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Instagram Marketing in 2016: Organic, Paid, and Partnered

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2016 is the year of Instagram marketing. Since Instagram unveiled advertising in the last quarter of 2015, businesses have been eager to take advantage of the social media platform’s highly-engaged audience and explosive growth.

Join Prachi Mishra, Product Marketing Manager and Instagram specialist at AdRoll, and Blaise Lucey, Senior Content Strategist at Bitly, for an enlightening webinar that’ll show you exactly how businesses can make the most out of organic, paid, and partner campaigns on Instagram.

In this free webinar you’ll hear a lively discussion on the following topics:

Why Instagram is the best channel for social media marketing
A step-by-step guide on how to create effective Instagram content
How to build effective partner marketing campaigns
How paid ads on Instagram work and how to make yours effective

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Instagram Marketing in 2016: Organic, Paid, and Partnered

  1. 1. #instamarketing TITLE OF YOUR PRESO Make a copy of this file. Then Delete this line ;) Blaise Lucey Senior Content Manager Instagram Marketing in 2016: Organic, Paid & Partnered Prachi Mishra Product Marketing Manager @adroll | @chimishra@ blaiselucey00| @bitly
  2. 2. #instamarketing Webinar Agenda The Instagram Landscape in 2016 Organic Marketing + Influencers The New World of Instagram Ads Best Practices & Use Cases
  3. 3. #instamarketing The Insta Facts
  4. 4. #instamarketing Source: Selfstartr The Insta Facts
  5. 5. #instamarketing The Insta Facts Source: Selfstartr
  6. 6. #instamarketing Source: Selfstartr The Insta Facts
  7. 7. #instamarketing The Insta Facts Source: Selfstartr
  8. 8. #instamarketing The Insta Facts Source: Salesforce
  9. 9. #instamarketing Source: Salesforce The Insta Facts
  10. 10. #instamarketing#instamarketing BUT WHAT AND HOW DOES ENGAGEMENT WORK ON INSTAGRAM?
  11. 11. #instamarketing 1. Post Consistently & Strategically
  12. 12. #instamarketing 2. Use Hashtags Wisely
  13. 13. #instamarketing 3. Interact
  14. 14. #instamarketing 4. Use Video Wisely
  15. 15. #instamarketing 5. Work with Influencers
  16. 16. #instamarketing Tracking Growth with Bitly
  17. 17. #instamarketing Tracking Growth with Bitly
  18. 18. #instamarketing Tracking Growth with Bitly Campaigns
  19. 19. #instamarketing Tracking Growth with Bitly
  20. 20. #instamarketing Tracking Growth with Bitly
  21. 21. #instamarketing#instamarketing THE NEW WORLD OF INSTAGRAM ADS
  22. 22. #instamarketing
  23. 23. #instamarketing#instamarketing THE ALGORITHM
  24. 24. #instamarketing Prior to the change, Instagram users were missing 70% of the posts on their feeds Instagram’s rapid growth has made feed curation a necessity source: techcrunch
  25. 25. #instamarketing#instamarketing ANATOMY OF AN INSTAGRAM AD
  26. 26. #instamarketing Disclosure Required for all native ads. Image links to landing page Double tap => a like Single tap => takes the user to your landing page. Call-to-action button 6 different options Advertiser’s name will appear in all lower case Likes Caption Max limit 300 char; recommend 125 char
  27. 27. #instamarketing#instamarketing BENEFIT OF INSTAGRAM ADS
  28. 28. #instamarketing Native ads match the form and function of the platform upon which they appear. Native Inventory
  29. 29. #instamarketing Disclosure Required for all native ads to point out that this is an ad. 100% share of voice Native Inventory
  30. 30. #instamarketing Drive traffic from the feed Canvas | LeoCanvas | Leo
  31. 31. #instamarketing Cross-Device
  32. 32. #instamarketing Reach Beyond Organic Posts Reach over 400M, highly-engaged* global users. *Instagram users contribute 80 million photos and over 3.5 billion likes per day.
  33. 33. #instamarketing Millennial Audience
  34. 34. #instamarketing Facebook targeting
  35. 35. #instamarketing source: Call-to-action (CTA) Buttons
  36. 36. #instamarketing source: Dynamic Product Ads
  37. 37. #instamarketing Native inventory Cross Device Drive Traffic from the feed Reach beyond organic posts Valuable Millennial Audience Facebook Targeting Dynamic product ads Call-to-action buttons Benefits of Instagram Ads
  38. 38. #instamarketing#instamarketing CASE STUDY
  39. 39. #instamarketing Goal Wanted to increase sign ups for an on campus open house day at the University of Missouri St. Louis (UMSL) UMSL—Instagram
  40. 40. #instamarketing Results Instagram retargeting campaign: 4X higher CTR than Facebook campaign 2nd highest source of traffic, after web, Instagram prospecting ads Follows increased by 29.1% during the campaign UMSL—Instagram
  41. 41. #instamarketing#instamarketing BEST PRACTICES
  42. 42. #instamarketing Mobile friendly destination page
  43. 43. #instamarketing Canvas | Leo Post click experience
  44. 44. #instamarketing Canvas | Leo Post click experience Canvas | Leo
  45. 45. #instamarketing Use the CTA buttons source:
  46. 46. #instamarketing Leo Daypack | Commuter Your new favorite commute buddy, the Leo Daypack. Perfect for your daily bike ride. WWW.CANVAS.COM Canvas Align your campaigns AdRoll helps you align campaigns across web, Facebook, Instagram, and more
  47. 47. #instamarketing source: Align creative with your goals Keep ads branded McDonald’sUMSL Creative best practices
  48. 48. #instamarketing EVERLANE source: Focus on craft A/B test Creative best practices
  49. 49. #instamarketing Refresh Creative Capture them with a caption Creative best practices
  50. 50. #instamarketing Creative best practices: Align creative with goals Keep ads branded Focus on craft A/B test Refresh creative 2-4 weeks Capture users with a caption Make sure your landing page is mobile-friendly Use the CTA button Align your campaigns across channels Best Practices
  51. 51. #instamarketing Instagram account username (handle) & password Partner’s Business ID How to get started? If working with a partner
  52. 52. #instamarketing
  53. 53. THANK YOU #instamarketing @bitly @adroll WANT MORE? Email: Email: