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Civil Engineer - Ashraf Gomah Mohamed 2016

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Civil Engineer - Ashraf Gomah Mohamed 2016

  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAE AGM1 Mar-16 ASHRAF GOMAH MOHAMED Date of Birth : 22nd December, 1969 Nationality : Egyptian Specialization : Civil & Environmental Engineering Position in Firm : Project Manager KEY QUALIFICATION AND PROFESSIONAL STATUS: 1994 – 1996 : Faculty of Engineering, AIN SHAMS UNIVERSITY Higher Studies Diploma in Structural Engineering 1987 - 1992 : Faculty of Engineering, AIN SHAMS UNIVERSITY B Sc. In Civil Engineering, Structural Department SUMMARY OF KEY EXPERIENCE: Practicing Professional Engineer since 1992 As a Project Manager in SAUDCONSULT, Saudi Arabia (February 2012 to Date) responsible for Study, Design and Planning of Infrastructures Projects. As specialist in utilities design responsible for the design review for Wastewater Treatment Plants, Wastewater Networks, Water Treatment Plants, Water & Fire Water networks, Stormwater networks. As Senior Civil Engineer at GETCO CONTRACTING COMPANY, Saudi Arabia (April 2009 to January 2012) responsible for preparing hydraulic and structural designs for water treatment plants units, preparing time schedules and analyzing required resources and year-by-year budgets in addition to studying and analyzing many tenders in the field of water and wastewater treatment plants. In addition to that, I was responsible for coordinating many projects, providing materials and manpower as per each project’s needs, and coordinating approvals of civil engineering submittals with consultant’s and clients. As a head of Civil Engineering and Infrastructure Department at CONSULTING ENGINEERING GROUP, Saudi Arabia (April 2004 to August 2008) responsible of managing all related design projects starting from tendering phase, recruitment of design team, and subconsultants, managing the projects progress, to conducting meetings and presentations to the client, and follow up of approvals. As for projects supervision, I was responsible of related projects from tendering phase, to staff recruitment, and periodic coordination with clients. As a Civil/Strucural Engineer at CONSULTING ENGINEERING GROUP, Saudi Arabia (February 1999 to April 2004) responsible of preparing studies, designs and tender documents for wastewater systems, potable water networks, transmission lines for Ministry of Water, Riyadh Water and Wastewater Directorates. I was also responsible of preparing structural designs for Ministry of Health projects at differect locations in the kingdom. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: 2/2012-to date : SAUDI CONSULTING SERVICES – SAUDCONSULT (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) Position : Project Manager Main Tasks : 1- A/E services for Ministry of Housing Sites in Eastern Region (KSA), at Al- Nuaiyriayh, AlQarya Al-Ulia, Al-Hassa, and Hafr El-Batin: Work Included: a) Revision and quality control of infrastructure designs of stormwater,
  2. 2. AGM2 Mar-16 potable water, and wastewater networks, pump stations, and ground water tanks. b) Coordination meetings with governmental agencies for revision and approval of infrastructure tender documents. (Client : Ministry of Housing – KSA). : 2- A/E services for infrastructure to establish a Business Park areas at Al- Riyadh 2nd Industrial City, and Dammam 2nd Industrial city: Work Included: a) Full coordination and contact with the main consultant for Landscape and Hardscape designs (Albert Speer & Partner GmbH) to establish a complete infrastructure system to serve the Achitect’s master plan for a business park that shall be a landmark for industrial cities. Modern and innovative ideas for infrastructure systems had to be proposed to meets challenge of high quality project in a very limited space. b) Leading a team of design engineers in all fields (civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical) to prepare a detailed infrastructure designs and tender documents that are fully coordinated with architectural designs. : 3- Design of MCI Business Park for a new headquarters to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Saudi Industrial Properties Authority (MODON), and other governmental agencies. Work included coordination between our office, MODON, and the main consultant (Albert Speer & Partner GmbH). (Client: Saudi Industrial Property Authority-MODON). Work Included: Coordination between our office, MODON, and the main consultant (Albert Speer & Partner GmbH) to assess and evaluate the existing infrastructure systems and and existing buildings. Data had to be collected for all these items, and an evaluation report was prepared, including recommendations for utilizing the existing infrastuture systems for the new site development. (Client: Saudi Industrial Property Authority-MODON). : 4- Detailed Design of Infrastructure for Ministry of Housing Sites (27 sites). Work included follow up and revision of infrastructures designs, Discussions and approvals from different governmental agencies (Water Directorates, Municipalities …etc.). Work Included: a) Follow up and revision of infrastructure designs, technical discussion meeting with the client, and conducting meeting with all relevant governmental agencies to get approval of prepared designs and tender documents. b) Preparing detailed designs of new storm water drainage systems, sewage water network and pump stations for some of the sites according to coordination meetings and clients recommendations. (Client : Ministry of Housing – KSA). : 5- FAL Industrial City – Infrastructure Design Work Included: a) Coordination with the client, Master Plan Consultant, and all related governmental agencies. b) Preparing concept infrastructure design inccoperation with engineering from different disciplines. Preparing tender documents for rough grading for phase I of the project. (Client: FAL Holding Company).
