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Introduction to Adaptive and 3DEXPERIENCE

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Introduction to Adaptive and 3DEXPERIENCE

  1. 1. The Digital to Physical Product Lifecycle Company ADAPTIVE 3DEXPERIENCE OVERVIEW
  2. 2. TOPICS • Introduction • Establishing the Foundation for Managing Design Intent • Advanced Product Definition • Collaborating with the Extended Enterprise • Expanding PLM to Quality, Sales, and Marketing • Modern IT Technology Foundation • Closing 2
  3. 3. 3 PROVEN EXPERTISE One of Four Original Resellers in Dassault Systèmes channel (2006) 200+ Years of Collective PLM Experience STRONG PARTNERSHIPS Award-winning “Premier Account” Program 400+ Successful Projects COMPREHENSIVE SOLUTIONS “Digital to Physical” offering Implementation, Training, and Engineering Services ITAR Compliant THE ‘DIGITAL TO PHYSICAL’ Product Lifecycle Company INTRODUCTION TO ADAPTIVE 500+ CUSTOMERS
  4. 4. KEY TAKEAWAYS 4 3DEXPERIENCE manages CAD structures as well as vaulting products like SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional (EPDM), AutoDesk Vault, Teamcenter Engineering, etc. Only 3DEXPERIENCE has the advanced bill-of-material and project management capabilities that companies need to properly manage their numerous development projects for standard and/or custom products. Only 3DEXPERIENCE can expand over time with advanced capabilities for quality management (CAPA), requirements and configuration management, simulation process and data management, process planning, etc. 3DEXPERIENCE is not just for engineers ... it can be licensed for the entire organization to improve collaboration between engineering and other functional roles. 3DEXPERIENCE is built upon the most modern, yet proven, PLM architecture in the industry with customers that have been successful since the 1990s – spanning in size from 10 to 40,000+ users. Adaptive is much more than a software reseller ... We are PLM consultants that want to be considered your partner and not just a supplier. 1 2 3 4 5 6
  5. 5. THE ADAPTIVE OFFERING Embedded Video
  6. 6. TOPICS • Introduction • Establishing the Foundation for Managing Design Intent • Advanced Product Definition • Collaborating with the Extended Enterprise • Expanding PLM to Quality, Sales, and Marketing • Modern IT Technology Foundation • Closing 6
  7. 7. PDM VS 3DEXPERIENCE FOR DESIGN MANAGEMENT 7 The same team that develops EPDM also develops the 3DEXPERIENCE integration to SOLIDWORKS. Some companies choose to integrate 3DEXPERIENCE to EPDM, but the best approach is to replace EPDM with 3DEXPERIENCE. 1. Match the SOLIDWORKS PDM Pro and other CAD Vault user experiences for managing designs 2. Synchronization with EBOM to accurately transfer design intent to operations. 3. Traceability between design and other product development processes.
  8. 8. COLLABORATIVE DESIGN MANAGEMENT 8  Provide work-in-process product structure management for CAD users – SOLIDWORKS, CATIA, NX, AutoCAD, Inventor, Creo, Allegro, Mentor Graphics, Zuken, etc.  Create private and public workspaces for organizing and sharing designs  Upload and download complex, multi-tiered, design hierarchies to/from 3DEXPERIENCE  Apply full revision and version control to all design models with workflow approvals CAD geometry can be viewed by all 3DEXPERIENCE users with the standard, entry-level license Designers access the product structure directly from 3DEXPERIENCE with full knowledge of whether designs are the latest or undergoing change
  9. 9. LINKING DESIGN TO DOWNSTREAM OPERATIONS 9 Manage multiple product development processes to form a complete virtual product definition  Enable multiple design engineering disciplines to collaborate with each other and with their cross discipline counterparts.  The structured design data is aggregated and synchronized to the Engineering Bill-of-Material, resulting in a complete top to bottom virtual product definition.  The resulting virtual product structure evolves and is under formal change control ensuring that the single, global, “best so far” virtual product definition is updated and always available to downstream operations in the enterprise.
