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  1. Content Page  Introduction  Why the technology is used .  How the technology is used.  Designing  Conclusion  References
  2. Introduction Blue Eye is the technology to make computer to sense and understand human behavior and feelings and respond in the proper way.
  3. What is blue eye technology ?  Blue -> Bluetooth connection  Eye -> Eye movement  Technology -> Technique
  4. How can we make computers “see” and “feel” ?  Blue eyes technology uses sensing technology to identify user’s action & extract key information eg. Microphone video camera etc.  Information is used to identify user’s physical , emotional & informational ’s state
  5. Designing The Blue Eyes uses:  A personal area network for linking all the operators and the supervising system  Two major units - DAU (data acquisition unit ) - CSU (central system unit
  6. System overview Data Acquisition Unit Central System Unit Data Logger Connection Manager Visualization Module Data Analysis Bluetooth Bluetooth Bluetooth technology provides reliable communication Atmel 89C52 microcontroller Jazz Multi sensor
  7. DAU-features Data Acquisition Unit Bluetooth Atmel 89C52 microcontroller Jazz Multi sensor Lightweight Runs on batteries - low power consumption Easy to use - does not disturb the operator working ID cards for operator authorization Voice transmission using hardware PCM codec
  8. Jazz Multisensor:  It’s an eye movement sensor, to provide necessary physiological data in Data Acquisition Unit (DAU).  It supplies raw digital data regarding eye position, the level of blood oxygenation acceleration along horizontal and vertical axes and ambient light intensity.  Eye movement can be measured using direct infrared oculographic transducers.
  9. Eye movement  Human eye movements have the potential to be a convenient, natural, fast input mode of computers due to their communication power.
  10. CSU-features Central System Unit Data Logger Data Analysis Visualization Module Connection Manager Bluetooth Connection management Data processing Visualization Data recording Access verification System maintenance
  11. MAGIC  Computer could move the cursor by direction of the user's eyes.
  12. SUITOR  It is mostly used in web based applications.
  13. Emotion mouse •This mouse is used to evaluate the users emotion such as anger, fear, sadness, disgust, happiness, surprise, etc when we use a computer.
  14. Application • POD - Car manufactured by TOYATO •PONG-ROBOT Designed by IBM •Secure Badge-an electronic badge that can identify the wearer
  15. conclusion  A convenient way of simplifying the life by providing more delicate and user friendly facilities in computing devices.  The gap between the electronic and Physical world is reduced.  The computers can be run using implicit commands instead of the explicit commands.
  16. References • s.php • Manual And Gaze Input Cascaded (MAGIC) Pointing Shumin Zhai Carlos Morimoto Steven Ihde(IBM Almaden Research Center) • ue-eyes-Technology
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