  3. 3. AGM3 Mar-16 4/2009-1/2012 : GENERAL ENTERPRISES & TRADING CO. LTD. - GETCO (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) Position : Senior Civil Engineer Main Tasks : 1- Study and analysis of civil works for all tenders during work period in the company. 2- Project coordination for some projects (Al-Dawadmi Water Treatment Plant - Shaqra Water Treatment Plant – Al-Dilam Water Treatment Plant – Al- Dawadmi Sewage Treatment Plant) with client and project consultants and Site Managers. 3- Analysis of offers provided by subcontractors and suppliers. 4- Preparation of detailed projects schedules using Primavera Software. 5- Preparing hydraulic and structural designs of some units and tanks for some projects. 4/2004– 8/2008 : CONSULTING ENGINEERING GROUP (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) Position : Head of Civil Engineering and Infrastructure Department Main Projects : 1- Structural design and preparation of detailed drawings for Nurses Housing Buildings (15 stories buildings) with a floor area of 1200 m2 (Client: King Fahd Medical City). 2- Studies and designs of master plans for water and wastewater networks for “Al-Zulfi” Governorate (Client: Riyadh Region Water directorate). The work included assessment of available and anticipated sources of water supply up to 1450 H, evaluation of existing water and wastewater facilities, preparation of water supply master plan for all cities and villages of population greater than 5000 capita, and preparation of wastewater network master plan for two main cities. 3- Re-design and preparation of construction drawings for sewage network of “Al-Dawadmi” city, with a total length of 360 km, and approximate cost of 170M Saudi Riyals (Client: Al-Jazea Contracting Company). 4- Hydraulic and Structural design of Ground Water Tank at “Sakaka” City, with a total capacity of 20000 m3 (Client: Al-Baz Contracting Company). 5- Preliminary design report for two road intersections at “Arar” city (Client: Municipality of Northern Borders). Work included coordination of survey work and traffic counting, preparation of road design for alternatives of the both intersections, preparing preliminary design report for the intersection bridges and cost estimation of all suggested alternatives. 6- Structural Design Engineer for “Al-Rass” Hospital Project (200 beds hospital), (Client: Ministry of Health). 7- Planning design report for water supply of “Tabuk” Region (Client: Ministry of Water and Electricity). The work included assessment of existing and future water demands, available water resources, planning design of the new well field, design of transmission pipelines and pump station for “Tabuk” city, and cities located on the Red Sea coast, and cost estimation of the proposed water supply system. 8- Structural design of “Social Care Center” at Tabuk City (Client: Ministry of Work and Social Affairs). The work included design of structural system, detailed structural design of two storey buildings of a total area of 8500 m2 , and preparation of tender drawings. 9- Studies and Design for Transmission Pipeline and Pump station to transmit 400000 m3 /day of treated wastewater from “Heet” STP to “Manfuha” Pump Station (Client: Riyadh Region Water Directorate). Work included preparing preliminary design report, study of different alternatives to pipeline route, Hydraulic calculations for the different alternatives, main pump station, and booster pump station. 10- A/E services for design of three “Girls Technical Colleges” at “Al- Qunfudah”, “Al-Qurayat” and “Hafr El-Batin” cities (Client: Governorate of Technical Education and Vocational Training). Work included structural design of buildings, and design of water supply, wastewater disposal, irrigation networks, and storm water networks’ for projects’ sites.