  10. 10. SYNCHRONIZE CAD & BOM DATA TO AVOID COSTLY ERRORS 10  Automate synchronization between designs and the BOMs.  Establish traceability from design intent through manufacturing and service. Shown functionality requires at least the Product Engineer (PDE) license for EBOM Management. Additional licenses are required for MBOM Management and ERP integration depending on the scope of what is needed. All users can review the BOM with the 3D viewer with the entry-level licensing.
  11. 11. ENGINEERING CHANGE PROCESS 11 Flexible approaches to accommodate simple to comprehensive changes Change Submission (Issue) – optional  Describes a problem or enhancement in generic terms; can be submitted by any employee (non-technical)  Maintains the integrity of the original reported statement with resolution traceability Change Evaluation (CR) – optional  Used as a method to obtain a full assessment & feasibility of the change  Maintains authorization integrity with resolution implementation traceability Change Orchestration & Implementation (CO/CA)  Change order: governance level implementation & execution method; Plans, assigns and monitors the progress of the change across all impacted domains  Change Action: is the change execution vehicle for a domain; each technical function is empowered to incorporate changes as necessary, obtain peer validation and approval Change Action CA- 0001 Change Action CA- 0002 Requirements Document Change Action CA-0003 Change Request CR-0001 Change Order CO-0001 Mechanical Design Manufacturing Tooling Issue Upfront product planning data can also be included in the change process for comprehensive governance
  12. 12. INTEGRATION TO ERP 12  Creates and updates ERP items, BOMs and ECOs. Supports all available item, BOM and ECO attributes including reference designators and substitutes.  Supports both batch and real-time item import  Comparisons can be performed either between the engineering BOM in 3DEXPERIENCE and the manufacturing BOM in ERP.  Direct integration and/or messaging hub connectors exist for all major ERP vendors. 3DEXPERIENCE defines the “engineering” BOM to aggregate “design intent” and then automatically synchronizes the data to ERP for manufacturing Most companies choose to automate the transfer of data to ERP when a Change Order is completed, but this can also be done ad hoc as needed
  13. 13. POWERFUL FULL TEXT AND 3D SEARCH 13 Eliminate lost productivity due to poor reuse of existing IP  Users find content using full-text search matching similar to Google  Quickly refine even the largest of result sets with the “6WTags” (activated with the “tag” icon)  “6WTags” generates an ad hoc “classification taxonomy” for the result set that can be easily narrowed down by selecting specific values  Note that 3D Search of CAD geometry requires EXALEAD OnePart, which is an add-on license  Integrates to 3rd party CAD catalogs Full-text search is a standard capability of all 3DEXPERIENCE licenses.
  14. 14. TOPICS • Introduction • Establishing the Foundation for Managing Design Intent • Advanced Product Definition • Collaborating with the Extended Enterprise • Expanding PLM to Quality, Sales, and Marketing • Modern IT Technology Foundation • Closing 14
  15. 15. “DESIGN-IN” MATERIALS COMPLIANCE TO ENSURE MARKET AVAILABILITY 15  Validate materials compliancy of standard and custom products.  Comply with ELV, RoHS, Packaging, REACH, and Conflict Minerals.  Improve accuracy of the supplier material declaration process with Web-based data entry. Web portal connects suppliers to the design process (alternative is to just import supplier declaration from Excel or PDF form) Supplier declarations are accepted and used to calculate the materials compliance for custom and standard products based on the latest design updates.
  16. 16. SYSTEMS ENGINEERING 16 Requirements definition Functional architecture design Logical architecture design • Mechanical system design • Electrical & fluid schematics • Control software design Physical design • Product management or contractual line items provide requirements input • Determine product functions to fulfill requirements • Use CAD and Part specifications to define how the function and behavior are actually delivered
  17. 17. MANAGE SIMULATIONS TO VALIDATE PRODUCT CONCEPTS 17  Parameters derived from requirements with more and more detail as needed  Used for downstream systems engineering and simulations  Simulation data and repeatable simulation processes are managed to promote best practices Simulation Process Automation
  18. 18. MANUFACTURING PLANNING 18 Simulate plant manufacturing instructions / routings  Describe the necessary manufacturing transformation steps and detail all corresponding routings and operations.  These routings and manufacturing operations can be balanced across the product line by optimizing the workload and resource utilization.  All along the definition phase the user can immediately check and validate these manufacturing process plans by stepping through the complete fabrication sequence and directly visualizing the corresponding product buildup in 3D including related tooling and resources.  These plans can then be leveraged by downstream stakeholders, minimizing rework as they enrich the plan from concept to execution.
