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American Marketing Association                         645 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 800                         Chicago, IL...
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AMA Chicago Event The B2B2C Continuum: Who is the Customer

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Press Release for May 5 event.

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AMA Chicago Event The B2B2C Continuum: Who is the Customer

  1. 1. American Marketing Association 645 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 800 Chicago, IL 60611 Phone: 312.280.0449 Fax: 312.751.0313 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE AMA News Release Contact: Michael Long, Executive Director (312) 280-0449 THE B2B2C CONTINUUM: WHO IS THE CUSTOMER? FEATURED TOPIC FOR UPCOMING CHICAGO AMA POWER BREAKFASTCHICAGO, ILLINOIS – April 18, 2011 – Continuing its 2010-2011 program, the ChicagoChapter of the America Marketing Association (AMA) will host a breakfast paneldiscussion Thursday, May 5, 2011 from 7:45 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. at the Gene Siskel FilmCenter, in Chicago.Sponsored by the B2B Committee, The B2B2C Continuum: Who is the Customer?(#AMAB2B2C) offers an opportunity for B2B marketers to unlock the secrets of theirvalue chain and begin putting into place sound strategies that create alignment withtheir customers and their customer’s customer.Atlee Valentine Pope, president of Evanston-based Blue Canyon Partners and co-author of the book CoDestiny, Overcome Your Growth Challenges By Helping YourCustomers Overcome Theirs, moderates a panel of experts from leading Chicago-areacompanies who will share best practices for incorporating consumer communicationsand market research into a successful B2B program.Join us for this dynamic panel discussion featuring, Tom Southall, President,Commercial Construction Businesses North America Illinois Tool Works Inc.; TammyGianfortune, Former VP & General Manager Kelloggs Specialty Retail Group; MartaCyhan, CMO, Pampered Chef; and David Stevenson, President, Executive CreativeDirector Two By Four.(Cost $50 members, and $70 non-members) Register online at http:// or call 312-280-0449.The American Marketing Association is the professional association for individualsand organizations who are leading the practice, teaching, and development ofmarketing worldwide. Chicago AMA offers a forum that brings together the mostdiverse gathering of marketing professionals in Chicago, representing an impressivearray of industries and responsibilities. ###