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Frame by Frame
Line by Line
Presented by : S.Bharath Krishnan
Pratyush Nanda
Slide Design : S.Krishna Narayan
“Have you ever wondered how game
mechanics are implemented”
● Most Games, shooting is heavily based on raycasts.
Shooting (contd.)
● Raycast :
○ A computational procedure
○ Calculate the first collidable object in a given direction
○ Raycast in direction of line of sight,
damage first colliding object
○ You can add extra flare to your shoot by getting
Normal of hit surface and adding a particle system
to it.
Why Shouldn’t we Raycast from Gun Muzzle
How are raycasts Implemented ?
● Basic Idea
● Move a vector in given Direction
by fixed steps
● Check for Existence of wall
● If wall doesn’t exist proceed
● If wall exist get point
● Most basic idea
● Engines use more complex
Refer : Raycasting (
Grenades - Projectiles
Game Dev Session 01.pdf
Scopes - Snipers
The art of Deception
Note: No animals were harmed
while making of this slide
The Parallax Scrolling
Parallax scrolling (contd.)
● Gives liveliness to games
● A level = multiple images layered
● Moving Images in games
are called Sprites
● Sprites in foreground move faster
Compared to Background
Game Dev Session 01.pdf
Functions and Paths
Spiderman is a Pendulum
Spiderman is a Pendulum
● We have a point of suspension
● We just get vector from
player to point
● Get World Up Vector
● Equate cos of grav to Tension
● Do pendulum force calculations
● But He is more of a Circular motion
If you want to make a good game
Procedural Animations
Procedural Generation
Minecraft Terrain Generation:
Minecraft terrain generation in a nutshell - YouTube
Perlin Noise
What is Perlin Noise
What is Perlin Noise (Contd.)
● Divide the screen to N x M grid
● Generate random vectors
On each corner of grid
● For every pixel identify its
Corresponding cell
● Get cell vectors
● Get offset vector from each
● Dot offset vector with
Corresponding grid vector
● Interpolate all the 4 values
Clouds - Application of Perlin Noise
Spline - The Bézier Curve
The Beauty of Bézier Curves - YouTube
What are Bézier Curves
● Linear Interpolation
t : 0.0 → 1.0
Application of Bézier
Lets Think
You are a game developer making
a marvel avengers game and you are tasked
with creating captains shield throw mechanic.
How will you go about implementing this?
Cross and Dots
Game Dev Session 01.pdf
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