Innovation Opportunity_PGS

Outlines the primary benefits of utilizing graphene in various
products, as a cutting edge solution to meet the current and
future demands of the market. Specifically, noting where and
how our unique pristine graphene composite offers additional
benefits. Surpassing the competition. Lending increased flexibility
across multiple industries. Boasting uncommon attributes, as
verified by 3rd
party independent lab testing. Translating into
superior products, better solutions and cost savings.
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Innovation Opportunity
Innovation	Opportunity	
1st	Quarter,	2017	
In	the	past,	to	achieve	a	base	standard	of	purity	and	high	conversion	rate	in	extracting	graphene	from	
graphite,	the	emerging	graphene	industry	has	had	to	undergo	various	processes	aiming	to	chemically	
remove	high	levels	of	oxides	from	their	graphene.	The	resulting	product:	graphene	oxide	of	various	
qualities	and	oxide	levels.	
Achieving	an	impressive	10.5%	conversion	rate	from	graphite.	Using	no	oxides.	While	precisely	matching	
the	reference	sample	for	perfect	multi	layered	graphene	established	by	the	Royal	Society	for	Chemistry	as	
illustrated	by	their	Raman	test	results.		
	 Absolutely	no	oxides	are	present	in	our	product.
Our	graphene	composite	product	uses	a	carbon	powder	built	in	binder,	allowing	
	 it	to	be	admixed	into	many	materials,	dispersing	without	clumping	or	aggregating	in	most	uses.
In the presence of oils, our graphene composite becomes hydrophobic, allowing
for use in hazardous materials	remediation.	Our	built	in	carbon	binder	and	graphene	act	as	a	
	 scaffold	between	sheets	of	graphene	allowing	for	a	3	dimensional	rather	than	2	dimensional	
	 product	that	binds	readily	with	other	materials.
	 Easily	binds	with	other	materials.
Easily	and	equally	disperses	in	solution	without	aggregating	together.	
	 It	contains	no	pinholes.
Containing	zero	oxides.
Boasting graphene	flake	size	of	1X3	microns.
Innovation	Opportunity	
1st	Quarter,	2017	
“The primary feature of our product is that although it’s not technically ‘graphene’ in the
strictest sense, it functions in all material respects as if it were. With the ability for mass
production, offering a combination of high quality & low cost, our new graphene product opens
the door to a massive expansion of industrial applications and a trillion dollar marketplace.”
– Tim Brereton, CarbonMasters.	
	 ,	Along	with	our	US	affiliate:	Proven	Graphene	Solutions	is	currently	
	 offering	free	samples	of	varying	amounts	for	testing	of	our	graphene	composite	additive.		
	 (A	nominal	shipping	fee	is	added	to	cover	safe	handling	and	fast,	secure	shipment.)
. Advance	your	products	in	the	marketplace	by	utilizing	our	
	 proprietary	graphene	additive. Capitalize	on	the	power	of	graphene	without	the	high	cost/low	
	 quality	of	the	alternatives.
		 		 Ultra-Graphene,	available	only	from	CarbonMasters	&	Proven	Graphene	Solutions	
Gain	the	advantage	over	your	competition,	using	our	low	cost,	high	quality,	graphene	additive.		
Benefit	from	advances	in	modern	technology	when	you	use	it	in	your	existing	products	&	materials.

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