  19. 19. TOPICS • Introduction • Establishing the Foundation for Managing Design Intent • Advanced Product Definition • Collaborating with the Extended Enterprise • Expanding PLM to Quality, Sales, and Marketing • Modern IT Technology Foundation • Closing 19
  20. 20. SIMPLIFY PROJECT TASK REPORTING 20 Real-time updates of project status as deliverables are completed Manual collection of project information  Put project management capabilities in the context of users to reduce wasted effort and improve experience  Reduce reliance on manual collection of status by directly connecting to “deliverables” managed in the project  Project schedule can be authored in MS Project and then uploaded to 3DEXPERIENCE for project execution  User experience is exactly like MS Project with the added values of:  Traceability to the work being performed  Collaborative environment for all project members to share information with one another  Ability to manage complex engineering files in addition to simpler Office documents.
  21. 21. REAL-TIME PROJECT MANAGEMENT GOVERNANCE 21 Access and update project management information without leaving commonly used software tools Project Data Accessible from CATIA V6 or Outlook Project Tasks and Deliverables Project Reference Specifications Project Schedule Embedded in 3DEXPERIENCE for Real-time Updates
  22. 22. PROJECT TEMPLATES 22 Insitutionalize processes with standard project phases, gates, milestones, resource plans, and budgets to improve predictability and results  Define project schedule templates  Task dependencies with slack time  Constraint types and dates  Gate/milestone criteria (go/nogo)  Mandatory and optional tasks  Project questionnaire filters out unnecessary tasks during project creation  Define folder hierarchies for managing project content with access controls by project role  Establish default project resource planning templates by phase and standard resource rates  Define default budget cost categories and items structure to enforce company budget standards Suggested Resources Suggested Schedule
  23. 23. INCLUDE NON-ENGINEERS FOR OPTIMIZED COLLABORATION 23  The “Casual” license provides entry level users all 3DEXPERIENCE collaboration, search and basic document management capabilities, but with a time limit of 40 hours per month.  Very low-cost allows companies to license employees from all functional roles that collaborate with engineers and designers and add more advanced capabilities over time.  Typical cost for entry level users in between $500-550 depending on volume purchased. My 3DEXPERIENCE implementation has been a huge success for the R&D teams. How can I economically include hundreds of non-R&D users so they can access product data and contribute to the product development process?
  24. 24. DOCUMENT COLLABORATION W/ THE EXTENDED ENTERPRISE 24 Secure, structured, virtual workplace enable collaboration for cross-functional, multi-organizational and geographically dispersed teams potentially including suppliers and customers Workspaces are organized with a folder structure that can have different security access assigned depending on the content Workspaces can contain any content – CAD, CAE, work instructions, technical illustrations, documents, etc. Create dedicated workspaces for projects, specific suppliers or customers, etc. – templates can be used to promote a standard folder structure for distributing data.
  25. 25. DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT FROM MS WINDOWS DESKTOP 25 3DEXPERIENCE-managed documents are available directly from the Microsoft Windows application environment Capture Outlook e-mails as managed documents.Browse 3DEXPERIENCE projects, workspaces, etc. as if they are Windows folders.  Lock and unlock documents for edit control.  Review metadata associated with the managed documents.  Available from Windows Explorer and all Office applications.
  26. 26. USING MS OFFICE 365 W/ 3DEXPERIENCE 26 Create documents in MS Office 365 (cloud-based SharePoint) and cross-reference them to 3DEXPERIENCE-managed items Copy references between the two systems using Windows Explorer Benefit from Office 365’s co-authoring capability while still making the document available in the context of 3DEXPERIENCE product development processes
  27. 27. MANAGING REVIEWS AND AD HOC TASKS 27  Routes are used for workflow review processes  Consolidated view of all Route Task information  New Route Tasks graphical display  New “Collaborative Tasks” app allows users to simply prioritize and collaborate on work to be done  Easily track Tasks that are being worked and that are complete – also integrates to Microsoft Outlook Workflow, electronic approvals, and task management is a standard capability of all 3DEXPERIENCE licenses.
