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NAFF II - Partnerships - Steelhead farming partnership with cold water fisheries - Bobby Gould

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NAFF II - Partnerships - Steelhead farming partnership with cold water fisheries - Bobby Gould

  1. 1. Cape Breton Island (Unama’Ki) Bras d’Or Lakes
  2. 2. Low salinity “Barachois Ponds”Poole’s pond and MacDonalds Pond Our story began with oyster farming in 2009
  3. 3. Trout farm siteIn 2010 we applied for funding under the ACFDI and ECBC programs to develop atrout farm
  4. 4. Atoqwa’su Farms Limited Partnering for Sustainable Fish Farming
  5. 5. Ice slide line
  6. 6. Given life style expectations, natural skills, competence and confidence of the Mi’kmaqpeoples working in the inshore waters, this opportunity cannot be lightly dismissed,especially when compared to other industries.
  7. 7. After some consideration and discussion specifically about losing control of thecommunities destiny through the fate of outside control of prime aquaculture leaseslocated directly adjacent to the community, we counter proposed that we build the farmand Coldwater hire our people, operate and finance it
  8. 8. Previous experience in Waycobah and knowledge of the local environment was crucial indeciding the configuration of the farm.
  9. 9. In this, the second year of operation, we anticipate harvesting close to 750,000 lbs. andhave become a significant part of Coldwater Fisheries production strategy.
  10. 10. The future The creation of Atoqwa’suopened the doors to a new array ofpotential opportunities for thecommunity. It was not only thebeginning of a fish farm, but that of anindustry.
  11. 11. Thank you, without whose help we wouldn’t have made it this far.Dean Clark – farm worker Tony Isadore – farm workerRobin Stuart – area supervisor, Coldwater Fisheries Joe Googoo jr. – site managerFrank Stevens – farm worker Curt Phillips – farm securityBrandon Poulette – farm worker Mark Cremo – farm securityWinston Patles – farm worker Phillip Bernard – live fish transport
  12. 12. •Aquaculture has been a welcomed activity for the community •The partnership agreement allows for minimizing risk for the community while building capacity and infrastructure for the future growth of the industry •Collaborations and working relationships have evolved with other FN communities •The support from ACFDI, ECBC and Coldwater were instrumental in achieving our goalsI’d like to provide a special thank you to:The A.C.F.D.I. Program, especially Fernando SalazarEnterprise Cape Breton Corporation, especially Archie GallagherNova Scotia Fisheries, especially Dr. Toby BalchWalter Bernard – Waycobah elder advisorWaycobah First Nation admin, for their supportWaycobah First Nation community for having faith in us to do it rightThank you from all of us – Wela’lioq