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  1. 1. / /(+91) - 9433270129 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 Holman Climax Kaveri Ultra Polymer WPIL LIMITED Above chart shows years spentin Export Marketing professional Experienced, artistic with 10 years of experience. Background in both Mechanical Engineering and domestic and export marketing. Wide range of technical skill. Work Experience Country Visited (Outside India) Tehran - Iran Dubai - UAE Vientiane - Laos Bangkok - Thailand Johannesburg – South Africa WPIL LIMITED (FormallyKnown WorthingtonPump India Limited) (Manufacturer ofVertical,Horizontal, Mixed-Flow,Axial-Flow& Submersible Pumps) Assistant manager – Exports (April 2012 to Present) Basic designcalculationof pumpandselectionof pumpso that itcan fulfil the conditionof technical specificationas perenquiryreceivedfromclients.Givingguidelinetothe exportsteamforexportrelatedjobs. Enlistmentof ourorganizationname tothe differentclient’s vendorlistandpreparationof qualificationdocumentsas perclient’srequirement. Replyagainstclient’scommentsagainstanytechnical query as well asany commercial queryafterconsultingwith variousdepartmentof organization. Givingsupportforofferpreparationandprice estimationfor variousapplicationsof pumps.Material selectionbased on liquidhandled. Present Address Shiva Apartment 22, HarimohanDutta Road 2nd , Floor, Flat No. 3A Dum Dum Cantonment Kolkata – 700028 India Mobile: +91 – 9433270129 Completed M.B.A in Marketing Management from West Bengal Universityof Technology (2006) Completed Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering from Utkal University, Bhubaneswar (2003)
  2. 2. / /(+91) - 9433270129 Language Known Read Write Speak English √ √ √ Bengali √ √ √ Hindi √ × √ Oriya × × √ Other Activities Auto Cad 2011 4 yrs Microsoft Office 2007 8 yrs Windows NT / 2000 / XP 8 yrs. Attained final semester viva of MBAExamination as an External Examiner under Punjab Technical University. Completed 3rd year diploma on Art under SarboBharatiyo Sangeet and Sanaskrity Parisad. Attained NCC camp under 33, Bengal Battalion NCC. (We were the champions in shooting, drilling and cultural events). Participated in 18th Oil & Gas Show of Tehran – Iran in the year 2013 on behalf of A.P.E. Pumps South Africa (A subsidiary company of WPIL LIMITED). Hobby Travelling, Watching Movies. Single / Double Married Visittodifferentcountriesformarket penetrationof WPIL LIMITED. WPIL LIMITED (FormallyKnown WorthingtonPump India Limited) (Manufacturer ofVertical,Horizontal, Mixed-Flow,Axial-Flow& Submersible Pumps) Sr. Engineer– Export Marketing (May 2010 to March 2012) Handlingoverseascustomerscall forbothvertical & horizontal pumps.Preparationof exportsoffers,Pro-Forma Invoice,OrderTransmittal Certificate.Calculationof pump headand selectionof pumps.CommunicationwithR&D and factoryfor timelydeliveryof products. Preparationof performance curve,datasheet,follow up withvendors(Motor,engine,dearDrive etc.) Meetingwithinternational clientstoknow there exact requirementandtodeveloporder. Kaveri Ultra PolymersPvt. Ltd. (Pollutioncontrol system ) Project Engineer– (January 2009 to April 2010) Visittodifferentclientsanddiscussionaboutproblemarise duringdesigningof dustsuppressionsystem.Taking approval of projectdocumentsfromclients. Price estimationanddesignof dustsuppressionsystem. Checkingof drawings,givingtechnical supporttodesign department,control the projectteamandencourage them for timelycompletionof work. Holman Climaxmanufacturing Co. (Manufacturer ofReciprocating Industrial Air compressor) Salesexecutive – (December2006 to December 2008) Frequentlyvisittocustomers,communicate withthemto knowtheirrequirementanddevelopingnew orders. Givingcustomerfeedbacktothe factorypeople aboutthe productand preparationof offer.
  3. 3. / /(+91) - 9433270129 Major Project Activities except Marketing S.N. Assignments Responsibility Dates Location 1. Pump Selection, Site Visit,AttainingPre bid Meeting, Project Planning,Designing, Technical Support& Project Monitoring. Selection of horizontal split case and end suction pumps, accessories, valves, pipes. Pump head estimation by site visit. Attaining pre bid meeting to solvetechnical related issues.Motor selection. Total 37 station involving 109 Nos. of Horizontal pumps. Project is under develop ment stage. Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry, Department of Irrigation, Laos – Vientiane, Savanakhate etc. 2. Pump Selection, Project Planning Selection of pumps, Project planning, monitoring manufacturing of equipments, Drawing and documents approval after consult with client. Total 2 Nos Vertical Mixed-Flow pumps each having 9,000 m3/hr capacity driven by 350 kW motors. 2012 to 2014 HuaiMong _Regulator, Nongkhai Province, Thailand 3. Project Planning & Monitoring, Design Calculation Pump selection, Project planning, Technical support to Project management team, Project monitoring, Pump design calculation for Vertical Axial Flow Pump, Gear Drives, Propeller Shafts & Diesel Engine. Total 6 pump stations involving 61 pumps of 2400 m3/hr capacity each. 2010 - 2013 PT ASTRA at Kalimantan – Indonesia for Drainage application 4. Engineering design calculations, Technical support, Designing and implementation of system. Engineering Calculation / ProvidingTechnical supportto client / designing and implementing the system involving Axial Flow Submersible Pump sets. Total 10 pumps each having 3,600 m3/hr capacity driven by 45 kW /380 Volt motors. 2010 - 2012 NokhonPathom Province – Thailand 5 Project Design, Project Monitering Designing of complete water system, drinking water system, service water system, piping designing with valve application, material handling system implementation, Project planning, Project Monitoring. 2008 - 2010 Heavy Engineering Company – Ranchi - India 6 ProjectManagement, Execution, Planning Design calculation, Project planning and monitoring, project execution Suitable air compressor selection based on requirement of air in various location. Total 5 Nos. 120 cfm and 8 Nos. 300 cfm industrial Air compressors. 2006 - 2008 Rungta Mines – Barbil, Orisha - India Kolkata 50% Pune 20% Delhi 10% Abroad 20% % wise preference of new job Location
  4. 4. / /(+91) - 9433270129 Present Salary Structure:- Monthly Yearly Basic 14,825.00 1,77,900.00 HRA 4,668.00 56,016.00 Transport Allowance 5,278.00 63,336.00 Special Allowance 7,950.00 95,400.00 Incentive Monthly(75%of total Incentive) 5,438.00 65,256.00 Year Ending25 % of Total Incentive 21,750.00 YearlyMedical 14,825.00 YearlyBonus 8,400.00 P.FFrom Company 1,779.00 21,348.00 Mediclame fromcompany 210.00 2,520.00 Total 5,26,751.00 Certification I, the undersigned, certify that to the best of my knowledge and belief, the above bio-data correctly describes myself, my qualifications, and my experience Place: Kolkata Signature: Date: Name:AbhradipMitra