  28. 28. TOPICS • Introduction • Establishing the Foundation for Managing Design Intent • Advanced Product Definition • Collaborating with the Extended Enterprise • Expanding PLM to Quality, Sales, and Marketing • Modern IT Technology Foundation • Closing 28
  29. 29. “CLOSED LOOP” QUALITY RESOLUTION 29 Resolve quality issues and implement CAPAs as part of the overall product engineering process Identify production non-conformances or in-service complaints Execute the CAPA process to investigate the root cause and implement product changes as needed Link the CAPA to the CR/CO process for traceability to product engineering Shown functionality requires the Quality Manager (QUM) license
  30. 30. SUCCESSFULLY MEET CUSTOMER NEEDS W/ TRACEABLE REQUIREMENTS MANAGEMENT 30 How can sales, the customer, and R&D share ideas amongst each other to define product development requirements? Challenge Requirements can also be extracted from MS Word or MS Excel, or entered directly into 3DEXPERIENCE Collaborative communities for ideation between Sales, the customer, and R&D.
  31. 31. COORDINATE SALES AND PRODUCT ENGINEERING W/ COMMON CONFIGURATION RULES 31 x x x x x Rules AND, OR, NOT, =>,   Decide what features & options to offer to market for each product:  What geographies will the product be offered in?  What personalization can product offer, Color, black and white?  etc.  Each product line can define its own set of configuration features and rules.  Product managers can optionally specify which features or rules are “Mandatory”.  Publish configuration rules from ENOVIA to downstream consumer/sales use cases.  Allocate requirements to features to establish “voice of customer” traceability to product development Standard Products “Build-to-market” Custom Products ETO / CTO Marketing Spec Contract Must accommodate winter weather Must withstand temp. down to -30oF’ Must handle wind gusts up to 50 MPH Product Ajax1000A Feature A Feature B Feature C Feature D Product Line Ajax Model Ajax1000  X Upfront Processes to Plan Development
  32. 32. TOPICS • Introduction • Establishing the Foundation for Managing Design Intent • Advanced Product Definition • Collaborating with the Extended Enterprise • Expanding PLM to Quality, Sales, and Marketing • Modern IT Technology Foundation • Closing 32
  33. 33. MODERN IT INFRASTRUCTURE 33 Openness Data Exchange & Openness • Software OSLC, Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse … • Electronics IPC, ECAD, IDF … • Mechanical CAD xCAD Connectors & Convertors • Modeling and Simulation Modelica, Simulink … Deployment Flexibility Mobile Platform Support • Windows 8 • iOS • Android Available via … • public, multi-tenant “cloud” • private network deployment of the “cloud” stack • on-premises • perpetual or subscription licensing for all options Big Data MONITOR FEDERATE Latest UX Technologies 3DPlay
  34. 34. CONTENT REPLICATION 34 Improve end user file download and upload times by providing local access to files without compromising security or ease of administration A: Application Server D: Database Server F: File Server I: Index Server D A F “Central” Server I F In this diagram, users in Asia benefit from improved file transfer performance to/from a remote file server. Central application server keeps track of where the latest file version is Files can be replicated only when requested from a site that does not have the latest version, or the replication can be “pushed” so all sites have the latest version of a file. Web clients “re-direct” to most appropriate Web server to eliminate file transfers across WAN Enables large implementations to benefit from a single centralized meta-model while having the advantages of local file check- in/out performance
  35. 35. ADVANCED SECURITY FOR SENSITIVE PRODUCT DATA 35  Security rules and classifications determined by Export Control and IP Protection officers  Determine data access according to citizenship, security level, skills  Workflows for exception and license handling Avoid exposure to export control fines and/or disclosing confidential information to competitors
