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Meet - Product Hunt Lagos

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Publicado el is Nigeria's first fully digital bank, designed to match your lifestyle and help you save more.

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Meet - Product Hunt Lagos

  1. 1. Meet ALAT Nigeria’s First Fully Digital Bank Nnamdi Azodo Product Owner, ALAT Digital Bank
  2. 2. Before After FACT: In recent times, we have witnessed several disruptions of business landscapes across several industries worldwide. Companies are looking for smarter ways of doing business, while prioritizing customer convenience. ALAT, Nigeria’s first fully digital bank, is Wema Bank’s reaction to the changing business landscape and the coming Digital Revolution. THE AGE OF DIGITAL DISRUPTION2
  3. 3. Say “Hello” to ALAT3 ALAT is a Digital Bank where customers can do their banking transactions without ever entering any physical branch Your bank, Your way
  4. 4. AUDIENCE & CORE VALUES Youth N25bn N38bn+52% “I want to be able to withdraw at all times or do a transaction and it gets to the destination fast” Simplicity Young Entrepreneurs “ I wish I could resolve my issues online and not have to go to a bank, it would be great” N54bn N81bn+50% Convenience Young professionals “I don’t want any of those unexplainable charges” N101bn N151bn+50% Reliability 2016 market size 2020 market size Growth 4
  5. 5. OUR VALUE PROPOSITION • A seamless, reliable, simplicity-driven, hassle free banking experience that gives you the convenience and empowerment of complete control of your financial infrastructure from wherever you are, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week • Your bank is wherever you happen to be and is open whenever you need it to be 5
  6. 6. OUR OFFERINGS Free Debit Card Targeted Savings Plan Free Debit Card Delivery Up to 10% interest on saving 6
  7. 7. Before After ALAT’s Onboarding •No paper work. 100% automated. •Provide your phone number, BVN, Date of Birth and Setup Your Login Details •5 clicks, under 5 minutes to get a standard savings account 06 EASY ONBOARDING 7
  8. 8. SAVINGS GOALS 10% ALAT Savings Goal *interest p.a. 8
  9. 9. FREE DEBIT CARD DELIVERY & IN-APP ACTIVATION Fact: •The Card is FREE! Just make your choice •Delivery is FREE nationwide! •Activate your Debit Card in-app. •First In-app Card Activation in Nigeria 9
  10. 10. • Automated KYC Process • Settlement & Reconciliation • Automated Card Production FULLY AUTOMATED BACK OFFICE10
  11. 11. • Dedicated Call Centre • 24/7 Availability • Digital Channels support: in-app messaging, social media and e-mail DEDICATED SUPPORT CHANNELS11
  12. 12. You Don’t Need a Bank Branch •Schedule recurring payments and forget about it. This includes transfers, bills payments etc. •Carry out Easy Transfers •Buy Airtime •Buy Data •… Do much more! OTHERS12
  13. 13. 0700 CALL ALAT 0700 2255 2528 @alat_ng Write a review on Play Store or App Store HOW TO REACH US13