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French Culture Poem: British-French Relations

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French Culture Poem: British-French Relations

  1. 1. French Culture and Civilization Jason Cates Brotherly Relations From dawn till dusk, brothers do fight, As war is the wind that blows us forward, Where will we go? We don’t quite know. But wherever it may be, Friends or foes, together we will stand, As dusk becomes nigh and so we wait for the dawn. Though both may detest, Be it in strength, in mind and in our certainty, Each is what the other has made. In our pride and in ourselves, And in the respect that follows, Each has the other and so we wait for the dawn. And as dawn approaches and the day awakens, Side by side, shoulder to shoulder, Brothers will stand. What will they do? We don’t quite know, But as the dust settles and the horizon becomes clear, Together they will stand and so we wait for the dawn.Justification For my poem, I decided to base it on the relationship between the UK and France with a focuson the Battle of Trafalgar of 1805. This is because Trafalgar is viewed by many people as a significantpoint in history for both countries. The Battle of Trafalgar was the last major naval engagement theUK and France were to engage in as adversaries and saw the French navy never recover underNapoleon I. This meant that future French expansion under Napoleon I was to take place on thecontinent rather than by sea with long-term implications.
  2. 2. French Culture and Civilization Jason Cates Battle of Trafalgar - 1805