  36. 36. Connectors  CSV Data Extractions  Autodesk Vault  Oracle Agile  EMC Documentum  DS ENOVIA V6  IBM FileNet  Informatica  Jalios  OpenText Content Server 10 & Live Link 9  Lotus Notes   Microsoft Sharepoint  ENOVIA Smarteam  Solidworks ePDM  WebSphere Portal and IBM WCM  Microsoft Exchange  HDFS  Teamcenter  Pro/Intralink and Windchill  SAP EXALEAD OnePart Connects Enterprise Systems OnePart federates multiple data sources with an index via data connectors – a non-intrusive approach that respects native system security  Browser-based access  No CAD license required  User can get to source data from legacy system via assigned license  Index data only  Index includes metadata, file content, and CAD geometry for shape matching  Native data stays in place CAD Indexing  3D Systèmes STL  3D XML  AutoCAD  CATIA V4, V5, and 3DEXPERIENCE  IFC  IGES  Intergraph Microstation  Inventor  JT  NX  Pro/ENGINEER and Creo  Solid Edge  SOLIDWORKS  STEP
  37. 37. METRICS REPORTS ON APPLICATION DATA 37 Graphical summary reports exist for most 3DEXPERIENCE applications to visually summarize and aggregate corresponding data Project Metrics Engineering Metrics • These dashboards are built with the Highcharts API, which can be directly licensed from Highcharts to create new dashboards as needed. • The dashboards are presenting real-time data – when users select a chart element, a list of the represented data can be directly accessed. Collaboration Metrics
  38. 38. DASHBOARDS FOR ALL PLM AND ENTERPRISE DATA 38 The 3DEXPERIENCE PLM solution provides each user with a “dashboard” front-end to easily access all licensed applications AND provide access to other enterprise data Licensed Application Dashboard Enterprise Data Dashboard • Dashboards can be pre-defined by administrators and pushed to users and/or defined as needed by end-users. • To integrate to the enterprise data, many customers use EXALEAD OnePart to create these views and update them dynamically. However, any integration that provides a CSV data stream can be used to generate these dashboards.
  39. 39. CONFIGURABLE DATA TABLES W/ EXCEL EXPORT 39  Users can define their own queries to retrieve any data of interest, or access any of the pre-defined reports in the system.  The data columns displayed in any data table can be modified as needed by end users.  The new table view can be saved for future use and even made the default display for a particular user.  Result sets can be sorted and/or filtered directly in the user interface or exported to Excel for further analysis.
  40. 40. TOPICS • Introduction • Establishing the Foundation for Managing Design Intent • Advanced Product Definition • Collaborating with the Extended Enterprise • Expanding PLM to Quality, Sales, and Marketing • Modern IT Technology Foundation • Closing 40
  41. 41. ADOPTION OF ENOVIA 3DEXPERIENCE 41 3DEXPERIENCE PLM PDM Complete Data-Driven & Model-Based Product Lifecycle Management BOM Management Issue Management Requirements Management Document Management CAD Management Vaulting Project Management Technology Evolution To 3DEXPERIENCE 2,000+ 3DEXPERIENCE customers 1,200+ 3DEXPERIENCE customers since 2016
  42. 42. 42 2018 ANNUAL CUSTOMER CONFERENCE The Abbey Resort on Lake Geneva Fontana, WI June 11-13, 2018
  43. 43. 3DEXPERIENCE WORKSHOPS & ROADMAP SESSIONS 43 The 3DEXPERIENCE solution is constantly evolving and expanding, as is our customer’s business. The 3DEXPERIENCE Roadmapping service ensures that Adaptive is always able to match the latest 3DEXPERIENCE offering to our customer’s unique needs. Typically provided biannually to: • Share the latest 3DEXPERIENCE enhancements with the customer. • Share other offerings Adaptive has to get more out of the customer’s 3DEXPERIENCE investment. • Learn about the latest customer initiatives and challenges. • Make adjustments to the 3DEXPERIENCE rollout and expansion as needed.
  44. 44. THANK YOU The Digital to Physical Product Lifecycle Company

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  • Dassault Systèmes in the software OEM for SOLIDWORKS and 3DEXPERIENCE (which includes ENOVIA, CATIA, DELMIA, SIMULIA, etc.)
    DS uses reseller channels to sell SOLIDWORKS and 3DEXPERIENCE – there are separate for both.
    All SOLIDWORKS business is done through resellers – Burr Oak Tool definitely has a SOLIDWORKS reseller that they work with.
    3DEXPERIENCE is sold through resellers mostly for companies not in the Fortune 2000 in size.
    A typical 3DEXPERIENCE seat for SOLIDWORKS data management costs between $1800-1900 depending on volume. It also includes project management capabilities.