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Analysis of automated flow lines

Analysis of different categories of flow line with respect to buffer storage

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Analysis of automated flow lines

  2. 2. CONTENTS Analysis of transfer lines 1. without storage buffer 2. with storage buffer 3. Double stage 4. Multistage 2
  3. 3. BUFFER STORAGE  It is just a temporary storage connected between the two or more workstation  When a breakdown occurs on an automated flow line, the purpose of the buffer storage zone is to allow a portion of the line to continue operating while the remaining portion is stopped and under repair
  4. 4. REASONS FOR USING STORAGE BUFFERS  To reduce effect of station breakdowns  To smooth cycle time variations  To store parts between stages with different production rates
  5. 5. AUTOMATED FLOW LINES WITHOUT STORAGE BUFFER  In this type we consider the analysis of continuous flow line without storage capacity.  when flow line breakdown there are two approaches *upper-bound approach work part is not removed from the station when a breakdown occurs at that station * lower-bound approach the work part is taken out of the station
  6. 6. AUTOMATED FLOW LINES WITH STORAGE BUFFER  In this one or more storage buffers link between workstations along the flow line  One of the methods by which flow lines can be made to operate more efficiently  The buffer zones divide the line into stages. If one storage buffer is used, the line is divided into two stages
  7. 7. ANALYSIS OF A TWO STAGE TRANSFER LINE  The two stage line is divided by a storage buffer of capacity is expressed in terms of the number of work parts that it can store.  The buffer receives the output of stage 1 & forwards it to stage 2, temporarily storing any parts not immediately needed by stage 2.  The ideal cycle time Tc is the same for both stages
  8. 8. ANALYSIS OF A MULTI STAGE TRANSFER LINE  If the line efficiency of an automated production line can be increased by dividing it into two stages with a storage buffer between, then one might infer that further improvements in performance can be achieved by adding additional storage buffers
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