occurred in California in thelast 100 years, and supplementing your homeowner’s insurance policywith flood insurance just makes sense.
  3. 3. The Many Causes of FloodingFlooding can be caused by: – Melting ice and snow – Storms and excess rainfall – Hurricanes – Water back-up due to insufficient or blocked drainage systems
  4. 4. Flood Insurance DiscountsBecause in most cases, homeowners will be adding a flood insurancepolicy to an existing homeowner’s or condo owner’s insurance policy,buying flood insurance could make you eligible for multi-policydiscounts.
  5. 5. Buying Flood InsuranceIf you have any questions about whether you need flood insurance, orwhether you’re eligible for any flood insurance discounts,contact an AIS Insurance representative today.AIS Insurance has been helping Californian’s protect their homes fromfloods and other natural disasters for more than 20 years – and theywill be happy to help you too.
  6. 6. Auto Insurance Specialists Flood Insurance?Disclaimer: This content is offered for educational purposes only and doesnot represent contractual agreements. The definitions, terms and coveragesin a given policy may be different than those suggested here and such policywill be governed by the language contained therein. No warranty orappropriateness for a specific purpose is expressed or implied.Auto Insurance Specialists LLC, CA Insurance Lic. 0524784
  7. 7. Auto Insurance Specialists Contact Us• Visit our Website!• Check out our Facebook Page!• Twitter• Blog• California Office Locator• Or by phone: – Sales: 888-772-4247 – Service: 888-772-4247 – Español: 800-782-0888 – Outside of California 866-946-4247