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Survive and Thrive as a Library Director: Part 1 (Nov/Dec 2016)

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Survive and Thrive as a Library Director: Part 1 (Nov/Dec 2016)

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Survive and Thrive as a Library Director: Part 1 (Nov/Dec 2016)

  1. 1. How to Survive and Thrive
  2. 2. 1 academic librarian 3 public library directors (most with less than 3 years experience in a public library) 1 deputy director who will be a public library director in January
  3. 3. Goal for today Meeting #1—it’s all about YOU first
  4. 4. Groundrules
  5. 5. Who Are You? And how does that impact my leadership?
  6. 6. “Get over it.”
  7. 7. Being too introverted (I) or being too much of a feeler (F) can be especially challenging.
  8. 8. Being different
  9. 9. Poll time! Being different
  10. 10. Poll time! Optimist or pessimist?
  11. 11. The pros and cons of each
  12. 12. It’s not too late to change your mind!
  13. 13. Whom do you want to be?
  14. 14. You’re only as good as what you’ll do next What are you planning next?
  15. 15. What do you have to be? • Politically savvy • Ahead of the curve • Outside your building • Your organization’s customer
  16. 16. Others to add?
  17. 17. Identifying your supporters
  18. 18. Common vulnerabilities • Math abilities • Public speaking • Writing • Unfamiliar territory • Listening • How you appear
  19. 19. Others to add?
  20. 20. Coping skills • Begin the day right • Shed negative influences • Surround yourself with the right people • Control of what comes at you • Know when you’re at your best • Take all your vacation
  21. 21. More coping skills • Delegate what doesn’t use your talents (e.g., building maintenance) • Scream (so only YOU hear it) • Laugh • Store up positive messages
  22. 22. My daily boosters • No sugar before 6 p.m./lots of protein • Reading positive writers, e.g. Seth Godin, Bruce Kasanoff • Knowing the news with the Skimm and Daily Pnut • Checking in with positive, realistic people
  23. 23. Yours?
  24. 24. My annual boosters • Conference selection • Something for myself—buy flowers, get a massage, have your car detailed • Learning something new • Vacation choice • Something for others—visiting elderly friend, donations, talking to recent arrivals
  25. 25. Yours?
  26. 26. You’re on stage • People are paying attention to you differently • You have to add preparation time to your day • You’re held to a higher standard • Others want to be proud of you
  27. 27. How do I go from theory to action? • Keep a diary • Be who you are • Track progress and reward • Be truthfully generous
  28. 28. Possible actions: • Identify a professional role model • Have professional photo done • Update/sign up for LinkedIn • Be prominent on your website • Google yourself and make sure you’re proud of what you see
  29. 29. More actions • Write something so people have tangible evidence of your thinking • Have a great business card regardless of the official one • Make a personal improvement plan (sleep, eating, breathing, reading, listening, learning, exercise)
  30. 30. What would you like to add that’s worked for you?
  31. 31. Next week--Staff • Send questions/topics to address by Wednesday at 5 pm
  32. 32. More powerful than you know by Seth Godin I think that's always been a little true, but now it's a lot true. Everyone reading this has an enormous amount of power. Cultural power, mostly. The ability to speak up, to paint a picture of a different way, to share words and images with those that care to hear them.
  33. 33. But also the power of connection. The power to find people who need to know each other and help make magic happen. When we combine leadership (the leadership of ideas) with organization (the organization of people) we create the fabric of our culture, and our culture determines our future.
  34. 34. It's far easier to worry and gripe about insufficient authority, about those that would seek to slow us down, disrespect us or silence us. But we live in a moment where each of us has the power of influence. What will you do with it?
  35. 35. When your job is in reaction mode, you're allowing the outside world to decide what happens next. You are freed from the hard work of setting an agenda, but in exchange, you dance when the market says dance. "I did the best I could with what was thrown at me..."
  36. 36. Finding the guts to move up the ladder is hard. When you decide to set the agenda and when you take control over your time and your effort, the responsibility for what happens next belongs to you.