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Marketing Challenge Forum 2015

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Marketing je jednou z oblastí, která se mění každým dnem. Objevují se stále nové postupy a nástroje, které jsou stále sofistikovanější a umožňují skutečně přesně zacílit tam, kam potřebujeme. Problémem ale je, že mnoho firem těchto možností stále ještě nevyužívá. A mnohdy o nich možná ani neví. Nejen pro ně, ale i pro všechny ostatní, které zajímají novinky z oblasti B2B marketingu, připravila společnost Top Vision další ročník konference Marketing Challenge Forum.

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Marketing Challenge Forum 2015

  1. 1. S U C C E S S F U L B 2 B M A R K E T I N G
  2. 2. I F I T D O E S N ’ T C H A L L E N G E Y O U I T W O N ’ T C H A N G E Y O U
  3. 3. “Marketing by interrupting people isn’t cost-effective anymore. You can’t afford to seek out people and send them unwanted marketing messages, in large groups, and hope that some will send you money.”
  5. 5. Brands are being built around how consumers experiencethem. experience conversionloss > intent >
  6. 6. Experience is what brands do to get people participating. physically or digitally
  7. 7. I only advocate brands when I have had great personal experienceswith them. 3 out of 4 people say
  8. 8. experience them for themselves. Customers are no longer interested in hearing a list of features; they want the chance to the importance of showing, not telling…
  9. 9. 300% Did you know that the right offer at the right time and right place can increase your response up to GET IT NOW
  10. 10. Make your brands a tangible presence in consumers' lives either in person or digitally. views.
  11. 11. free media.What matters to us and to clients is the free media.
  12. 12. conversion.Connection of any visual environment, including retail with digital media, justifies an investment in an experience knowing that it will pay dividends when people share.
  13. 13. Best Cases
  14. 14. The most viewed automotive commercial on YouTube ever with over 80 million views. Shared by over 40 million on Facebook. Thousands of spoofs, adding an extra 60 million of views. Free media $150m. Sales increase 25%. "It kind of had everything. It had the product at the heart of the story, it was a fantastic demo. But it was more than that. It was a spiritual meditation, had a huge emotional punch as well as the product message, which we found extraordinary." - Al Mosely, Cannes Lions VOLVO - B2B CAMPAIGN OF THE DECADE
  15. 15. IBM is a tech retail company, but one without the flashy consumer appeal of an Apple or Google. However, IBM has a long and rich history in the computing world, which gives it a unique market position. The brand’s marketing team did a really smart job of leveraging that history in its recent 60 Years in Singapore campaign. Why It Works They paired stories about the history of IBM in Singapore with projects and trends 50 years in the future, showing where the company has been and where it’s going. They share first-person stories of real employees and historical events in Singapore. Their microsite utilizes a really cool interactive layout and navigation structure. IBM: 60 Years in Singapore
  16. 16. In a whimsical 60-second TV spot, BBDO makes industrial equipment such as jet engines, hospital machines and locomotives come to life through the eyes of a child whose mom works for GE. To get its employees engaged, GE created an online video of employees' kids talking about their parents' work—all showing the human, imaginative element of GE's b-to-b business. Why It Works There’s a cute kid. Cute kids are super engaging. The story appeals to our emotions—and emotional content is twice as effective as purely rational content, according to some studies. The video brings imagination to life in the real world. GE: Childlike Imagination
  17. 17. Data center security software is about as boring as you can get when it comes to B2B marketing. And yet somehow, Juniper Networks managed to make their product engaging and fun with a mobile game called Deception Force. Why It Works People love playing games on their phone, especially when the app is free. The game actually relates to what Juniper does as a company, without the topic detracting from the gameplay itself. It’s an appropriately nerdy idea for data security people. Juniper Networks: Deception Force
  18. 18. When you’re building a relationship, you not only need to know who you’re talking to, but also where and how to talk to them. Fish where the big fish is. No one buys a chain link by link. People either buy the whole chain or they don’t. It is the same with converting business. Did you know that the right offer can increase your response up to 300%? An identification of the right point at which a customer performs a desired action is eminent. INTEGRATED BRAND BUILDING STRATEGY
  19. 19. A true brand experience is so much more than just an interaction. It enhances customer experience in the real world. It directly engages consumers and invites and encourages them to participate in the evolution of a brand. Remember the old teaching adage about the importance of showing, not telling? The same principle applies to experiential marketing. Customers are no longer interested in hearing a list of features; they want the chance to experience them for themselves. STRATEGIC EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING SOLUTIONS
  20. 20. Tactics not grounded in strategy always fall short of the target. We operate on multiple levels (rational, emotional, psychological, etc.) and execute the right mix of modes and media (online, offline) that are authentic to the interests, behaviors and expectations of your customers. The result is a natural, participatory brand experience that cuts through the clutter and truly engages, rather than just interrupts. In summary we build strong relationships between a brand and its consumers. AUTHENTIC ENGAGEMENT CONSUMER TACTICS
  21. 21. one touch point . Brand Integrated Strategy Engaging Authentic Tactics Social Full Management Digital Creative Full Services Experience e-com Integrated Solutions Performance Integrated Management ServicesMarketing Content | word of mouth bloggers | influencers management | reporting Audio & video content banners | animations media planning/buying web | mobile | apps email marketing… Award winning campaigns Events | celebrities technologies | art | science public relation management Desktop | mobile e-commerce sites On-life / off-life system Offline & digital guerilla | promotions Conversion's & KPI's one touch-point reporting IntegratedCustomer
  22. 22. TRY IT OUT