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Public Relations and Crisis Management

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Public Relations and Crisis Management

  1. 1. By AMGW Agency
  2. 2.  In addition to advertising and marketing, crisis management is an important service provided by PR firms such as the AMGW Agency. Based in Miami, Florida, with numerous offices worldwide, the AMGW Agency has helped corporations and brands to manage crises.
  3. 3.  Crisis management typically involves assisting a company with a public relations campaign to ease the negative effects of a scandal or unfortunate incident such as an accident or high profile lawsuit. Some companies may be victimized by the media or propaganda campaigns initiated by competitors. When a crisis occurs, expert guidance usually helps to control public and media backlash while easing consumer and investor concerns.
  4. 4.  When crises occur, PR agencies develop a crisis communication plan that is customized to the unique situation at hand and the clients’ needs. In some cases, crisis management includes drafting public statements and media coaching for those who will handle the issues at hand publicly. Crisis management can also be used to respond to false information and educate the public with factual information.