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How to manage students, 3D printers and data at scale

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By Aaron Roy of 3DPrinterOS. Talk was originally given at Construct 3D 2018 in Atlanta, GA.

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How to manage students, 3D printers and data at scale

  1. 1. How to manage students, 3D printers and data at scale October 6, 2018 © All Rights Reserved 2018 Aaron Roy | @aaron_wa | @3dprinteros | 1
  2. 2. • Provides public and private cloud platform for managing users, files, analytics and machines • Powers more than 20,000 machines, over 1.3 million hours of printing • Offers multilingual and multiregional support • Founded in 2014, backed by Microsoft Founder Paul Allen’s Vulcan Capital and located in Silicon Valley Company Overview © All Rights Reserved 20182
  3. 3. © All Rights Reserved 20183
  4. 4. Case Study: Duke University © All Rights Reserved 20184
  5. 5. • Grew from 6 printers to 100+ machines • Students login is tied to university credentials (SSO) Duke University © All Rights Reserved 20185
  6. 6. Features for students and educators © All Rights Reserved 20186
  7. 7. • Unlimited storage to upload files to the cloud and access from anywhere • User’s have access to all iterations of a file so it’s easy to reprint models and track success • Users can share design files and entire projects with other people and set permissions regarding access Universal File Management © All Rights Reserved 20187
  8. 8. User’s File Dashboard © All Rights Reserved 20188
  9. 9. User’s Project Dashboard © All Rights Reserved 20189
  10. 10. • Users can kick off jobs from any web browser and with a connected web camera live view the print process • 3DPrinterOS automatically records the print and sends an email with an animated MP4 once the print is complete • Users can view past MP4s in their file/project dashboards to see how past files have performed • This means you can start a print while away from the printer, monitor its progress and have it ready for pick up later Remote Print Monitoring © All Rights Reserved 201810
  11. 11. Remote Print Monitoring (Live View Wall) © All Rights Reserved 201811
  12. 12. Remote Print Monitoring (MP4s) © All Rights Reserved 201812
  13. 13. • Users can view, duplicate, edit and resize STL’s before slicing • 3DPrinterOS comes with tools to help with adding supports, sizing, repairing and positioning objects before sending to print • Gcode visualization lets you see how objects will be built layer by layer and prevent sending prints that have a high potential of failure STL/Gcode Editing & Visualization © All Rights Reserved 201813
  14. 14. STL/Gcode Visualization © All Rights Reserved 201814
  15. 15. • 3DPrinterOS cloud slicer allows users to slice objects that would crash local slicers by leveraging the power of cloud computing • Also works with Gcodes from Cura, Simplify3D and other popular slicers Cloud & Local Slicing © All Rights Reserved 201815
  16. 16. Cloud & Local Slicing © All Rights Reserved 201816
  17. 17. • All statistics are tracked on a per student, per design and per machine basis • Admins can track who did what at any given time - no need to keep a seperate excel sheet if sharing machines • Track filament used, all printing data, and log reasons for print failure to help improve performance over time Data Tracking & Reporting © All Rights Reserved 201817
  18. 18. Data Tracking & Reporting © All Rights Reserved 201818
  19. 19. Customizable User Profiles © All Rights Reserved 201819
  20. 20. • Users can easily move designs from most popular CAD tools directly into 3DPrinterOS via plugin • Includes: SolidEdge, SolidWorks, SpaceClaim, OnShape, Fusion 360, Inventor, CATIA, Rhino • Constantly adding more integrations Integrations © All Rights Reserved 201820
  21. 21. • Easiest way to manage campus-wide 3d printing • Supports SAML, Shibboleth Single Sign On • Makes it easy to create workgroups and manage permissions and limits at group and user level • Filament tracking and billing • Advanced queue management for prints • Comprehensive statistics and analytics for users, workgroups and orgs Educational License © All Rights Reserved 201821
  22. 22. Questions? © All Rights Reserved 201822
  23. 23. Thank You! © All Rights Reserved 2018 For more info: Aaron Roy | @aaron_wa | @3dprinteros | 23