  4. 4. AGM4 Mar-16 11- Studies and designs for replacement of asbestos cement water supply network for residential city of military factories employees at Al-Kharj city, with a total length of 28 km, and preparation of tender documents. 1999 - 2004 : CONSULTING ENGINEERING GROUP (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) Position : Civil/Structural Engineer Main Projects : 1- Studies and design for wastewater networks for 12 districts in Riyadh City “Al-Urayjah Al-gharbiyah”, “Al-Suwaydi”, “Al-Zahrah”, “Shoubra”, “Al- Nakheel”, “Al-Durayhimiah”, “Al-Hada”, “Al-Rafiah”, “Badr”, “Al-Safa”, “Al-Dar Al-Baydaa”, and “Al-Jazirah” (Client: Riyadh Region Water Directorate), Work included preparing final preliminary design report with different alternatives, preparing final design report and hydraulic calculations, preparing detailed design drawings and hydraulic calculations for sewage networks and pump stations, and preparing the complete set of tenders’ documents. 2- Studies, designs and preparation of tender documents for miscellaneous projects for Ministry of Water and electricity during the period from 1999 G to 2003 G. Some of these projects are: (a) Transmission pipeline and pump stations to “Turaif” City. (b) Extension of “Afif and Dawadmi” water supply project. (c) “Hotat Bani Tamim” water treatment plant and well field (Capacity 15000 m3 /day – Brackish water). (d) Water treatment plant and transmission pipeline at “Bishah” Dam. (e) Structural Design of different Elevated tanks. (f) Reviewing construction drawings of “Al-Kharj” WTP (Capacity 100000 m3 /day). 3- Studies and designs of infrastructure for “Najran” Industrial City (Client: Ministry of Commerce and Industry). Work included the following: (a) Design and preparation of design drawings for water supply network, total length is 48 km, with diameters ranging from 110 mm to 600 mm in addition to one elevated tank 500 m3 , and two ground storage tanks each with a capacity of 5000 m3 . (b) Design and preparation of design drawings for Sewage network, total length is 42 km, with diameters ranging from 200 mm to 800 mm. (c) Design and preparation of design drawings for Storm water network, total length of 40 km, with diameters ranging from 400 mm to 1500 mm. (d) Irrigation and industrial water network, total length is 46 km, plus one ground storage tank of capacity 5000 m3 , and one elevated tank with a capacity of 200 m3 . (e) Preparation of hydraulic calculations and process design for a sewage treatment plant (average/max capacities = 15000/22500 m3 /day) using extended aeration method, in addition to tertiary treatment unit. 4- Studies and designs for five road intersections at “Arar” city (Client: Municipality of Northern Borders). Work included detailed structural design for the approved bridge alternatives, preparation of design drawings and tender documents. 5- Structural design of a new administration building for the extension of “Al- Zulfi” general hospital.
  5. 5. AGM5 Mar-16 1994 - 1999 : NATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR POTABLE WATER AND SANITARY DRAINAGE (Cairo, Egypt) Position : Hydraulic Design Engineer Main Projects : 1- Revision of hydraulic designs prepared by different consultants for sewage treatment plants, wastewater networks, and pump stations at the governorates of “Assuit”, “Al-Menia”, “Bani-Suif”. 2- Supervision of the construction of Sewage treatment Network with a total length of 45 km, and 5 pump stations at “Al-Hawamdiyah” city. 3 Supervision of the construction of four compact water treatment plants each of capacity 200 m3 /day. 1992 - 1994 : Prof. Dr. SHAKER EL-BEHAIRY Consulting Office (Cairo, Egypt) Position : Structural Engineer Main Projects : 1- Structural Analysis and Design for a commercial and residential building at “Al-Madinah Al-Munawarah” (Plot No. 140) with a floor area of 1150 m2, comprised of 16 floors, and two basements, and preparation of structural drawings. 2- Structural Analysis and Design for a commercial and residential building at “Al-Madinah Al-Munawarah” (Plot No. 139) with a floor area of 2330 m2, comprised of 16 floors, and three basements, and preparation of structural drawings. 3- Structural Analysis and design for a single span railway bridge, length = 65 m, and preparation of structural drawings. 4- Structural Analysis and design for a three stories palace in Qatar, with a floor area of 5000 m2 , and preparation of structural drawings. COMPUTER SOFTWARE EXPERIENCE Professional working experience using many software programs, some of them are:  Civil 3D for Survey data handling, rough grading and earth works  WaterCAD of BENTLEY SYSTEMS, USA for water distribution design.  WaterGEMS of BENTLEY SYSTEMS, USA for water distribution analysis and modelling.  SewerCAD of BENTLEY SYSTEMS, USA for wastewater network design.  SewerGEMS of BENTLEY SYSTEMS, USA for wastewater network analysis and modeling, and GIS integration modeling.  StormCAD of BENTLEY SYSTEMS, USA for stormwater system design  CivilStorm of BENTLEY SYSTEMS, USA for dynamic modeling and analysis of complex stormwater systems.  FLOW MASTER of BENTLEY SYSTEMS, USA For the hydraulic design of sewers, Grate inlet capacities, Gutter flows and open channels  WIN TR-55 for preparation of Hydrographs used in design & analysis of detention ponds  Primavera for the Planning and scheduling of the Projects  Microsoft Office including word, excel, PowerPoint Access and Publisher.  SAP2000 of CSI, Inc for structural finite element Analysis and Design.  ETABS of CSI, Inc. for structural finite element analysis of multistory buildings. LANGUAGES : Arabic, English CONTACT INFORMATION KSA : +966507178300, +966569901962 EGYPT : +201001205787, +20224340887 EMAIL :