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Pdhpe presentation weebly

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Pdhpe presentation weebly

  1. 1. PDHPE RATIONALE The importance of PDHPE in primary school. Mr. Adam Guzowski 5A.
  2. 2. ISSUES WE FACE TODAY.  Society is confronted by a growing trend of childhood obesity and related health problems.  This is due to increased inactivity: - Computers - Television - We drive to school (we walk less) - Fast foods It is important that we encourage our kids to be as active as possible.
  3. 3. BENEFITS OF PHYSICAL ACTIVITY.  Regular physical activity is an essential ingredient for the development and maintenance of optimum health.  It enhances bone development, controls obesity, whilst also improving psychological health and the immune system.  It is a crucial contributor to our children’s quality of life!
  4. 4. THERE’S MORE TO PDHPE!  Through PDHPE we give our young students guidance with personal health choices and an understanding of health issues.  We also help them to understand the nature of life’s changes and the uniqueness of personal development, so that they can gain a sense of self confidence and self acceptance.
  5. 5. UNDERSTANDING AND VALUING SELF AND OTHERS.  PDHPE helps students to form positive views about themselves and others.  Students learn to communicate effectively and to work together cooperatively.  Positive relationships are developed and maintained as students learn to value others and be tolerant and caring.
  6. 6. PDHPE IS FOR EVERYONE!  Let’s all work together to live healthy, fulfilling, and active lives!

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