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Two Brains, One Head: Analysis and Intuition in Design Practice | Maria Cordell | UX Week 2012

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Often connected to the unexplained or mysterious, intuition gets a bad rap. Yet intuition is at the heart of creativity, and significant advances in our understanding of the physical world are borne of intuitive leaps. While some hail its power, others advocate that what’s needed is more analysis — not intuition! What does this mean for us? What is intuition and why is it so divisive? And does it have a role in design?

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Two Brains, One Head: Analysis and Intuition in Design Practice | Maria Cordell | UX Week 2012

  1. 1. two brains, one headAnalysis and Intuitionin Design PracticeMaria CordellDesign DirectorAdaptive #twobrains
  2. 2. #twobrains
  3. 3. #twobrains
  4. 4. “[intuition] is not the only ingredient in design, but possibly the most important.“Most processes Schools tend to leave out the discount stuff no one intuition as an wants to talk ingredient of about: your workingmagic, intuition process because and leaps of they cant faith.” quantify it.” Michael Bierut David Carson photo source: @michaelbierut photo source: #twobrains
  5. 5. WTF intuition? #twobrains
  6. 6. predictable! reliable! proven! more analysis! rational! systematic!scientific! logical! #twobrains
  7. 7. disruptive! forward thinking! innovative! more intuition!inventive! inspired! unsystematic! insightful! #twobrains
  8. 8. predictable! disruptive! reliable! forward thinking! innovative! proven! more more analysis! intuition! rational! inventive! inspired! systematic!scientific! unsystematic! logical! insightful! #twobrains
  9. 9. analysis intuition #twobrains
  10. 10. analysis + intuition #twobrains
  11. 11. “We must use both types of thinking, beable to turn off the rational brain at times,and revel in the chaos. At other times, wemust tune out the chaos and thinkrationally.The responsive, creative designer must bean ambidextrous thinker. Such a person,capable of dealing effectively with bothintuition and logic, is centered and able tothink holistically and integratively.”John Motloch #twobrains
  12. 12. analysis intuition #twobrains
  13. 13. We know analysis... analysis intuition #twobrains
  14. 14. • 2x2s • flow diagrams • scenarios• affinity diagram • GOMS analysis • sketching• analytics / metrics • heuristic analysis • surveys• backcasting • information architecture • task analysis• card sorting • journey maps • taxonomies• competitive analysis • kano analysis • usability studies• comparative analysis • mental models • use cases• content audit • metadata schema • validation testing• content inventory • navigation diagrams • wireframes• content modeling • pattern libraries• controlled vocabulary • prototypes analysis• expert review • requirements #twobrains
  15. 15. What is intuition, really? analysis intuition #twobrains
  16. 16. Towards a Definition“a way of knowing and “to some, a sudden flash ofdeciding that is distinct insight, or even thefrom and complements spiritual experience oflogical analysis” discovering a hidden truth” intuitionDaniel Simons & Christopher Chabris #twobrains
  17. 17. 2 types of Intuition #twobrains
  18. 18. Intuition as# 1 Tacit Knowledge #twobrains
  19. 19. Intuition is non-conscious stuff the brain does for us.** Mysterious only insofar as the way our brains work is mysterious. #twobrains
  20. 20. It’s rapid understanding shown by individuals, usually experts,when they face problems #twobrains
  21. 21. • Intuition grows out of experience• The power of intuition lets us size up a situation quickly• Intuition depends on the use of experience to recognize key patterns that indicate the dynamics of the situation Sources of Power: How People Make Decisions Gary Klein #twobrains
  22. 22. #twobrains
  23. 23. Patterns! #twobrains
  24. 24. Intuition is a storehouse ofpatterns and knowledge #twobrains
  25. 25. Intuition as2# Insight #twobrains
  26. 26. Insight is the realm of non-linear thinking,the process that brings forth “hidden truths” #twobrains
  27. 27. It’s work the subconscious mind does on our behalf, for the conscious mind to work out in detailAdapted from Advances in Simulation: The Interplay of Inspiration, Intuition, Abstraction, and Experimentation by James R. Wilson #twobrains
  28. 28. • Intuition is a non-rational but verifiable aspect of scientific creativity• Absolute postulates transcend experience• Intuition is an “inspired guess” that leads to absolute postulates or hypotheses• It’s how Albert Einstein discovered that gravity is geometry—the central conclusion of the theory of general relativity The Cosmic Code: Quantum Physics as the Language of Nature Heinz Pagels #twobrains
  29. 29. “For the creation of atheory, the merecollection of recordedphenomena never suffices—there must always beadded a free invention ofthe human mind thatattacks at the heart ofthe matter.”Albert Einsteinin The Cosmic Code #twobrains
  30. 30. data facts and data insights understanding data inspection synthesis, & analysis intuitive leaps, abductionAdapted from Exposing the Magic of Design by Jon Kolko #twobrains
  31. 31. # 1 Tacit Knowledge# 2 Insight #twobrains
  32. 32. intuitivemachine #twobrains
  33. 33. analysis expertise domain research knowledge design practiceconcrete principles intuitionabstract empathy improvisation curiosity reflection imagination common sense creativity playfulness #twobrains
  34. 34. reports / prior researchstakeholder & user interviews • understanding • connections intuitive • insights machine • new ideas inspection reflection trends & analytics & analysis & synthesis #twobrains
  35. 35. analysis intuitionactivity timeProject Project Start End #twobrains
  36. 36. analysis intuition #twobrains
  37. 37. • methodical • logical • controlled • descriptiveanalysis • • direct; explicit conscious • • logical path from situation to outcome directly traceable • “scientific” • deductive and inductive • skill-based • internalized • responsive • expert pattern matching of situation tointuition indirect; implicit • • subconscious tacit response • pattern oriented knowledge • linear; continuous • multi-faceted • reflective • expert synthesis of conditions & data indirectly traceable insight • • inferred connections • nonlinear; discontinuous • abductive #twobrains
  38. 38. analysis intuition #twobrains
  39. 39. analysis intuition UX practice empathy happens here #twobrains
  40. 40. thanks!Maria CordellDesign DirectorAdaptive #twobrains