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education & skill development( WNB )

  1. 1. CONTENT, SOLUTIONS & DEVICES Heavy backpacks, helicopter parents, multiple class scheduling are key issues faced by institutions today. Right from ICTcontent for school subjects, apps to manage homework, touch base with parents and transportation tracking, ERPSystem to manage your institutional e-governance, or a low cost device with preloaded educational content, we have strategic aliances that enabe your institution to reap all these benefits. ITS NOT ACADEMICS ALONE Participation in sports and other forms of physical activity leads to enhancement of cognitive functioning, memory, concentration, behavior and academic achievement for students.. We arrange for total sports coaching management services for schools via an integrated planned program, teaching students the skills &techniques for leading a physically active &healthy life at the same time laying the foundation for multiple sports SKILLING FOR INDIA With the Goverment gunning to train 500 Million ACCREDITATION Accreditation involves assessing institutions and their programs to check if they meet defined quality standards as well as foster excellence in institutions building effectiveness in delivering competency based education and training. Not only does the Do you want your institution to be at the cutting edge and be a niche player compared to your peers?
  2. 2. people by 2022, why be left behind? As an institution you can offer Vocational Skills training under the National Skills Qualification Framework (NSQF) and contribute to Make in India and Skill India. These courses are aligned with the Sector Skills Council and NSDC as well as key ministries. We can help empanel your institution as a Vocational Training Provider. framework help in continuous improvement, it also provides an opportunity to benchmark with other institutions and provide basis for determining eligibility for assistance and investment of public funds by regulatory/ affiliating agencies. From application processing to landing the accreditation is a service, from our consulting firm. INTERESTED? REPLY OR WRITE TO US AT SALES@WNB.CO.IN

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