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Line follower robot

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Line follower robot

  1. 1. An extraordinary achievement in technology
  2. 2.  Robot is an invention of the modern times. A robot is a mechanical or virtual intelligent agent that can perform tasks automatically or with guidance, typically by remote control. an electro-mechanical machine that is guided by computer and electronic programming. Today, over one million household robots, and a further 1.1 million industrial robots, are operating worldwide.
  3. 3.  ASIMO - advanced step in innovative mobility. TOPIO - tosy ping pong playing robot.
  4. 4.  Line follower is a machine that can follow a path. The path can be visible like a black line on a white surface (or vice-versa). Path can be invisible like a magnetic field.
  5. 5.  CHASSIS: the main frame of the robot, the body which holds the motor, wheels and the batteries.
  6. 6.  WHEELS: wheels are mainly of two types , one is the attached to the motors at the back which is used for steering and another castor wheel in front, which allows 360 degrees free rotation and avoids friction on the ground. BATTERIES: used for supplying power to a robot, Zinc carbon batteries can be used.
  7. 7. POWER SUPPLY: the voltage regulator regulates thesupply if the line voltage increases or decreases. Theseries 78xx regulators provide fixed regulated voltagesfrom 5 to 24 volts.ELECTRONIC CIRCUITRY:Input Section.Output section.Control section.
  8. 8. MOTORS: as car needs an engine to run, similarlyrobot also needs something to make it is amechanical device which cause movement to robo.such as stepper motor servo motor or dc motor etc.
  9. 9. LEFT MOTOR RIGHT MOTOR ROBOT MOVEMENTStraight Straight StraightStop Straight Leftreverse Straight Sharp leftStraight Stop RightStraight Reverse Sharp rightreverse Reverse Reverse
  10. 10.  The robot uses IR(infrared) sensors to sense the line. Output of the sensors is an analog signal which depends on the amount of light reflected back. This analog signal is given to the comparator to produce 0s and 1s which are then fed to the uC. Then microcontroler decides the position of robot in leftt or right direaction.
  11. 11. Industrial automated equipment carriers.Automated cars.Tour guides in museums and other similarapplications.Deliver the mail within the office buildingDeliver medications in a hospital.
  12. 12. The robot must be capable of following a lineThe robot must also be capable of following aline even if it has breaks.The robot must be insensitive to environmentalfactors such as lighting and noise.It should be capable of taking various degrees ofturnsThe color of the line must not be a factor as longas it is darker than the surroundings.
  13. 13. LFR can move on a fixed track or path.It requires power supply.Lack of speed control makes the robot unstableat times.Choice of line is made in the hardwareabstraction and cannot be changed by software.