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  1. 1. ABDUL-REHMAN Mobile: +92-303-4224910 E-mail:s OBJECTIVES I am quiet flexible in working as team, supporting others in their work, concentrating on urgent business and setting priorities in work. I want to develop a new technology by having java expertise. To web applications I served my extra time to accomplish these achievements. I want to become a great in my desired field. It’s my dream to develop some outstanding applications which will be a great asset for my country to grow in computer science world. QUALIFICATIONS Degree/ Year’s Institute BSCS 2011-2015 Lahore Leads University FSC 2010-2011 Gov’t Degree College Faisalabad MATRIC Govt Mc.High School Faisalabad SKILLS Languages C++, HTML5, Java, Java Script, Coal, Data Structure, Java, Advance java, Android, PHP, ASP.NET, C#, Bootstrap, JQuery Database Oracle 11g, SQL, MySql,Ms Access. Applications MS Office, Corel Draw, Photoshop Scripting Language Java Script, CSS,( JQuery, Ajax ) Onlie Marketing On page SEO, Off Page SEO, SMS Marketing, Social media Marketing, Apps marketing… Digital Media Marketing Tools Experience o Dev. C++ o Visual studio o Macromedia Dreamweaver o Vertrigo Server o Net beans o Text Pad o Eclipse
  2. 2. Extra Courses:  Four month DOTNET course from EVS Lahore edu center.  6 week workshop of Oracle 11g JAVA PROJECTS DETAIL Phone Book: In Phone Book a user can enter his contact No, Address and name as well. This project stores the data of the user in File Handling. There are some features of this project are,insert record, delete record,update record, delete all records,and view all records. This is user friendly software. Calculator: A fully functional calculator that performs some arithmetic operations like, addition, multiplication, subtraction and division as well. I have use event handling concepts on this project which plays the main role on this project. Hospital management system: A full functional hospital management system perform the some basic task of OPD.This software for those hospital which have OPD environment. And they would be save permanent information about patient like the patient registration form in which full info about patient. And doctor description form .Overall information about patient could be save patient files and other data etc. Inventory management system: This software is the best for those warehouses which have multiple inventory items .They can add inventory delete inventory search inventory view all inventory and others .I use event handling concept in this project. Software developed by using NetBeans WEB PROJECTS DETAIL Student Portfolio: In this project we save the student photo’s gallery. Therefore is useful for universities and colleges which save our pictures. I use in this project “html, css, and JavaScript which make the project effective. Hostel Information System: ( Based) Hostel information system specially facilitates the students which are outsider in any city. Or other office attendant peoples who are living on rent houses or Quarters. This web application specially made this type of persons. Peoples get the information on this app and get the suitable hostel and online reserve or Book the hostel. This application totally depends on online base or we can say internet based app .
  3. 3. . Online shop: ( Asp.Net based) On waiting……………………………………………………………………………………….. PERSONAL STATEMENT I am completely communicative, and dedicated person. I like to work under pressure with deadlines. I am able to learn new skills quickly to the best of my ability. My time keeping and attendance has always been very good. ProfessionalExperience o One year experience in Gulab Deve Hospital as a Project Handler. o Two year experience of web application development from ( PERSONAL INFORMATION Marital Status: Single Permanent Address: house no. 31/c Kashmir road Ghulam Muhammadabad Faisalabad. Current Address: Double Quarter no.8 Gulab Deve hospital Lahore.